2015 World Cup - Japan - 8/22

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    Yup, for Croatia that would be great if Russia will qualify through WC, because if not they are on the edge and not sure taking part in qualification in January. It is between them and BUL.[/quote]

    True :) , but It would be better for every European team that Russia goes in Rio from this WC :)

    EDIT:For Bulgaria is more important that Russia goes to Rio form WC.

    But like i said it before, because of Destinee H. I don't want win for US.

  • Manabe...why you changed Kimura in the 3rd set :wall: Uchiseto is too small for American's middle blockers, and her receiving is similar to Saori...

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  • Here is what has to happen tomorrow for everyone left.
    China must win. If they lose, Serbia, USA and Russia must lose due to match points and sets ratios

    Serbia must win. A loss will eliminate them on match points.

    USA must win. China or Serbia loss gets them to Rio.

    Russia must win. Need China and Serbia losses. USA match can be a win in 5 ( tie on match points, but win sets ratio) but loss makes it easier to get ticket.

  • China and Serbia going through is the only realistic scenario. Serbia can lose to Argentina only if they try to do so (which I obviously hope they won't :D ) and I don't think Japan will try too hard against China. Losing on purpose on their home soil for greater purpose is nothing new for them - remember 2012?

  • I have been observing the competition and I must say I am shocked by certain events.

    USA - watching them through out this tournament makes me think "is this really the team that stopped the Brazilian from getting the only gold medal that they don't get?" I am completely shocked by their performance. Yes, they did amazing in some games but when they lost to Serbia and Russia, I was left speechless. I think the head coach of the USA is one of the problems. He made some questionable decisions such as refusing to sub Alisha (who seems to be having a not-so-good tournament) and Lowe. Come on. We all know Fawcett is the go-to-girl. Fawcett came off the bench and saved USA asses so many times. I have been saying this over and over again that Fawcett is the best replacement for Hooker -- which is one of the biggest mistakes the USA did; leaving Hooker behind. It seems like Akinradewo and surprisingly Larson are the only ones who is performing their A game.

    Serbia - took me by surprise completely. Seems like this is their best tournament outside of Europe and they deserve the spot in Rio. I think Milajhovic needs to thank the Brasilian league because since she left, she has become so much mature as an all around player (not to take credit away from the coach of Serbia). And that young OPP, God knows she is going to be the next big thing if she is not already is. She is a powerful hitter, but she needs to be more mature and more decisive when it comes to playing. Sheila Castro is one of the best OPP of all time not only because she is a strong spiker, but she is a clever spiker most of all. And their setter, Maja - bow down. Respect! She is definitely my fave in this tournament since Dani Lins is absent.

    Russia - I have never seen Russian team being this much "nice" to each other. Goncharova used to be a cold-blooded player on court (like Marianne Steinbrecher) but now she is smiling and being happy with her team mates on court. I think the fact that Gamova is not around might do that to her. HAHA. And I like Kosheleva so much. She is a fair-player. She never gives up. She is always the one who cheer her other team mate -- hugging team, encouraging them, and always high spirited and smiling. The atmosphere of the team is really alive these days.

    China - young team that is taking the competition by storm. Zhu Ting is the new Yi Mei. It is definitely a fun thing to see her on court playing her heart out.

    These are the teams that is going to Rio for sure. Trust me, Brazil won't be having an easy time this time. It seems like everyone has stepped up their game. But again, they are two-times Olympic champion and having to play on their home ground is definitely a huge advantage. Word is that their coaching team is observing this game really close. Rio 2016 will be a crazy battleground for volleyball. Can't wait!

  • it will happen tomorrow

    1. Peru and Kenya will fight for 10th place;
    2. Algeria will definately be the 12th place after defeat by Russia;
    3. Cuba will challege Korea, and Korea has big chance to secure 6th place after Japan. but Cuba will guarantee a 9th place even lose the match
    4. Argentina will face 2nd placed Serbia, we do not think that the latter will give up the direct ticket to Rio. Argentina probably will keep the scores in 8th place
    5. DR will fight against US. US has chance to grab the ticket to Rio on condition that Japan winning over China, therefore, US will pay great attention to this match. DR will get a slide to 7th place after another defeat.
    6. China facing Japan of course the real deciding game, it will decide everything, especially the medal owners and the final standing of Giant Five.

    from Japan side, they has no chance to shoot for top 2 now, and i do not think the structure of the team will be a big threat to China. China must do everything they could to dominate over the net and make sure the gold medal in hand.

    therefore, the final standing will be like this for big chance:

    1. China [win a crucial game against Serbia on the first match day]
    2. Serbia [lose a crucial game against China on the first match day]
    3. United States [pay great attention to China and Koshe/obmoc duo, but didnt expect Mikhajlovic and Scherban both in good shape]
    4. Russia [China and Serbia deserve their final standing]
    5. Japan [hosts helped a lot, and they can manage to go to Rio. but i think Manabe is preparing for Tokyo]
    6. Korea [after a long time struggling, finally reach their normal position after the round robin format, seems not too bad]
    7. Dominican Republic [what a pity without de la cruz]
    8. Argentina [a rising team with many good players in world class leagues, it will be nice to see them in Rio]
    9. Cuba [what a mess with low level, and has little chance in Rio]
    10. Peru [little odds in Rio, shall be replaced by Colombia]
    11. Kenya [to prove their leading position in Africa, but i see some talents in the team]
    12. Algeria [with no wins all through the tournament]

    i may not be the tallest,
    the fastest, or the strongest,
    but at least i can do one thing better than anyone else,
    to be me...

  • I feel it was the best chance for Russian NT to qualify for the Olympics, too bad they've lost that 2-0 lead against Serbia. And Marichev's decisions on MB's are just :wall: Anyway the change of generations is probably complete, the team spirit is obviously there, Yana Scherban had some really good games, there are positive moments to take away from this tournament.

  • Is the talk of getting Sokolova back on NT finally dead and burried once and for all? God, I really hope so.

    Oh God, please let it go away. I think Russian NT is going through a recovery phase after Gamova-Sokolova duo. But i've seen progress. Goncharova is playing better than ever, Kosheleva is a monster at the net. They need to find a perfect match for her. Scherban is okay, but she needs more time. Fatesova is amazing. i have never seen Russian MB as good as her (every night I pray that Borodokova is only a dream). And I think they need a better setter. Startseva did nothing as a backup, and it makes me wonder how come she was the best setter at London 2012.

    Most of the team didn't have dynamic-duo when it comes to OH. Gosh how I miss the golden duo of Mari and Paula from back in the days.

  • you know how China wins and why US loses?

    Russia, duo reception system [yana + malova] is the biggest weakness, although there are massive weapon of Kosheleva and Obmochaeva.
    Malova is very stable and one of the best libero ever in Russia history
    scherban is also good passer but weak in attacking.

    US has paid great attention to control Kosh/Obmo duo but forget the good shaping scherban. yana played a lot and made some smart shots.
    after watching the game yesterday, i guess, of course, China will not make the same mistake with the US.

    what China does:

    (1) keep serve upon to the reception duo, malova obviously is not good choice. scherban will receive for six rotates, so yana will be an easier breakpoint. that will weaken her concentration of attack and strike the whole reception system of Russia.
    but you know, scherban still played good. none imagines that she will play so good like this, just out of my expectation.

    (2) fully use the middle blockers, no matter main setter Shen Jingsi and the sub Ding Xia, the both use the middle blockers better than ever. like what US does, the quick middle attack may easily smash through the arms of Russia. Yuan Xinyue was sent to the court in the 4th set and she made this target more efficiency.

    (3) blocks well. 21-16, very interesting data with great satisfaction. Yan Ni did a great job.

    (4) Yan Xinyue is a wise substitution made by Jenny Lang Ping. her serve is good and i still remember her good serve shot in WWCh in Italy, and today, it is the same thing i can see in this tournament.

    i think Maricheva and Obmochaeva shall going back home and have a long rest for a while. hopefully meditation will work.
    how come there is no Gamova, who might change the result a lot. Obmochaeva is good sometimes but still not stable like a stone. and she ruins sometimes.

    i may not be the tallest,
    the fastest, or the strongest,
    but at least i can do one thing better than anyone else,
    to be me...

  • how come there is no Gamova, who might change the result a lot. Obmochaeva is good sometimes but still not stable like a stone. and she ruins sometimes.

    Gamova is no longer in her A-game. She tried to make a comeback last year but failed miserably. She might be good as a backup sub because we can't deny the fact that Goncharova is a killing machine. She didn't play lots of match but she is still one of the top spikers. They need another good OH and a good backup setter. Malykh is a phenomenal young player, she proved it before, but she didn't connect with startseva.