2014 FIVB World Championship - Italy - 9/23

  • Congrat. Turkey and good luck for WcH 2014!

    all the member of the Nt did well... they were too relaxed sometimes and that caused alot of easy mistakes..when the receivers received badly that also caused some troube for the team. i liked Naz's game.. i liked Nesli's serves and i liked Eda's return to the NT. she and Neriman are very important parts of the team.I liked Kübra's peresence in the NT..i like Gözde's hungry,passion for game...

    for Romanian team : they played pretty well in second set. they served pretty well and defended well..if Number 12 improves her game then could be good player for ther team.Mureşan should play more aggresively.. i liked Romanian libero.

  • Best opposite in turkey hmm interesting how about in Europe? How about in the world? Is she top 3? Top 8? Top 15?

    She is one of the top 3 opposites in Europe with Gamova and Brakoçeviç. However, there are some other good Opps better than her from other continent such as Sheila, Montano and Hooker :whistle:

  • Bets for Poland are 1.37 to 2.91.

    Poland should win 3-1 even 3-0, I don't expect something special from Belgium.

    But probably is conspiracy and Poland will win 3-2.

    Poor Azerbaijan 7.25 to 1.09. Curious what can do Azeri money.

  • if you consider whole tournament except her deadly serves Neslihans performance was average. She made tons of mistakes, was blocked brutally etc this was fairly easy group with average opponents so i don't think her performance was something to be praised

  • I just noticed that Muresan looks quite a bit like Skowronska now :what:

    I thought the same!

    About Nesli: she still underperforms. Maybe we Turks expect too much from her but she's definitely not stable in last years. As you mentioned her service and also her defence are her only consistent elements in last years. Her attack performance has many ups and downs and even when she score a lot she also make errors a lot. And when she starts to play bad she affects the team negatively. Actually this problem exists for Gözde, too. The sad thing is her alternatives are not in any better conditions but still they should play more to rest Neslihan. She's not so young to play in every matches of every tournaments that we clearly saw last summer.

    Oh and I should add that Naz was amazing in those matches, so was Eda. :box: I'm also happy that Kübra played as starter in all matches, Turkey's young MBs deserve to play more in NT :flower:

  • Gamova ok without her irritating jests.but i havent seen anything special in Sheila.....

    though i dont like those kinds of players but i have to accept MOntano,Hooker are good attackers..

  • Neslihan's value is that she'll always make the important points, no matter how bad she plays in the rest of the match.

    Serbia's block is fantastic once again. AZE should simply hit all balls outside the antenna, referees don't see it :roll:
    I feel sorry for Oksana, she's running several marathons again today...

  • If Serbia beats Azerbaijan by 3x0, Netherlands only need 1 sets to garantee their place in the Wch. Same works for Poland or Belgium. Cause they would take the sets advantage over Azerbaijan and Czech Rep or Slovakia..not matter the score of that game.