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    I tried this with a free japan vpn app but it was too slow omg. In the end I couldn't login because the page wouldn't load. I think I'll try again when VNL season starts.

    Kinda shocked that Nishida only did 1 season in italy. He was so hyped I thought he would surpass Ishikawa. Baffled how no other team picked him up after his contract with that first Italian team didn't renew

    I think a big part of it is due to him not being tall enough. Italian press was brutal towards him and just as racist as they were to Paola but not only the press even some fans and the commentators who were always shading him all throughout the season.

    Top 10 Active OH Attack Effectiveness (of all time)

    *As of November 14, 2022

    Miyu Nagaoka 38.8%

    Arisa Inoue 33.7%

    Mayu Ishikawa 32.5%

    Mizuki Tanaka 31.6%

    Kotona Hayashi 31.4%

    Kurogo Ai 31.4%

    Shuka Kaneda 31.1%

    Sarina Koga 30.9%

    Koki Yanagida 30.7% ???? I don't know who this is so this might be a translation blunder

    Yurie Nabeya 30.1%

    Mayu finally made TOP 2:box:

    Top 10 active OH attack decision rate (of all time)

    As of 11/14/2022

    1. Miyu Nagaoka 44.0
    2. Mayu Ishikawa 39.8
    3. Kotona Hayashi 38.0%
    4. Airisa Inoue 37.1
    5. Ai Kurogo 37.1%
    6. Mitsuyoshi Yanagida 35.9
    7. Sarina Koga 35.5%
    8. Mizuki Tanaka 35.3%
    9. Mami Uchiseto 35.2%
    10. Yuki Ishii 34.6%

    Now I get the whole "Your boy local, my King global" comments against Yanagida he's a V League fanservice king like Ishii

    this was started by ishikawa's hardcore fans probably 2019. there were a lot of petty fanwars back then especially when people thought yanagida was after ishikawa's crown.

    local = yanagida

    global king = ishikawa

    when yanagida went to germany no one paid attention to him and he remained sort of that one guy from japan to most foreign fans unlike let's say ran takahashi who is RAN TAKAHASHI and not "some guy"

    they said yanagida didn't get along with ishikawa anymore and when yanagida didn't get picked the following year people said yuki ishikawa somehow called it

    Stronger in that she hits harder, serves stronger and is a bit more scrappy in floor defense, but she's 168, and mostly limited to left side. If I had a choice to draft between them I'd take Tsugumi

    I was looking into Anne and I kind of thought she was related to Aoi from Okayama. I searched her name in English and aside from volleybox I found this site. The site itself is limited to 5 articles only then you have to subscribe. It says in one of the articles that Anne was part of a volleyball varsity in an international school before she went to Kinrankai. I don't know which school and I can't access the article anymore.

    Do international schools not compete with the local highschools in Japan?

    International schools are part of Japan's DODEA tournament and they usually compete at some remote airbase…oct.-7,-2022-7608127.html

    No like I said spikers only. Otomo is an MB. She was never an OH.

    Ai Otomo was way before I got into vb. I don't know anything about her. I just know that she has a highschool daughter as tall as her. Someone posted that here

    Karl  Nghiphong  brahmin or really anyone can answer

    Who were the aces during London and Rio Olympics? I don't think anyone has brought this up before. I'm curious because Joe Horie one of JVA's main photographers tweeted that 2012 and 2016 were "The Setter Era" does that mean the setters back then are considered aces?

    London - Saori Ebata Otomo?

    Rio - Saori Nagaoka Sakoda?

    Tokyo - Koga Kurogo Mayu

    I don't trust Fukudome at all... her and Uchiseto. Japanese liberos in the NT are usually the first to stand out but those 2 don't. I don't know maybe it's too early to tell but I'm not feeling either as liberos.

    Do you guys think Kojima got injured? Not that they announce these things anyway. I doubt Manabe just cut her because her reception isn't toptier. That's something she could improve on as she becomes more exposed to competitions. Sad

    I don't think she played anymore during their red and white match in Japan so something must've gone wrong by then