Turkish League 2014/15

  • Fenerbahçe loses way to many chances to counter attack imo. They creat chances with good service, but cant turn into points.

    Congratulations VakifBank...if there is one thing Guidetti knows how to do is how to adapt his teams to the way a match is going, he changes his players quite well as needed.

  • It was a good game to watch! Congratulations Vakifbank! Guidetti made things change with 2 milestone: 1: getting a red card at 2nd set fired his team, 2: replacing Bahar with Kubra improved their game for sure.

    At Fenerbahce's side, game was as expected, a lot of balls to 2 and 4. Elif tried to use centers more than usual today but to me the star from Fenerbahce was Lucia Bosetti. She did amazing job in defense, covered most of the area. Unfortunately her attacking approach is not as dynamic as before, because Elif is such an inconsistent setter and a big question mark. In my opinion, even Montano is not able to show her best in attacking because of Elif (setting behind the attacker, setting too high, too low, too in). We know how this team played with Leo in the champions league so things will be different when they meet in F6 if it happens. At the moment, I don't think Bauer is any better than Eda or Dicle unfortunately. The only player matters is Leo. I really don't like Abbondanza's behavior, he is questioning his players after every error and demotivating them a lot.

    At Vakifbank, Rasic was the best but in overall they had a decent team play. Replacing Gizem Karadayi with Gizem Örge was too early but a good decision. Vasileva showed us what she can when she gets higher balls, I'm glad Naz remembered that Vasileva hits different than Gözde. Sheilla made a comeback after the 2nd set and started to play. She should keep this performance. Kubra Akman made the difference in the last 2 sets, she is a solid attacker and a good blocker. Especially against teams like Fenerbahce where most sets are predictable, Kubra should be Gio's first choice. It is obvious that Naz loves to attack with centers and playing with an attacker like Bahar is a torture to her. Bahar is an ok blocker and a good server but definitely not an attacker. In case of F6, Vakifbank will be more advantageous in my opinion with Robin & Rasic duo.

    Next year players such as Gizem Karadayi, Kubra Akman and Guldeniz Önal should really consider leaving Vakifbank because they both can be starters in any other team and carry those teams to a much better level. :win:

  • Update: Gizem Karadayi is injured. It happened yesterday while they were training.

    She tried to play but it didint worked.

    She went to the hospital after the match.

    I dont know how serious it is but without her it is difficult to stop kazans balls.

  • Fener's success will depend on their serve performance . They were amazing at the first set especially Elif and Bosetti , sometimes Kim but after their serve performances stopped , Fener also stopped .

  • How Brazilian people expected, Sheilla Castro was the best hitter in the Key moments in the 4º and 5º set, She needs to improve, had so many ups and downs, but was decisive, like always!

    I think that Vasileva needs to be more regular, She is the stronger hitter for Vakif, but she is not good in the defense an protection.... I think the Duo Sheilla Castro / Vasileva could be much better.

    I think Sheilla Castro has so many skills and back row, she could someday try to play like a OH,after Rio 2016, She is the smartest spiker in the world, but with the pass of the years she has decreases in your powerful attack