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    How did Leyva play? I watched her one game at Junior WCh, she seems pretty talented to me :box:

    According to FIVB, she got injured during the game against Italy, don't know how bad is the injury but this was the reason she did not attended the press conference at the end of the match.
    as per statistics, she scored 18 points.
    Hope the injury won't prevent her to play the rest of the tournament.

    I'm wondering all the time...where are the "haters" of DOM team that Dominicanito talks about all the time??? I don't see anyone here speaking badly about DOM team, just many people having the realistic view that they are a good team with some weak points.

    Meanwhile, back to topic, Japan is leading 2-0 against Turkey in QF :white: Japan has a quite uncomfortable way of playing that already gave Serbia a lot of trouble in preliminary and I think it would be a huge upset if Turkey lose this match...

    Actually it was quite a surprise defeat for the turkish golden generation. I could feel her desperation/frustration when attack after attack the japanese team defended every ball. I think they never saw this defeat coming.
    Interesting to see that two first places - Brazil and China - a second place (Italy) and a third place (Japan) are going to semifinals.
    At the end of the day, it was a better option for Italy to be in second place in her group and face in the 1/4 finals the Dominicans rather than japaneses.
    On the other hand it's a shame that China and Brazil will meet in the semifinals. I believe the winner of this match will end up getting the gold medal.
    on another note: wtf with Bulgaria losing two sets to Colombians to scores 7 and 11 and getting the victory at the end of the match, somebody can explain this? :what:

    Honestly I don't know. I made a mistake before: I wrote Puerto Rico is in QF, but it is not. Canada is in QF and qualified for WGP 2014.

    Only USA and Dominican Republic have garanteed a ticket to WGP2014.
    The rest of the teams including Cuba, Canada, Argentina are still contenders.Nothing is taken for granted for them.

    Impressive performance from Brazil junior team who somehow managed to give a seasoned dominican team a run for their money.
    Rosamaria and Gabi are showing to be in great shape towards the JWCH.
    Mexico is another junior team taking part of this tournament with the addition of Bricio who made a big impact during the last NCAA tournament playing for the USC Trojans. The impact was so big that many people were wondering if Karl could convince Bricio to get the US citizenship to play for USA NT. :white:
    Tonight it will be a good preview of Brazil and Mexico playing against each other in advance to their JWCH meeting in two weeks in Brno.

    thanks to all for the information.
    so, what are the favorite teams to get the gold?
    Dominican Rep., USA, Cuba, Puerto Rico in that order?
    Peru, Argentina and Canada are also going with their full force but they are one step behind and probably their main goal is to get the GP2014 ticket.
    Brasil/Colombia/Mexico are junior teams with not real aspirations to the podium, Am I correct?
    what happened to Venezuela?, their 2008 olympic roster seemed very promising but vanished soon after.

    The Junior South American Championship took place from Oct. 18 to Oct. 22 in Lima, Peru. The first three places were awarded a ticket to the next World Juniors in 2013

    Brazil beat Peru 3-1 in the gold medal match in these are the impressions of the players:

    “Today we fulfilled our first goal, to obtain the South American title,” said Brazil coach Luizomar de Moura. “For the growth of my team to face in a huge stadium the host team supported by 5,000 fans is a great experience and we learnt from it to keep growing. Now we will work to earn the World title so we will face, as soon as possible, Asian and European teams in friendly matches as part of our training.”

    “To face Peru as a visiting team is a very hard task, they play supported by very loving fans and we felt we were playing a world final match,” said Brazil captain Rosamaria Montibeller. “I am very happy with this title.”

    “Our goal was to obtain the South American title but we lost concentration and the needed attitude to face as strong a team as Brazil,” said Peru captain Gina Lopez.

    The team’s assistant coach,Martín Escudero, added: “We try to teach this team confidence when playing but they are still very young. Six of our players are youths that are playing against junior teams and that is a disadvantage but also a great experience.”

    Colombian coach Oscar Guevara expressed his happiness with the team’s results. “We prepared ourselves for today’s match, we knew it would not be easy but our team fulfilled its goal, qualifying for the first time in our history for a World Championship.”

    Final standings:
    1. Brazil, 2. Peru, 3. Colombia, 4. Chile, 5. Argentina, 6. Venezuela, 7. Uruguay, 8. Paraguay

    Individual awards:
    Best scorer: Diana Arrechea
    Best spiker: Rosa María Montibeller – Brazil
    Best blocker: Melissa Rangel – Colombia
    Best digger: Génesis Duran – Venezuela
    Best receiver: Juliana Paes Filipelli
    Best server: Ángela Leyva
    Best libero: Nicole Vorpahl
    Best setter: Naiane Almeida

    Pool A
    Oct 18:

    Brazil – Paraguay: 3-0 (25-9, 25-9, 25-10)
    Colombia – Argentina: 3-1 (25-20, 25-18, 19-25, 26-24)
    Oct 19:
    Colombia – Paraguay: 3-0 (25-13, 25-5, 25-7)
    Brazil – Argentina: 3-0 (25-13, 25-19, 25-16)
    Oct 20:
    Argentina – Paraguay: 3-0 (25-8, 25-6, 25-8)
    Brazil – Colombia: 3-1 (25-23, 24-26, 25-14, 25-21)

    Pool B:
    Oct 18:

    Chile – Venezuela: 3-2 (28-26, 23-25, 23-25, 25-18, 15-7)
    Peru – Uruguay: 3-0 (25-9, 25-8, 25-11)
    Oct 19:
    Venezuela – Uruguay: 3-1 (20-25, 25-21, 31-29, 25-23)
    Peru – Chile: 3-1 (25-18, 24-26, 25-21, 25-12)
    Oct 20th:
    Chile – Uruguay: 3-1 (20-25, 25-12, 26-24, 25-15)
    Peru – Venezuela: 3-0 (25-15, 25-12, 25-9)

    Final Standing matches:
    Oct 21:

    Venezuela – Paraguay: 3- 0: (25-20, 25-19, 25-22)
    Argentina – Uruguay: 3-0 (25-10, 25-12, 25-11)
    Oct 22:
    7th – 8th: Uruguay – Paraguay: 3-2 (14-25, 18-25, 25-17, 25-20, 15-11)
    6th: Argentina – Venezuela: 3-0 (25-23, 28-26, 25-13)

    Places 1st – 4th:
    Oct 21:
    Brazil – Chile: 3-0 (25-7, 25-14; 25-17)

    Peru – Colombia: 3-1 (23-25, 25-20, 25-21, 25-22)
    Oct 22:
    Third place
    Colombia – Chile: 3-1 (19-25, 25-8, 27-25, 25-18)
    Brazil – Peru: 3-1 (25-15, 25-16, 23-25, 25-14)

    Here are images of the final game, and also the champions celebration to the GangNam style :dance4:

    Final game:


    I watch the gama USA vs Dominican Republic. It was a very well played game from both sides, specially in the first two sets, very contested game with great plays from both teams.
    The final result meant that USA qualifies to semifinals, but more importantly, qualifies to GP2013. DR will play 1/4 finals against Peru.
    USA finally played with full force and dedication, with great performaces from Richards and Metcalf.
    On the dominican side, Bethania de la Cruz joined the team for the first time and did a decent job considering it was her first game after the mild surgery she had few weeks ago.
    Anyways, a good game to watch, and it is available online:…9a-412d-b74c-09b0b0dc5528

    After following an unfortunate miscarriage last wednesday, dominican libero Brenda Castillo has confirmed that she will be back with her team for the Olympic games:
    google translation from the original news in spanish:

    Brenda will return to London 2012
    The release of the national team, Brenda Castillo, said he will return to court within 15 days, but first start physical work before standardized with the women's team. Castillo noted yesterday that the party in the United States defeated the Republic Dominican to win the opening Grand Prix women's volleyball, played from 8-10 at the National Palace of Volleyball. "I'll be back within 15 days if God permits me," Castillo said. "First is the physical preparation is the main thing, the other is a gift God has given me, He has given me." The player said he focuses on the 2012 London Olympics where the team is ranked femenio. "I will not play Grand Prix, my goal is to London, I hope to get ready for London," he said.…e-dejo-puntos-por-mejorar

    Dom. Reps defence and reception is just non-existent without Brenda, so even Kozuch and Brinker should be reliable scorers now!

    According to dominican sources, it is very likely that Brenda Castillo will return to the dominican roster very soon, just in time for the London games.

    Unfortunately she had a miscarriage few days ago , but it seems she is doing well now.

    She was seen today in the Santo Domingo volleyball Palace cheering up for her teammates.

    Only time will tell if Castillo will be physically and psychologically ready to play in London.

    About Montano,
    After the impressive showcast she put in Sao Carlos, Brazil, more than one brazilian club are trying to convince her to sign and play in Brazil.
    Rumors are that japanese clubs are also very interested in signing her.
    After 3 seasons in Korea it is very likely that Montano will move to a different league.
    She is a great attacker, that's for sure, arguably, the best in South America including brazilian players.
    When asked where do her skills come from, she said she learned everything from cuban coaches during her early years in volleyball. At 29 years old, it seems she is at the top of her game.

    Congrats to Turkey. They've had a great tournament and confirm what they did in the last EC, when they were so close to figth for the gold medal.
    With Cuba not going to Japon for the WOQT, being replaced by P.Rico, then the chances of both Russia and Serbia are almost at 100%.
    Korea could be the dark horse though.
    In a related topic for the OG, according to the following link, dominican libero Castillo, one of the best in the world in her posicion is expecting a baby, and will miss the Olympic games :white:

    To complement the information about Cuban training camp in Peru, sad news as the cuban assistant coach Eider George Lafita, had a neurological problem - aneurysm was found-, therefore was evacuated back to his country where a brain surgery is inminent.
    Good luck and best wishes for his soon complete recovery.

    Friendly Match in Peru on March 12,2012:
    Peru 3 x 0 Cuba : 25-20, 25-16, 25-22

    Perú. Mirtha Uribe, Clarivett Yllescas, Daniela Uribe, Alexandra Muñoz, Raffaella Camet, Carla
    Rueda, Vanessa Palacios (Libero)

    Cuba: Willma Salas, Yohana
    Palacios, Ana Cleger, Rosana Giel, Yusidey Silie, Giselle de la Caridad Silva and
    Emili Borrel (Libero)

    Kenia Carcaces is not in roster as she is not part of team right now because of indiscipline issues.

    Both teams are preparing for the 2012 Pre-Olympic qualification tournaments.

    The MVP goes to Bethania de la Cruz, but one key player in this game was Brenda Castillo, the libero made some amazing saves, almost impossible to accomplish.
    In fact, she provided a lot of energy to the game.
    Germany lost a great opportunity to increase their chances to get one of the tickets to London 2012.
    Very dissapointing for Guidetti and his players.