2021 FIVB Women's Club World Championships

  • They simply have amazing players in the squad, yet more to come, can we disregard for example that Lavarini would not win the title with this squad or make it to the final? I don't think so.

    Most of vakif's players were not this good before working with Giovanni. He chooses the right players and helps them reach the top. They turned into amazing players after they came to Vakıfbank.

    I think Lavarini is a good coach too, but first he has to learn that he can't win anything with Hancock lol

    Coming back to 1 substitution, yes it was a crucial error. If MBH was out in 3rd set, maybe Vakifbank would win the match 3-1. I cannot guarantee you that Derya/Tugba would play better than MBH, but you cannot guarantee it the other way around either, because he didnt give them a chance. More importantly, if your player is down on the court and she makes error over error, you can let her rest a bit, not because the bench players will do miracles, but because she clearly needs to relax a bit at the bench and come back better.

    Bartsch played well in the 4th set.despite Bartsch played well, vakıf lost that set. Bartsch was 3/4 in attacking. So it doesn't make sense to say that Vakif would have won 4.set if bartsch was out.

    In TL, when he plays against teams like FB, GS and such, if MBH struggles, he does not hesitate to bench her and bring in Tugba. But when MBH struggles 4 sets in a row in a crucial match, he just watches. Telling Tugba is not enough for this level must be a joke, then why did he take her to Olympics with the NT where she played a lot of matches? I don't think he does these things consciously but someone needs to remind him and let him recognize that there is a pattern where he underperforms against Italians as a coach.

    Playing in the Turkish league is not the same as playing against Imoco at wch final. Tugba and Derya have enough experience and quality for turkish league. If the opponent was not Imoco at wch final, he would use Derya or Tuğba as you said.

    Tuğba went to the Olympics because the turkish OH rotation is not good. We don't really have anyone like Gabi or Bartsch. I criticized him a lot before the olympics but the choice of Tuğba for the Olympics was right.

    I criticized Guidetti a lot in the past, there were crucial matches he has managed really poorly, sometimes he made so many mistakes at these matches, but I don't see much to criticize him in this tournament. Also, Guidetti can be criticized on some points, but I never agree that he has a terrible coaching against İmoco because of the one change he didn't make.

  • MTS I don't agree on some points, especially about players. Giovanni did a very good job with locals like Zehra, Cansu and Aykac but players like Gabi, MBH and even Bella were among bests in their positions before Giovanni.

    The problem with MBH was, she killed 6 balls out of 24 during a 5 set match. Considering that she should be the reliable scorer of that team, especially with the off-system sets, she did a bad job. Her having 3/4 in 4th set does not mean much either, because Cansu could set 10 balls to her if she was having a better match and things could turn around. However her poor game in attacking forced her setter to use other alternatives and at one point they got stuck.

    I will not agree the part about Tugba either. Giovanni needs to be consistent, he either trusts Tugba or not. We know that she could help with some side-outs, fire up the team and she is as good defender as MBH. Yes, she would be a burden in blocking but was MBH made 6 block touches in total during the match and finished with 2 blocks as well. I am telling this although I don't like Tugba at all. My issue is, Giovanni is fine with risking things in the NT and other matches but especially against Italian teams, he gets choked.

    I won't keep this discussion going long and long and I am thankful for your nice feedback and discussion. But I hope Guidetti will eventually notice the shifts in his coaching patterns when he meets an Italian team and acts to solve this issue.

  • I haven’t seen the show myself but Pelin Yuce said on a TV show that Wolosz texted Cansu and told her, “you deserved the best setter award”.

    Btw, pelin yüce is a former vakıfbank genel menager.