2020 CEV Junior Volleyball Championship

  • wow number 8 of Serbia, where were u!!!

    love that energy

  • She is very explosive and hava a superb physics, but she can spike like that just on ideal ball, other she just place them, far from Bošković technic except left hand.

  • Lila Sengun MVP


    For Turkey 3 people I would give an award to I think are, MB Hanife Ozaydinli, Lila Sengun MVP and Libero. Doesnt have to be all 3 though.

    Serbia, I would give Kockarevic I think and maybe even Uzelac oh and maybe one of the MBs. And French Diouf is there still.

  • Congrats to Turkey :drink:

    With silver and few potential player for NT i am very satisfied, but with this horrible final, girls on both side (Turkey a bit less obviously :lol:) cross even that undrestandable line of coronabreak, young age,......sometimes they looks like amateurs, but that is surely just my personal and clearly subjective opinion.

  • My dream team will be:

    Lila Sengun - Savić

    Kockarević - Diouf
    Ucak - Sauchuk

    turkish libero

    and Sengun MVP

    Honestly i see even biger potential in her than Cansu Ozbay (though I generally do not have too high an opinion of Cansu).

    Uzelac is surely huge potential but she need a lot of work on reception anf field play, often she looks like that she is completely lost wheh she is in back row and balls come to her, Kockarević is already complete player , medal for her and Savić how these horrible balls from Vrcelj shot efficiently, strongly and bravely.

  • I see why you guys were appraising Lila, she had some spectacular sets and in general was consistent during the game

    Ipar also stepped up her game but one can definitely tell that she is a better hitter at left side, I hope she will be switched back to OH. She could be a useful back up to Mihajlovic

    Our Libero looks very promising, we had already couple of good Libero candidates in different age categories but none of them developed a top Libero in last year's, I hope she would make the transition better.

  • ok it wouldn't all be my choices but overall I'm not mad at the individuals

    Ipar Kurt is MVP!

  • omg Taubner is such a mood, I love her fhdjbshjbsdfhjbfsdsfhdj

  • Liabiodkina should be awarded

  • It was

    Lila Sengun - Savic
    Kockarevic - Diouf

    Sauchuk - Kurtagic


    MVP: Ipar Kurt

  • FB is blessed on their bench next season, all three players that got awarded will be with them. Ipar Kurt, Libero Guctekin and Lila Sengun. Let's see how they will make use of them.

  • Migliori centrali: Darya Sauchuk (Blr), Hena Kurtagic (Srb)

    Migliori schiacciatrici: Guewe Diouf (Fra), Kseniya Liabiodkina (Blr)

    Miglior opposta: Vanja Savic (Srb)

    Miglior palleggiatrice: Lila Sengun (Tur)

    Miglior libero: Gulce Guctekin (Tur)

    MVP: Ipar Kurt (Tur)

    So cev think the same as me :drink:

  • Wait I think you are right, I kinda missed that part, it was Liabiodkina i think.

    I honestly don't know