Transfer news and rumors season 2009/10

  • They say Asystel Novara wants Seda Tokatlioglu

    So it means that Novara will probably (if Asystel get Seda) have two incredible attackers. Ania Podolec is resting after an operation and Asystel confirmed some time ago that they want her still. They even help her financially with operation and rehabilitation. They also gave her the best specialists. -> ... czyli wbij innym co masz do powiedzenia / komentarze, opinie, filmy, akcje siatkarskie

  • How many foreign players will be allowed to be on court at the same time next season in Turkey? 3 or 2?

    Now 2+1 foreign players

    After surprised season in volleyball, everybody cares for the next year. Some clubs demand the number of foreign players to be increased to 4 before the new season. However Volleyball Federation President Erol Ünal Karabıyık responded these demands: “As long as I am the President, this decision will not be executed”.

    Akşam Newspaper Reporter and our web site author Murat Tarhan talked to President Karabıyık. He said that they finished a season without trouble, “There has been reactions for referee mistakes. Nevertheless these mistakes did not change the result of the matches. There are minimum 600 positions in a match. Referees might have decided wrong in 5-6 of them. This means almost %1. However players are thought as successful when they play with %50”.

    They have never discussed about the statue alterations for next season says President Karabıyık, and added: “None of the clubs passed their demands on 4 foreign players written, but some clubs told that. We think to decrase the number of foreigners to 2 in three years. We are working on a project about this subject. When 3 foreigners on the court during a game, 3 Turkish players can play. This means 36 Turkish players can play totally. If it was 4, there would be 24 Turkish players. How can we strengthen National Teams?”

  • ?( What does 2+1 and 3+1 mean? Do the foreigners include EU members?

    In 3+1, There are 3 foreign players in the game
    In 2+1, There are 2 foreign players in the game

    EU's rules isnt valid in Turkey.

  • It is 3+1 now and will continue like that for next season. We will see if it will be less in the coming years (I don't think this is a good idea.)

    Sorry. I got it wrong. You are right ;)

  • Brazilian Market so far....

    Osasco - signed one more year with Carol, Thaísa, Adenízia, Natalia and Camila Brait...and is close to with Sassá and Ana Tiemi, are wanthing to bring Ju Costa...from ex Brusque/Brasil Telecom

    Rexona - Signed one more year with twings..Monique and Michelle....and is close with a negociation with Carol Gattaz, Érika and Joycinha

    São Caetano - Signed again with Fofão...they are wanting to stay with MAri and Sheilla.....but if not..they might bring Lia from Osasco and Paula Pequeno

    Brusque - the team has ended...but a new team called Botafogo is wanting to signed with players that were from the team....

    Pinheiros/Mackenzie - Signed on emore year with middle Ligia..and Oh Thaís...and they signed with Libero Verê that was in Arlene is moving one know for where...maybe Sao cAetano

    Minas - signed with one more year with young promice Ivna Marra...and signed with Tássia libero that played in Mackenzie

  • German transfer news:

    Vilsbiburg: Nicole Fetting goes to Wiesbaden, Tsvetelina Zarkova and Regina Burchardt are looking for a team outside Germany, Milagros Moy does not get a new contract because the club was not satisfied with her performance, junior players Lena Möllers and Sarah Petrausch are the first new players.

    Dresden: Anne Matthes is looking for a team in Italy, Anna Nowakowska also looks for a team in Italy, or in Poland together with her best friend Joanna Kaczor. Future of Kerstin Tzscherlich is not sure yet.

    Hamburg: Kathy Radzuweit is the first new player, the french players Severine Lienard and Stephanie Volle have renewed their contracts.

  • junior players Lena Möllers and Sarah Petrausch are the first new players. quote]

    They r not in ZTVCO Berlin anymore ?

    Lloyd + Naz + Wołosz + Hanke + Smutná + Mori
    Bokan + Zakrievskaja + Bricio + Vilponen + Jupïter + A.Lazić + Stepanova + Marković
    Onyejekwe + N.Dimitrova + Crkoňová + de Kruijf + Truškina + Thibeault + Omelčenko + Schauss
    Rourke + Bošković + Fabris + Kajalina + Collar + Simić + Miklai + Vasilantonaki
    Courtois + Venegas + Gaído + Castillo + Gómez + Kiselyova

  • Brakocevic is staying in Conegliano.Well informed sports journalist said that yesterday.

  • After closing terrible 2008-2009 season, Vakıfbank Güneş Sigorta made new contract with experienced setter Arzu Göllü. VGS came to an agreement with spikerGözde Kırdar for the next season. Arzu Göllü will be a player of her current team, and she has been playing for Vakıfbank Güneş Sigorta last 2 years.


    Turkey NT and Eczacıbaşı-Zentiva's popular libero Gülden Kaya will also fight for Eczacıbaşı-Zentiva's success at new season. & Giuseppe Cuccarini continues with Eczacıbaşı-Zentiva at new season

  • Baranska staying in BIelsko for next season :win:

    :heart: :heart: GREAT !!! Does Lena Dziekiewicz will play there too ???

    Katarzyna Gajgał out from Aluprof Bielsko-Biała :gone:

    Milena Rosner out from Muszyna.

    Where will they play next season ????

    To a beloved person:
    Eine Sonne ist untergegangen - ihr Schein bleibt uns noch lange erhalten.
    Wenn die Liebe einen Weg zum Himmel fände und Erinnerungen zu Stufen würden, dann würde ich hinaufsteigen und dich zurückholen.
    I will never forget you...

  • :heart: :heart: GREAT !!! Does Lena Dziekiewicz will play there too ???

    Where will they play next season ????

    yes Lena has 2 year contract so one more year left :)
    Gajgal have some offert from polish clubs but also from Russia and Italy i would love to see her in some Italian club :thumbup:
    there are rumors that Rosner will play in Organika Lodz
    Bednarek and Skowronska Ele in Muszyna :white: i would never thought that Aga will leave PIla but it happened :down:
    so we probably know 2009-10 polish champion
    Wellna in PIla :drink:

    Anyone can support a team that is winning - it takes no courage. But to
    stand behind a team to defend a team when it is down and really needs
    you, that takes a lot of courage.

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