Italy - Superlega 2022/23

  • Is there any club from Sicily playing in Super Liga?

  • Is there any club from Sicily playing in Super Liga?

    nope, and the closest team is Taranto. In the english wikipedia page of the 2022-2023 season there is a map with the different locations of the teams :)

  • Sapozhkov is the next big thing. Unreal potential (and he’s already great).

  • I’m going to Modena right now, it’s gonna be a really important game for us, and it will tell us which level this new team really is…

  • What a game to see live, an emotional rollercoaster.

  • Modena isn’t looking good so far, too many errors and lack of consistency from their top players. Rough season ahead, but they are still favourites in the Cev Cup with Piacenza.

  • Perugia is just too strong. I Don’t see anyone that can stop them from going 5/5 this year, maybe the Brazil jetleg.

  • pretty good match between Cisterna and Siena right now.

  • Great comeback by Verona in the 3rd set to sweep Milano, from 21-16 to 23-25. Although if anything, Milano makes a lot of attack errors while Verona has a lot of service errors especially in the 3rd set. I hope both teams involve their MBs more in their next games.

  • I was quite impressed by Verona's comeback in the third. They are young and pretty much devoted to attack.. Anyway they showed good game and strong potential. They surely have potential

  • Great performance by Verona yesterday, but we really played poorly. Porro is not deserving of a starting setter role in the SuperLega right now, he’s doing so much decisional errors.
    Sapozhkov is impressive from the stands, even in a game where he didn’t play at his level.

  • the level of volleyball ngapeth has been playing lately is such a shame. he is even worse than rinaldi.

    he isn’t motivated at all in this young Modena team. Such a shame.