European Championships 2011

  • The secret voting of CEV ended up with the choice of Austria & Czech Republic to host Euro 2011! Congratulations to the new hosts! Austria deserves to host such a competition though its national team is not among the world's best. They will improve a lot until then and after, I am pretty sure! However, I think it was a little bit unfair towards the other candidates to choose the Czech Republic since they organized Euro 2001! 10 years after all are not that much as they represent only 5 Euro Champs! I think the idea of the committee was to give a chance to "developing" volleyball countries like Turkey in 2009 and Austria in 2011!

    Congrats once again! I really wanted Bulgaria and Greece to host the Euro Champ, but maybe some other time when we build more than 1 big sports hall in the whole country!!!

  • I think the fact that Bulgaria has only one big hall has influenced the committee a lot! Greece might have had better chances if their federation had applied separately :) For the next four years we have to satisfy ourselves with some World League games only!

  • Yes, congratulations to Austrians and Czechs. I hope they will organize good tournament.

    The most important 3:

    5th place - Prediction Game - World League 2011 :D

  • 10-18 September 2011:

    hosts : Austria and Czech Republic
    other qualified teams : Poland, France, Bulgaria, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Finland, Slovakia, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Belgium, Estonia, Turkey

    The DOL for the final stage of the competition will be staged 21-October in Prague.

  • Pool A (Vienna)

    Pool B (Karlove Vary)
    Czech Re.

    Pool C (Innsbruck)

    Pool D (Prague)

    I'm not sure what system will be used after first phase.
    According to official page there will be games between 2nd and 3rd teams - winner will play with 1st team in quarterfinal.
    Of course there are no info which pools will be played together.

  • I think our pool is the strongest: Poland, Bulgaria, Germany. Slovaks also know how to play volleyball.
    Pool A seems to be the weakest.

    The most important 3:

    5th place - Prediction Game - World League 2011 :D

  • According to official page there will be games between 2nd and 3rd teams - winner will play with 1st team in quarterfinal.
    Of course there are no info which pools will be played together.

    Winners of Groups will be in Quarterfinals. 2nd and 3rd Teams will fight for Quarterfinals.
    A with B, C with D. I read about it in internet.

  • Any details for the quarterfinal scheme - who against who?
    Oops :aww:

  • Serbia always gets the easiest draw :mad: First next year in WL and now the EC 2011.

    Poland, Bulgaria, Germany, Slovakia is the toughest group and France and Italy are in one group again :lol:

  • In the event that Poland will be on the second position and advancing to the quarter-finals, then most probably will meet with Russia. If Poland will be third in the group, she could fight with Bulgaria over the semi-final. According to the first commentaries regulations of the European championships can support "tactical defeats" similarly how it was in the last world championships in Italy.

  • I think that the program is too intense - three days, three games in a row!

  • IMO the competition format of the ECH is great! The group leaders will be forced to win all three games to gain an extra day rest, the crossed games between the 2nd and 3rd-ranked for the 4 left places in the quarters are IMO necessary because some groups are always harder than others, so an additional chance will be given to good 3rd ranked teams! The only thing I have some suspicions about is the missing information regarding how the qurterfinals and semifinals will be determined, there's nothing about that either on, or the tournament website.. I can only hope the whole scheme had been set up before the draw, not right after it...

    Generally, the ECHs and OGs prove to have reasonable competition formulas! The only recent exception was ECH 2009 where the second group round IMO was completely unnecessary! ECHs and OGs tend to introduce elimination rounds right after the group stage (most of the cases) - something that FIVB should definitely start to consider! In ECH 2011 the champion will have to play 6 or 7 games for 9 days, which might be problematic at some time, but is definitely fair because every defeat/win matters!!!

  • Ticketing campaign for matches to be played in Austria will start today!
    Wednesday, February 16, at 12 o'clock will see the official start of the ticketing campaign for this year’s biggest sports event in Austria! Tickets for the matches of the EuroVolley 2011 to be played in Vienna and Innsbruck can be booked online at!

    The 2011 CEV European Championship – Men will take run through September 10 to 18 in Austria and the Czech Republic. Tickets for the matches are available from 18 €. The most expensive tickets will cost 113 €. With the exception of the preliminary round and the Playoffs scheduled for September 14, 2011 in Vienna, only daily tickets (i.e. valid for 2 games) can be bought. The ticketing campaign for the matches to be played in Prague and Karlovy Vary will start this coming May.

    Italy, France, Finland and Belgium will face each other in the preliminaries at the “Olympiaworld” hall in Innsbruck (September 10-12) which seats 8,000 spectators.
    Apparently the Finnish fans could hardly wait for the start of the ticketing. As soon as their team was qualified for this big international event, the organizers received 400 requests for tickets … At the Wiener Stadthalle (9,589 seats), the venue in Vienna, host Austria will play the national teams of Serbia, Slovenia and Turkey in the preliminaries. Afterwards Austria’s biggest venue will also see encounters of the Playoffs, quarterfinals, semi-finals and, of course, the finals.

    For the preliminaries in Innsbruck daily tickets are available for 69 Euros (1st category), 46 Euros (2nd category) and 24 Euros (3rd category). The prices for tickets for the preliminary and Playoffs matches in Vienna (Sept. 10-12 and Sept. 14) per match are 46 Euros (1st category) 30 Euros (2nd category) and 18 Euros (3rd category).
    Starting with the Playoffs all encounters in Austria will take place in Vienna. Tickets for the quarterfinals (2 matches) on September 15 are available for 69, 46 or 24 Euros. The semi-finals of the EuroVolley 2011 are scheduled for September 17. Three categories of tickets are available for these encounters for 90, 62 or 31 Euros. Tickets for the final day (September 18 ) are available for 113, 79 and 38 Euros.
    Discounts of about 10% apply to group bookings from 20 tickets upwards per day and category!