UEFA Champions League

  • yes 2 semifinals out of 6 :rolll:

    ?? So what? They are in one now. And where's the Man Citys, the Liverpools, the Man Uniteds, the Chelseas? City lost to Wigan TWICE in the FA Cup, what does it say about them?

    Actually, nevermind, off topic.

  • well chelsea and man u have a better record than them , anyway your an arsenal fan so i'll not say bad things against them :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

    Ummm, qualifying to the semis doesn't mean sh*t if you don't lift the actual trophy in the end, and when it comes to winning the thing, only Man United have a better record than Arsenal (+1). So there you go.
    I don't mind fair criticism, but your argument is really stupid. FA Cup and CL are both knockout competitions where anything can happen. If you really want to hit back at Arsenal, might be a better idea to focus on the league.

  • Oh im not only focusing on cups cause even in the epl chelsea have performed better in a certain time period than them since the owner of nuggets became the majority owner of arsenal ;)

    The majority shareholder (because he's not the owner) has nothing to do with Arsenal's current situation. He's not ideal in the long run, I agree, and maybe could have invested some of his own money instead of sitting back and watching the value of the club grow considerably, but at the moment the most important person in the whole of Arsenal is actually Arsene Wenger. He was the one to build us a stadium and still managed to keep the team fairly competitive. There's a reason every other top club plans to do the same thing, they plan and plan for years and yet not one has actually started. It's freaking hard work.
    Anyway, back to the point - Wenger has always been the one to make the most crucial decisions. He's an educated man, an economist, he knows what he's doing. If he asked for more money right now, I'm fairly sure he would get it. The problem is, after years of constraints caused by the stadium debt, he developed something of a financial conscience. And that's not necessarily the best thing to have for a football manager. It holds the team back.

    Okay, now I'm really done writing essays in response to one sentence.

  • Still a better shareholder could have eased the burden for arsene :D

    Maybe. But the issue is not only with money. It's the fact that one man has basically all the power, and therefore is responsible for way too many things. The club needs a so-called director of football, at least. Some help for Arsene at the administrative level. Everything would instantly become easier for everyone.

  • Expresses more than a thousand words :D

    Can't find any gif showing what Luiz was doing after second goal! and it was even far more entertaining than Mou running :P

    Athletico now. Eh, and I was ready for Bayern, seriously, sitting in front of my laptop and watching Figo magic fingers, saying to myself "Just give it, give this damn Bayern, whatever, we can beat anyone" :box:
    Real - Bayern, sweet :D

    PS. Pavel Nedved was so lovely abashed :lol:

    EDIT. Couldn't stop myself :rolll:

    "People wait all week for friday, all year for summer, all life for happiness."

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  • It was just a knockout 8o :white:

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  • Si, what a pity I didn't watch, curious what happened with mighty and powerful Bayern :D but no worries, I'll watch shortcuts tomorrow, have to! as Ramos scored twice :thumbup:

    The Blues, now your turn, guys. And ekhm... Athletico, Hazard is ready to welcome you kindly :D Let's play.

  • Nah, I appreciate Atletico's fantastic run through this season but we won't give the final to them :tzz:

  • Congratulations Atletico :flower: in 2nd half Chelsea didn't exist on pitch :whistle:

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  • I hope in a spanish derby on final. I hate Mourinho too much. :lol:

    So we are already two. Even if he promised me all titles of the world, i wouldn't want this guy near to my club,

    Congrats Atletico, well done :thumbup:

  • Even if he promised me all titles of the world, i wouldn't want this guy near to my club,

    The funny thing about Mourinho is that I find him extremely amusing when he's somewhere else, e.g. I used to love him and his jibes at Madrid, even though from a sporting perspective he most definitely failed there. But now? One moronic dig and Wenger and I hate the c*nt. I think it's to do with the fact that he's more of a politician than a manager. And with politicians you either buy them or you don't. I mean, I can still appreciate some of the things he's doing, he's a very successful manager, but... such a massive hypocrite it's not even funny.