South American Championship

  • The 2009 edition of the Senior Women's South American Championship will start on September 30th. The tournament will be held in Porto Alegre, Brazil.

    The participants are: Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Chile and Trinidad and Tobago.

    Unfortunately this Championship is completely unbalanced. Brazil is far ahead any of its opponents and unless a major tragedy (or miracle, depends on the person) occurs, Brazil will not end up as the Champions of this Tournament. Brazil's aim is winning this competition in order to qualifying for the World Grand Champions Cup. I believe this competition is somewhat troublesome for the Brazilian girls, cause any result different from a straight-set victory without letting their opponents score more than 15 points will be considered a bad result.

    Brazil's team roster for this competition is:

    Setters: Dani Lins and Ana Tiemi
    Opposites: Sheilla and Joycinha
    Outside hitters: Mári, Natália, Sassá and Paula Pequeno
    Middle-blockers; Fabiana, Thaísa, Carol Gattaz and Adenízia
    Liberos: Fabi and Camila Brait

    At least we'll be able to find out if Brazil's reception has improved after the intensive reception training program our girls have undergone. It is nice to see that Paula is back to the NT. The only player missing now is Jaqueline, but it seems she will come back only in 2010.



    VEN vs COL (B)
    PER vs CHI (B)
    URU vs ARG (A)
    BRA vs PAR (A)


    VEN vs CHI (B)
    PER vs COL (B)
    ARG vs PAR (A)
    BRA vs URU (A)


    COL vs CHI (B)
    PER vs VEN (B)
    URU vs PAR (A)
    ARG vs BRA (A)

    10.03 SEMIFINALS


    10.04 FINALS


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  • do you think which team would be the finalist except brazil? peru or argantina? and why does not venezuela participate :what:

    Hi Serdar! Wassup?

    Well, I believe Peru seems to be in a better shape than Argentina. Peru has beaten Argentina in the previous competitions this year and I believe they have prepared better than their rivals by playing the II Final Four a week ago.

    Anyway, the matches between these two teams have been very balanced and some of them have been decided in the tie-beaker. In other words, Peru is the favourite, but Argentina also have chances.

    Guys, I am sorry for the mistake I have commited. I completely forgot about Venezuela.

  • Pinedo and Boscacci are really good players. Pinedo has a very strong and reliable service and Boscacci was the best scorer in the last tournament.

    Argentina will play some friendly matches against club Finassa starting next thursday to get in shape.

    Peru will include three young and inexperienced players in the main roster and that will definitely be an advantage for their opponents. It's funny to see in peruavian team three players each over 30 years old, and the other three each under 20 years old. :what:

  • And how is Paula doing? Is she back in shape to be a starter or will it be Mari and Natalia to start the competition?

    Paula is still recovering .. Ze Roberto said she had been on the bench .. The holders will be Mari and Natalia ..

  • Brazil suffers another low for his debut. Thais with bursitis will be saved and not thrown. Ze Roberto said that those holding power are the same who played the Final Four .. Carol Gattaz and Adenizia ..

  • Brazil in South American debut tomorrow and maintains a hegemony of 12 games against Paraguay and no sets lost in the history of confrontations. Volleyball in Paraguay is not professional. Selection mix experienced players with young people, but they all have other jobs or are university students. The Paraguayan team trains once a day, from 21h to 23h, after all the athletes have finished their daily activities. The Paraguayan arrived in Porto Alegre by bus, but did not expect an error of the driver. The planned 18 hours turned into 26.

  • In 27 editions of the South American, Brazil won 15, won the silver medal in 11 - all to Peru - and missed the championship in 1964 in Argentina. Since 95, in Porto Alegre, the Brazilian women has kept the continental hegemony, and 99 in Venezuela, dropped a set for the last time in competition.

    Eight teams will compete this edition of the South American Tesourinha the gym. After Paraguay, Brazil, which is in Group A will play against Uruguay on Thursday (01.10), 19.30, and will face Argentina on Friday (02.10), from 19 hours. B are the key teams in Peru, Chile, Venezuela and Colombia.

    The two best placed teams of each group will be qualified for the semifinals on Saturday (03.10). If you confirm the first place in its pool, Brazil will play at 11 hours. The decision of the title will take place on Sunday (04.10), from 12 hours.

  • Argentina arrived early and the team led by Horacio Bastit landed in the city of São Paulo, before moving to the south of the country, to participate in a series of friendly matches against local team Osasco which is in preparation for South American Club Tournament, to be held in Brazil, in São José, de 07 a 11de October.

    In the first game of travel fatigue affected the physical condition of the Argentine who could not against the hosts in the four sets played. After the first match against the Brazilian team (ex Finasa, the team received the Team), the Argentina National Team return to court on the last Thursday for another friendly match in the afternoon in São Bernardo against local time. The selection played three sets and closed practice with a 2-1 victory.

  • Argentina team:

    BOSCACCI, Leticia - Stella Calais Volley-Ball
    BUSQUETS, Florencia - River Plate
    CASTIGLIONE, Yael - Boca Juniors
    CURATOLA, Antonela - Vélez Sarsfield
    FRESCO, Lucía - Boca Juniors
    GILDENBERGER, Daniela - Banco Nación
    JERSONSKY, Camila - Ciudad de Buenos Aires
    NIZETICH, Yamila - Rote Raben Vilsbiburg
    PINEDO, Georgina - Chieri Volley Club
    RIZZO, Tatiana - Banco Nación
    ROBINET, Marianela -
    SOSA, Emilce - Boca Juniors

  • Uruguay team:

    PAOLA GALUSSO Jugadora de Club Nautico de Carrasco y Punta Gorda Altura: 1,69m Peso: 70k Camiseta: 14
    SABRINA OLAVE Jugadora de Club Nautico de Carrasco y Punta Gorda Altura: 1,63m Peso: 55k Camiseta: 13
    KARINA CARDOZO Jugadora de Club Nautico de Carrasco y Punta Gorda Altura: 1,80m Peso: 69k Camiseta: 7
    EUGENIA NIETO Jugadora de Club Nacional Altura: 1,73m Peso: 65k Camiseta: 12
    LUCIA GUIGOU Jugadora de Bohemios Altura: 1,79m Peso: 64k Camiseta: 11
    VALERIA SANTO Jugadora de Club Nautico de Carrasco y Punta Gorda Altura: 1,80m Peso: 75k Camiseta: 17
    ERIKA JORAJURIA Jugadora de Ombues Colonia Altura: 1,82m Peso: 72k Camiseta: 5
    FLORENCIA FONTES Jugadora de Florida Altura: 1,73m Peso: 65k Camiseta: 15
    FLORENCIA AGUIRRE Jugadora de Club Nautico de Carrasco y Punta Gorda Altura: 1,93m Peso: 71k Camiseta: 1
    VICTORIA AGUIRRE Jugadora de Club Nautico de Carrasco y Punta Gorda Altura: 1,90m Peso: 71k Camiseta: 2
    CECILIA FRATTINI Jugadora de Bohemios Altura: 1,83m Peso: 75k Camiseta: 9
    FABIANA GALUSSO Jugadora de Club Nautico de Carrasco y Punta Gorda Altura: 1,71m Peso: 67k Camiseta: 10