Russian NT 2016

  • Speaking of the Olympic qualifers in Ankara, how does the recent Russia-Turkey relations affect this? Russian Volleyball Federation has "cancelled" several games in CL after the recent turn of events and decided not to send their teams. Several Russian NT players have also expressed concern regarding their safety in Turkey including Goncharova, Kosianenko, Startseva, etc. But I still think Russia has no choice and would travel to Ankara anyway for the qualifiers otherwise they will be missing the most important tournament and the chance to win the medal they desire the most: Olympic gold :wavy:

  • My prediction

    12 players:

    S: Kosianenko - Startseva

    OH: Scherban - Sokolova - Kosheleva - Ilchenko

    MB: Zaryazhko - Fetisova - Shlyakhovaya

    OPP: Obmochaeva - Malykh

    L: Malova

  • OH: Scherban - Sokolova - Kosheleva - Ilchenko

    Exact same roster except I prefer this OH lineup: Scherban - Pasynkova - Kosheleva - Gamova

    After seeing Lyuba's recent games, I really don't think she brings anything to this Russian team tbh. Pasynkova is younger and should take her spot. If they need a veteran player with experience, I will take Gamova over Ilchenko.

  • Sokolova talks about his call for the NT of Russia

    "I did not think about it because I did not speak with coach Yuri Marichev. The team gathering is, and I think this team should move on. The only thing they asked, at times, is my help and I think if my fitness will, so I can help, and if not. I have no solution, because with Yuri, we talked for a long time, the question was raised, but the answer was no, because we decided that the closer will make a decision based on the state of my health and situation. "


  • This news says she is not coming:…urn-to-the-national-team/
    Seems to be the translation of the article above. Good to read that she is sensible enough to know she probably can't help the team anymore. I hope Marichev is equally sensible.

    By the way, what happened to Viktoria Chaplina? In 2013 it looked like she could become not a superstar but a solid player for NT, maybe the role Scherban unexpectedly fulfilled this summer, but after 2013 Chaplina kind of disappeared. I remember she transfered to Kazan and at some point was out with an injury, but I don't remember what came first, her playing badly or her being there any chance she can be helpful for NT again?

  • Yes, It's mostly due to her injury, after the surgery she got worse, I don't think Marichev still considers calling her, especially with the positive impression of Ilchenko and Scherban.

    Content to hear Lyuba admitting her current condition and letting younger players a chance. She WAS definitely one of the best players in the world but now she's just some old unmotivated player. Harsh to tell, but it's a fact.

  • Regarding Gamova - Obviously, she can help the team a lot better than Ilchenko or Pasynkova, but will she really kindly accept being a bench player? That's the question :roll:
    Obmochaeva who's currently the best OPP worldwide giving her starter spot back to Gamova wouldn't make much sense, Natasha has been completely unstoppable throughout this year and I believe she will keep that level for the olympic games in Rio. Besides Malykh is a great back-up player especially when it comes to double-substitution, however her connection with Startseva needs to be improved, it seemed like they don't have chemistry at all. Startseva's reverse sets are too slow and high for her, but when she has Kosianenko for example, she hits better.

  • Am I the only one who thinks Isaeva could contribute more than Malykh? Sure Malykh is a very good player, but I've always though she is very set-dependent and in the double substitution I had the impression that she hasn't been that efficient. Isaeva might not be that spectacular but she is a very solid player without many ups and downs, this summer she has done a great job in B team and now in Kazan as replacement for Gamova she did very well too...

    Ilchenko hasn't been playing well in Uralochka lately, so Russia might really get an OH problem. Kosheleva and Scherban should do fine as starters, but Pasynkova barely gets to play in Krasnodar and Ilchenko isn't doing well....

  • Watched replays of the World Champs last year and Russia actually utilized a few OH/Opp combinations:

    OH1- Kosheleva OH2 - Gamova - OPP - Goncharova
    OH1 - Kosheleva OH2 - Goncharova OPP - Gamova
    OH1 - Kosheleva OH2 - Gamova OPP - Pasynkova
    OH1 - Kosheleva OH2 - Pasynkova OPP - Goncharova

    With the exception of Kosheleva, all the others are pretty much "interchangeable" (Scherban was still a non-factor a year ago). For the OQT in Ankara, Russia may just use the OH roster they had during WGP/WC/EC: Kosheleva, Scherban, Pasynkova and Ilchenko. But during Rio, Russia needs someone with experience like Gamova to take the spot of Ilchenko. I stand by my argument that Pasynkova still has her role in this team so she should be included in the roster.

    With regards to Russian MBs, the starters would most likely be Fetisova-Zaryazkho. The only thing to figure out is who Marichev bring as 3rd MB. Since Morozova is out of the picture, the two most likely candidates are Lyubushkina and Shlyakhovaya. Marichev might have a preference for Lyubushkina as she has been playing all summer long for the NT, but if I had my way i would choose Shlyakhovaya over her.

  • I'm SURE she will both for qualifying and for the Olympic Games. And I hope that Obmochaeva, standing next to the Sokolova on the court, get CONFIDENCE she does not have to decide the game!

  • so it's possible to have both at Olympic Games, we will see how will it end up :whistle: now we have to wait for final call for QOT

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  • And while we're at it, I think it's scandalous that Kathy Radzuweit wasn't invited to GER NT. After all she was best blocker in ECH 2003, she could certainly give so much to NT still. And what's with Elisa Togut?? Wasn't she the main factor in Italy winning 2002 WCH? Incredible that Bonitta ignored her only 13 years after that.

    :whistle: :aww:

  • You guys are the best :rolll: I hope Lyuba takes care of her son, not volleyball.

  • Maybe also Glinka and Śliwa will come back from retirement :roll:

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  • Don't make jokes about that, I'd much rather have Sliwa there than Belcik :whistle:

    Still better definitely :D

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