Mari speaks up about Brazil NT problems and considers playing for Germany NT!

  • all i can say about the issue is this whether or not mari is included her addition to the team would not have helped much because that team was already strong enough to fight for the gold, same thing with the us team even without bown, glass or metcalf they dominated the entire tournament but in the finals with their abysmal performance suddenly the "could have been" sentiments started to erupt when the real reason for their loss were inexperience in the olympics and coach tactical error. for brazil there is no need to further strengthen the bench because they already have the talent to be champions what they just needed to do was regain their composure, calm their nerves and most importantly keep themselves healthy finally regarding ze's impact on this gold it's true that he didn't do much but i believe that his decision to bench paula was one of the keys for this success in other words small move but big impact :D

  • I agree with TheUSAFan, Brazil got the gold because the players got their acts together and played as a team right when they needed it most. yes he got gold medals both in men and women, but this time around, he's not the reason why brazil got gold. in any case, he's not explaining his eccentric acts right before the olympics, justifying mari's sentiments.

  • I think the attention that the media gives to Zé Roberto is totally justified. He became a third-time olympic champion, please. Besides, the players have gotten a lot of buzz, specially Jaqueline and Sheilla.

    Zé was always close to Mari. She had said in a lot of interviews that he was like a father to her. However, it was clear that Mari's game and behavior wasn't the right ones. Zé had said in interviews in the beginning of the Grand Prix that Mari should improve her game to stay in the NT. But the only thing that everbody notice was her lack of participation and vitality (who was in the gym of São Bernardo during GP could notice this).

    The last thing: the decision to take Natália to London had nothing to do with Mari. His doubt was between Natália and Camila Brait, and he chose to take Natalia believing in her recovering, like Kosheleva in Russia's NT.

  • Natália was taken to London cause of her spirit inside the group...cause she always makes jokes and she is a girl that gets along with everyone...everyone knew she had not conditions of playing yet....not saying right or wrong, just saying that was the reason. ;)

    Well, I prefer not to give an opinion about all this, but there are a lot of things, relationship things that only coach and players live by, so I guess it is hard to judge who is right or wrong...lets say I already heard some histories that made me not agree particularly with Zé attitudes (If they are true), but also I understand must be really hard to coach a team of players like the ones from hard to make any observation from outside.

  • Her actions and statements are too different things. With this kinda energy and performance i doubt she will ever find a decent club to play let alone get sellected for NT even it is Germany. Don't like Ze too much and also don't believe that he was the one who brought gold in London but he made key decissions by not bringing Mari and benching Paula else was purely team spirit

  • Well, finally we have a response from Mari regarding the topic.

    "O que também quero deixar claro é que eu nunca disse que ia jogar pela Alemanha. Falei que eu tinha essa possibilidade por ter passaporte alemão, mas não me sentiria bem vestindo uma outra camisa que não a amarelinha - disse.

    "I'd also like to clarify that I never stated that I would play for Germany. I said that I had that possibility because I also hold German citizenship, but I would never feel right wearing a jersey that wasn't yellow," she said.