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    I don't think Koga is close to Mayu. I have actually never seen them interact with each other as in really interact not just on the court where they have to make signals. Koga is closest to Ishii and now she's gone. She's so much closer to Ishii Nagaoka and Shinnabe than the Toray duos. She may also be referencing past experience when Nakada made it a priority for her to support Kurogo. Idk there is a murky line between friendship and simply being teammates. But I agree that it's not a very healthy one.

    sciew kurogo was not included in the list for black eagle flag. toray only assured fans that she is still with the team after rumors circulated that they cut ties with her.

    If she doesn't come back by next season things are going to look very bleak for her. But she always has the option of playing overseas.

    I don't think Airi was expecting to be called. Her timing is way off. There's no doubt she would've made it to the press conference if Manabe told her she'd be part of the team in advance and most likely one of the core

    Either Manabe is gonna stick to this squad or an entirely new squad by Paris. The transition from Nakada to Manabe is a hectic one. Once again they're going to have to see what works within a short period of time.

    Yes. Toray announced it through the Line fanclub

    that was just an update that kurogo is still with the team because of rumors that circulated when nt wide roster dropped. the rumors that circulated on that trollchan forum said toray let her go

    Seitoku's legendary coach Yoshiki Ogawa aka The Starmaker. He watched all of Mayu's I mean Toray's home games this season.

    Did he ever coach for the NT?

    Next week other girls from Toray, JT and Hisamitsu have to be in the National camp because there are only 2 weeks left for 1st camp and then they will move to 2nd private camp (7-11 May 2022). IDK when Manabe will cut from 39 to 20 girls maybe after 1st camp because 2nd and 3rd domestic camp are a short period, so that's must be concentrate program for all Hinotori girls. This Activity plan from Press conference (31 March 2022)

    I'm confused as to why next week? I think they're already there unless they're part of the players that tested positive. Especially Mayu who should've been with them since the beginning along with Koga.

    Is this something that's only being made known now? that's devastating holy shit.

    This is really sad. I think that he might have been misdiagnosed. Or it could be somewhat like Virgil Abloh's case. I don't know if you're familiar with him but he privately battled cancer while simultaneously doing multiple massive projects within the fashion industry including LV.

    i thought kurogo's main issue was that she didn't want to be overshadowed with her being toray's captain and an nt "faux-ace". reputation clearly means everything to her and that comes with being in toray so i honestly don't think it's even a question of her transferring anywhere else but whether she will remain toray's other ace is a different story

    That was what fans speculated but I wouldn't jump to that conclusion. Nobody knows what she's going through.