Volleyball Lover from Antalya, Turkey

  • Sweet! You have BIG kiss from Poland :heart:
    Shame I never met any person from Turkey. I mean, live, you know. Eye-to-eye contact, those stuff. Oh, man... I'm mumbling again :aww: Sorry :D
    Anyway, I'm pleased to hear such good words about Poles. You seem to be very nice. And I love nice people.
    Ok. Just stop talking, stop talking :aww:
    Greetings :wavy:

    So cute words, elevating the Mood, Bella! And BIG thanks for the kiss... (I mean kiss from Poland) From my point of view, contact of eyes can never create the fascinating feeling of contact of minds or contact of souls! Have you ever touched an eye of someone else? I'm sure you some time touched some other's soul... Actually, this is likewise about Volleyball: Players do not touch each other physically (especially eyes :cheesy: ) but they are always in touch mentally. May be I love Volleyball because of that.

    Who knows... :wavy:

  • Yes, sometimes it's really scary, reaaally. Watch some matches of Polish teams, doesn't matter male/female and you'll know what I'm talking about, unless you already watched :D Those are really beautiful defeats, mental defeats to be exact :D
    Uhmm...I guess, well...I'm almost sure that your question has a big meaning, but well...I've just woken up and the only thing I can think of right now is something to drink :D Oh god...I feel like at school :( Like my teacher asks me a question and I cannot answer, 'cause I'm thinking about theoretically unimportant things, and then she yells at me: 'Sit down! F!' :wacko:
    Wow, luckily it's just a volleyball forum :D

  • Hi, welcome to the forum!!! :drink: :drink:

    Non lasciare mai che la paura di perdere ti impedisca di partecipare!!

    29th - Prediction Game - Women's European Championship 2011

  • Ehy!!! Welcome!! :drink:

    Nice have people from Turkey, right this morning I read an article of an Italian journalist about how Turkey is commited in growing up new volleyball talents!!
    And about that, compliment for winning the Girl's Youth Worldchampionship!! :cheesy:

    :wavy: from Italy