Serbian Women's NT 2023

  • The fact that she would be more useful than Mirkovic...

    The fact that Serbia have Drca and Ognjenovic still active...

  • The fact that Serbia have Drca and Ognjenovic still active...

    Maja till Paris? I doubt that! It will come down to mirkovic most likely

  • I really hope we keep Santarelli. I’d feel pretty upset if we lost him THIS soon and to Turkey. I could understand if he wanted Italy but Turkey ? No thanks. It would leave me with negative feelings toward him forever for sure

  • Are we sure Santarelli (and maybe Serbian Federation) isn't playing mind games entertaining the media?

    At the end of the day as a coach with passion for a sport, getting that Olympic gold is worth much more than money. Santarelli already has one year under his belt coaching Serbia with great success and with the Olympics only two years away why switch to another team that needs more work in progress?

  • Yes, but reception is very bad. Jelena Stojic is injured. Zivojinovc playing very bad almost 2 months now.

    I also like Taubner

  • volleySrb

    That she drew attention to herself is an understatement.

    I will be really surprised if he stays in the Serbian league next season😌

  • So I guess if it’s true we will just get Gio ? :/

  • Giovanni Guidetti will be the new head coach of serbian national team.

  • Its not Guidetti.

    Antiga is new coach and Blagojevic is assistant.

    And the source is?

    it's possible i mean, just curios about credibility, at this point, my sources could be just playing power game, it looks like pure speculation.

  • I’d rather Antiga I think I don’t need Gio alienating players like Jovana and Buša lol

  • Common sense, smart idea and logical choice. 3 in 1 :lol:

    Until we know where we stand, don't try to pass your fanfictions for facts.