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  • Yes there is:…ti-doping-rule-violation/

    Basically him and Markin are the same case: meldonium being found, but the possibility of having taken it when it still was legal. So I don't find it fair to ban Markin but not Holt because Markin is Russian and Holt is not. Yes, it is state-organised doping and all that, and Holt didn't know what he took, but maybe neither did Markin.

    if it's a widespread state administered doping, it's hard to imagine native russian athletes in the system are not aware of it.
    markin may be innocent but he's clearly collateral damage in this case.

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    This is the big dilemma in the story: of course banning Russia as a whole would have been a suitable punishment for the system

    Just cause of one german fiction movie without any proofs? Very wise decision. Something like using a-bombs on 2 japan towns as the answer of the squad of 731. Collective punishment. Glory to Usa - defeaters of nazi germany. And the big differences - in our modest case there is no any proofs. Just words of escapee who get the job in USA.

    And about Markin and Holt. About which jusctice are you talking about? There are some athlets like Shubenkov which never was baned, but there are some american athlets who was banned more then once and anyway get ticket to Rio. By the way you can compare which amount of doping tests pass russian and american and will be surprised.

    About Markin. It's not big loss. Shevchenko has said that he was not in 12 choosen anyway.

  • And i don't think any doping will take some affection on result. It's smart game, not weightlifting. And even one player will gain advantage it will not worth the risk to be catched. Other players should fit too. In command kinds of sports doping problem is not actual.

    And i'm glad that Alekno preffered super Bakut to slovak. I don't like only one man in team - yong Volkov. He is still not fit for adult players, more for u18. And instead of Volvich i would like to see Sherbinin. His stable strong service is better that Volvich's float. And Volvich is too slow and clumsy. Even Musersky is better deffender

  • Russia should be banned from the Olympics , things are not that complicated . A state running program is just unacceptable, and there's a big difference compared to other cases before . Nothing , nothing compares to what Russia was trying to do.
    A way better and fairer solution would be to leave those "clean" athletes compete under the Olympic flag and not under the Russian one ...

  • Then tell me why USA give much less doping tests then ours? Just watch the statistics before that scandal. Less in 3 times. Cause, according Obama's words, americans are exclusive?
    And geniouse 14years old chinese are angels too. Did you read the results of last doping tests of 2008 and 2012? How many russians positive. And how many chinese etc?

    And i still didn't see any evidence except the words of Rodchenkov and the theory of Maklaren, did you? But of course there are Crimea...

  • Tetyukhin is flag bearer for the Russian Federation :thumbup:

    The most disturbing part for me in Holt's case is why he doesn't have samples earlier in the year. Aren't they supposed to be checked during the qualifiers and in the league season? An athlete going through 3/4 of the season without in-season testing is just appalling. Reminds me of how the Jamaican sprinters were not tested in the 4 mths leading up to London 2012. Anyway it's meldonium...would hardly do anything for him.

    Fun fact about Meldonium: It improves sexual performance in boars :lol: Maybe this is one of the secret reasons for its popularity.

  • and what is final roster ?( is it roster presented below ?(

    S: Grankin, Kobzar
    OP: Mikhaylov, Bakun
    OH: Klyuka, Tetyukhin, D.Volkov
    MB: Ashchev, Volvich, A. Volkov
    L: Ermakov, Verbov

    Gold medal - World League 2013 Prediction Game
    Bronze medal - World League 2012 Prediction Game

  • and what is final roster ?( is it roster presented below ?(

    S: Grankin, Kobzar
    OP: Mikhaylov, Bakun
    OH: Klyuka, Tetyukhin, D.Volkov
    MB: Ashchev, Volvich, A. Volkov
    L: Ermakov, Verbov



    "Paragraph 3, on the other hand, contains a simple, unqualified and absolute criterion. Any athlete who
    has been convicted of a prior ADRV is not allowed by the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) to be
    entered for the Rio Games. It is therefore difficult to reconcile this paragraph with the stated aim to
    provide the athletes with an opportunity to rebut the presumption of guilt and to recognise the right to
    natural justice

    the CAS Panel found that paragraph 3 of the IOC Decision is unenforceable as it
    does not respect the athletes’ right of natural justice"

    I think Markin should have appealed his case to CAS.

  • What kind of science fiction is this? Konstantinov has one of the most fitting international roles - coach of the Bulgarian NT, whose federation he had made peace with.