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    regardless of how different the audience is, the announcement of selected players this year is sure to draw huge criticism/backlash. the girls haven't qualified yet so that's 1. 2 is if manabe puts his victorina girls in the roster and 3 is if nagaoka is selected she's a threat to hayashi and wada 5 would be seki but she's going overseas which for nt fans is good news so toray flopping no longer has anything to do with her 4 if nakagawa makes it again despite her role being a bystander for most of this season

    nagaoka has played in literally every match so far. she hasn't missed a single one and is still the top attacker in the league. failure to make the finals isn't her fault. its frustrating they were cut short yes but not the end of the world the bigger picture is still the olympics. obviously her presence means she's still a threat but nothing can be done about that since no one else has managed to surpass her. she's not the one below expectations unlike the rest of the names mentioned. seki did decent for a team with mostly young fillers sans-nwakalor but she's also done her part just fine this season. i dont get why you guys aren't as supportive of her as you were with momii or miyashita.

    1. Tashiro is playing in Turkey
    2. Tominaga played in Italy
    3. Shibata already went to France
    4. Matsui is in Brazil

    Now it's Seki's turn.

    Miyashita and Momii are the only ex-main setters who haven't played overseas but I bet y'all wouldn't be reacting so violently if the news was about either of these 2 hmm

    is it for the sake of diversity? because as an athlete she hasn't even established a brand reputation yet so i assume this is just victorina doing victorina things. business talk aside airi would make a great global model for the brand

    If you wanna go there, none of the girls in the roster have any significant brand rep. exposure doesn't equal BR, it's completely achievement based for athletes unless they're endorsing specifically beauty/fashion-related products and they still have to go through their team company and jva if it has nothing to do with sports to ensure it aligns with the integrity of their image as athletes.

    From what I've read in the PR Times article this will only be a digital campaign. MoveSport's main ambassador is still Shohei Ohtani and some golfer I don't know.

    NEC can still overthrow JT any time but SAGA isn't likely to do the same with both teams. I don't see losing Araki, Hanai and Nakagawa as a handicap for them well maybe Hanai but it will be impossible for her to catch up at this point. Their local OHs are both not at a good ace level despite being allrounders. I still don't get the hype with Nakajima she's cute but she peaked at "best rookie".

    I think Kitamado has the best serve among all the rookies. It's not Mayu crazy... not even Kurogo peak... wrist looking limp sometimes and other times she's not focusing well but she might get there once she plays fulltime. Her height, build and arm length even her babyhead are all 10/10 (Airi Miyabe still takes my vote as best overall build) hopefully she doesn't get the Saga curse though

    Agree about Kitamado kid's got something. We've seen her dive like 2-3 times and every time it was super smooth and more importantly she was able to save the ball. Made it look easy. It's almost criminal not to make her a starter

    it is miya or mia whichever variant since the katakana for maya is マヤ. her surname could either be yemon or yeamon or if turned into japanese would probably start with an i in the way they pronounce every syllable

    I haven't seen Miya's interviews so idk if she speaks Japanese but when Valdes was interviewed in the past spring high she already spoke Japanese

    This feature has 100% something to do with Paris

    the caption was asking the reason for their success since a lot of fans mostly ishii's idiotic simps thought that when ishii, mana toe etc bowed out that saga would be in a major crisis but this just goes to show that not only did they not need ishii since they broke the record of having 7K people attend their opening season homegame --- far more than nec has ever generated with their flashy nba style shows but they're also doing so much better than last season's ranking (so far).

    idk if it has anything to do with paris maybe the underlying tone has that but for sure their season has been quite smooth

    Saga's team is comprised of recycled flops (nakagawa, hamamatsu and hirayama) and not-so-ready but overhyped kids like nakajima who won best newbie (tragically robbed saiki of that title but big team privilege am i right) and fukazawa the supposedly next ishii who is "complicated" and lacks guts. Their substitution was useless

    There's a rumor that this year's ALLSTAR will have both men and women together again. Saw it coming from Yanagida's fans on twitter

    it's not a rumor more like a suggestion to jvl if they want to make more money since the women's allstar didn't generate the expected amount from last year and this year mayu isnt around so its expected to be even less

    Yuki is part of GQ Japan's Men of the Year 2023 along with Shohei Ohtani (LA Angels), Naoya Inoue (UFC), Ritsu Doan (SC Freiburg), Rui Hachimura (LA Lakers) and Yuto Horigome (Nike Skateboarding) all are JOC approved