Brazil Women's NT 2023

  • I'm watching this rn and I'm starting to think that Zé has a burner account on twitter lol

  • Zé Roberto on MB's who don't know how to vary and don't attack from the back-row, for example: “Don't you know? So go to learn!”

    “Oh I don't know how to tip” “Then go practice attack!”

    With Julia K. injured, Zé had to ask for Carol go to Japan, but she will train less than the others;

    Julia K. cannot train for 8-12 weeks;

    Zé said he has no problem on putting Thaisa and Carol at the starting 6, but he will also work on different rotations with MB's.

    Zé likes Vargas, a lot;

    Watching again the interview I actually think that Zé likes Mari a lot, the way he talks about her is always sweet and he recognizes how much important role she had on the team even when they were crucifying her, "She does everything."

    Zé said Ana came to NT last season in bad shape, because she was on bench mostly of the time in club season and they talked about it, he thought she need more training instead of playing, especially in gain strength, and now she feel prepared;

    He was looking forward to Maiaro Basso since she was in Valinhos, but he thinks she needs confidence;

    Talking about how important is to have 14 players in OG: "In the case of MB's, you take 3, one got injured, you have 2, who has 2 has just 1 who has 1 has no one, so you need more versatile players in a roster for just 12".

    Zé said he likes the group, the energy is good but ask for patience "We will have problems, there's gonna be some crisis, but we have to believe we can do it".

  • I'm watching this rn and I'm starting to think that Zé has a burner account on twitter lol

    I feel this energy coming from him too. :sos:

  • Mari as in Mari Steinbrecher?

    Yes, the legendary ice queen.

  • thats great to know. Mari really had an impact on the NT although it was short lived.

    That's one of those unfair things in sport that we can't fight against, Mari's career playing high level ended when she was around 29. Two times an ACL, first in 2010 on her right knee, for me this one was decisive in her future, the second time in 2012 on her left knee, this was tragic for her.

  • A lot of foreigner volleyball players also likes Ze. He's like a father figure to them.

  • Can you share what exactly he said about Vargas?

  • Ze talk nothing personal about Vargas. He first spoke about how FB improve after Vargas Arrival and that the attack load was more equal between the pins with her instead Lazareva later he talk about her as a player. Vargas hás a great serve, hits better from 2 than 4 and that she is an upgrade for Turkey and she does feel mistakes in attack. He also mentioned that Turkey Will have Karakurt and Vargas and probably because Vargas attack better from 2 she Will be main Opp and maybe Santarelli can try Karakurt as OH but this questions are Santarelli’s concerns. He told that Karakurt is a good player but hás more ups and dows and she is Young and can work on this.

  • Also I do think that about Paola’s transfer he just told “ I Guess that Vakif managers regreat letting her go..” nothing like as some inside source IMO.

  • Shout out to CBV for doing something useful for once in their lives

    This should settle the Julia B height debate: she's 191 cm tall, not 196.

  • Judging by the friendly match with Japan, seems that this will be the starting lineup atleast for Week 1

    Setter: Macris (Naiane sub)

    MB: Lara, Diana

    OH: Ana Cristina, Julia

    OP: Kisy (Lorrayna sub)

    Libero: Natinha

  • Can't wait for these 3 to join the NT


  • The starters today were

    Macris / Kisy

    Carol / Lara

    Ana Cristina / Julia B


    So I think Zé will go with Carol/Lara for the match against China and maybe the Dominican Republic and Diana/Lara for the other ones. Natinha will probably start against China, but Laís should get a chance to start as well at some point during the week (fingers crossed!).