2016 Olympic Games - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  • at the Olympics there's no prize money, so individual awards is just symbolic, who represented better each position.

    If u look at the stats Mikhaylov was the best spiker, bust just looking from the outside seams like Wallace was more impressive.

    Serginho deserved MVP, liberos never win anything, he was the only libero to have won a MVP at the WL.

    Also Volvchi was by far the best blocker.

    And nothing for Zaytsev or Juantorena? ;(

    They need to have best server for Zaytsev and Rasic.

  • I was on vacation during OG but I watched matches. In general Brazil was the best in crucial part of the tournament. Wallace was simply astonishing, solving matches alone. Bruno showed his magic and it was enough. Blengini did a great job without any good middle and as some1 said in previous post when Birarelli and Volvich are the best MB's in tournament it says a lot in terms of blocking. USA and Speraw found mental toughness and closed mouth for critics about that (inclunding me). Russia reached maximum in this moment IMO. They were carrying a burden from doping scandal and Alekno lost Muserskiy. OH line was insufficient to hold pressure with veteran Tetyukhin and youngsters Klyuka and Dmitry Volkov. IMO Alekno should transfer Mikhaylov on OH and put Bakun as OPP to get offensive power. I was expecting that move in semifinals :whistle:

    The biggest disappointment was France but in some way I expected they are going to have problems. Tillie is forcing 7 players in last 2 seasons, sooner or later their form should drop and it happened in Rio. I knew they won't beat Brazil in the last match. There won't be any changes in their roster but I found interesting what will Tillie do in the future. Canada used schedule and got into QF's, Hoag once again showed his leading skills.

    To summarize, I was expecting more from Rio. To be precise, better and balanced volley but instead that we got 3x 3:0 and 3:1 result in QF's. Only thrilling match, for me, was USA - Italy.

  • Ok this is my summary;
    - Ivan Zaytsev: Absolute winner of the tournament. In the last two years, he and his manager wife were trying everything to get attention of sponsors and Italian public. Now he has finally achieved the desired result. And he totally deserved it. His performance against USA was legendary . Congrats Ivan, now make your long awaited sponsors happy!
    - Bernandinho and Brazil: How Bernandinho won the Olympic title with such a weak roster is beyond me. They won the olympic gold with Mauricio and Lipe ! :what: Bernandinho is the greatest coach ever, no doubt!
    - Bruno: Best setter of the tournament period!
    - Flippo Lanza and Simone Giannelli: Although Lanza again cost Italy a gold medal (semifinal match against Slovenia was the other), he has used the weak state of Italy's OH position and has secured his starting position. I wonder what could happen if Parodi was healhty or Matteo hadn't lost his mind.
    - Blengini: Zaytsev has saved Mr.Lucky one more time. In the final, he was destroyed by Bernandinho but nobody cares this part. :whistle:
    - Alekno and Russia: Not sure if they can classified as winner but they have overachieved in this tournament.
    - Canada: Thank you Italy!
    - Maxwell Holt: Best MB of the tournament.

    - French team and Ngapeth: Wrong ,wrong ,wrong ...
    - Poland and Kubiak: Kubiak is delusional and had a terrible tournament as a leader. Chokers!,
    - Osmany Juantorena: You, Juantorena, best player of the world between 2010-2013, changed your nationality, changed your holy team Trentino , agreed to play as a second field to Zaytsev but in the end finished the tournament with bitter tears. Your serving performance was unrecognizable and you failed in clutch times. When you decided to play, you only served to Zaytsev's fame. And now ready to waste another year with Blengini.
    - Volleyball sites: Rarely posted anything original :down:

  • If Russia hadn't won Egypt 25-9, we would have had Italy as record holder. One of my main regrets of this OG...

  • Iran's biggest regret should be not locking Velasco in a 10 years long contract, the quarterfinal match against Italy was the proof that with a better guidance they could have won a medal in every world class competition for the last 3 years in a row. What did they win in the end, the Asian games and a bunch of 5th and 6th places. Really underwhelming results for such a team loaded with talent.