Turkish NT 2019

  • Turkey won the U19 Balkan cup vs Serbia 3-2.

    Huge OH talent in Derya Çebecioglu (18 y/o, 185cm) upcoming for Turkey. She will play in Yeşilyurt this season in VVSL!

    Congrats. I hope Derya will improve and be great addition to NT. Her attacking style looks very mature and kind of reminds me of Nikolic.

    I also have to add that when she was given a chance in Vakif during last season, she didn’t even look promising but hope it will be her year next season.

    By the way, why the hell do they put this kind of horrible music to highlight videos all the time? They spend some time and prepare very nice videos and put those music. I can’t understand it.

  • She is super cute when she is angry :heart: (which seems to be all the time :lol:)

    I was going to say I thought she was cute, but I didn’t want to be superficial :D

    Also, on a couple of those swings she did a pretty good Neriman style body jack knife. A little B. Herbotts in there too. Exciting new player

  • After todays horrible performance I want to express my thoughts about ECH and Olympic qualification:

    -Eda will be added to team and it will definetely be an upgrade. The young girls of the team need 'abla(big sister in Turkish)' who is more experienced and can calm down them. No need to say she will be a great addition in terms of attacking, blocking and serving. Eda:flower:

    - Naz is training personal but there hasnt been any statement from both Gui and Naz whether she will join this summer or not. If she will join, at which part of the season will it be, before Ech or Olympics qualifications? Cansu is still inexpirenced and definetely needs a good back up. Naz would be a great addition with her blocking and stability.

    -This club season Örge outplayed Aköz many times at Vakifbank-Eczacibasi matches and Gui's tactic serving to Aköz payed off at final series. Aköz had a great season last year but this season Örge deserves more. I am curious why she hasnt joined the team yet. Or will she?

    - Hande seems to be sooo out of shape after having a small injury. She is our only power hitter at OH position and when she is out, we cant find solutions(Ebrar as OH and Gözde as OPP isnt a solution for me. I dont like this tactic. Ebrar is a pure OPP and should stay at this position) Neriman is the only one who can cover for Hande but she wont join the team I suppose. Dont know what has happened between Gui and her but it seems both sides dont have an intention to solve this problem so we wont see her this year despite of we need her desperately.

    - I see it 'mission imposible' for us to beat China at qualifications. We will play european qualifications probably against Netherlands and Poland. However it is so early to talk about this.

    I hope the bronze medal will be taken tomorrow and it can be a boost for the girls.

  • I want to write about Ebrar Karakurt.

    This young lady never considered as the future of Turkish volleyball by majority of fans/ Turkish volleyball officials until today.

    Although she is 3 years older than Ebrar, Hande Baladın was always the 'the golden girl' in Turkish volleyball community. When it comes to future of Turkish volleyball; Hande ,Zehra and newly added Derya were always there; but Ebrar usually not. Giving Melissa Vargas Turkish citizenship and giving her the opposite position was the most popular subject of summer until today.

    Ebrar was always the 'the bad girl'. Some of those community members (not fans) even suggested banning her from volleyball after her famous red card (U17 Italy-Turkey) . There was always negativity around her. Very few people stood behind this young girl.

    Even her club Vakifbank didn't trust her. As we all know Vakıfbank brought Isabella Haak,who is only 5 months older, in front of Ebrar and gave her a contract which is 10 times better than Ebrar's. There were rumors Vakifbank would sent her to one of the worst clubs of Turkish league.

    At the start of summer, in Montreux tournament coach Guidetti forced (and still forcing) her to play as an OH. I must remind you this girl is 196 cm .

    Despite everything this young lady never got intimidated.

    Today she shut everyone, both those famous Turkish volleyball experts and fans .Now everbody in Turkey suddenly turned into biggest Ebrar supporter.:what:

    Congrats for your award Ebrar! Now next goal is shutting all those Brazilian fans , Italians fans ...

    We know you can do :heart: