Italy - Serie A1 2016/17

  • Lloyd was giving all the time OHs 2-3m from the net because they can't score over the block or to avoid the block only if she is playing fast set, so what is so strange that Klara is giving them balls 2-3 m from the net...even libero is giving them far sets from the net ??
    That is the reason why her sets look very ugly or like she can't set them perfectly.

    edit: and Guerra is now getting sets very close to the net and higher balls. That is my point.

    *But I'm not saying that she is great setter, she is far from that...I like how she use MBs and OPP everything other she needs to work a lot.

  • Lyod was having a bad season. And Caprara replaced Lyod a few times, but only let Klara play maybe 2 points each time. Klara is only 18 and she has not playing basically anything at all.. She just started to play in the last 3 or 4 games. It is a lot for her to take in all at once....And playing at the CEV finals and now playoffs is not easy....

    Sorry crovolley but Peric is a disaster. Ok that she is young and doesn't have much experience, but I think I've never seen such a terrible setter playing in Serie A1 before. Pomi's OHs hardly get a decent ball to spike :aww:

  • At least the second set was better than the first.
    I hoped Busto would have grab it to make the match last longer... We will see if they'll able to do that now.

    They said Diouf is not even in the bench, but with the doctor/phisio in the changing room.
    Lucite suggested she might had a sort of asthma or panic attack, they showed her crying and breathily a bit heavily before the second set but I though she was crying because she had something hurting. Still, Lucchetta is there so he definitely saw it better than me ;)

    Edit: and now she is back with the other girls, she was explaining them she had an asthma attack or a sort of it (I lipread her)

  • Stats about the number of seats in Italian halls of men and women Serie A1, and the % of people going there for regular season or play off

    Article of last Friday (14/04/17)
    The lists are in order from the older hall to the newest.

    Women Serie A1
    Team - number of seats - % of people during the RS - % of people during the play offs (if there is nothing the team didn't play the PO - Club Italia, Montichiari - or hadn't already started the home matches when the article was published - Bergamo, Pomì, Conegliano, Novara)
    Bergamo – 2250 – 79% RS
    Scandicci – 1215 – 77,4% - 75%
    Pomì - 3519 – 91,9%
    Conegliano - 5124 - 88,3%
    #Modena (women) - 5000 - 36,7% - 43,4%
    Firenze - 6500 - 20,5% - 21,5%
    Bolzano - 3000 - 24% - 28,3%
    Montichiari – 4200 – 38,8%
    *Busto - 4490 - 69,6% - 65,2%
    *Club Italia [Busto] - 4490 - 35,4%
    +Monza (women) - 4000 - 53,3% - 41,6%
    Novara - 5000 - 62,5%

    Men Superlega
    Team - number of seats - % of people during RS - % of people during play off (if there is nothing the team didn't play the PO or hadn't already started the home matches when the article was written)
    Latina – 2000 – 62,5% – 47,4%
    Padova – 3845 – 70,2 - 28,6
    Perugia - 5300 - 67,8% - 72,2% [I'm not that sure is 5300...]
    #Modena (men) – 5000 – 84% - 93%
    Verona - 5200 - 61,9% - 54,4%
    Ravenna - 3320 - 63,8% - 34,9%
    *Milano [Busto] - 49,4% - 25,3%
    Trento - 4000 - 85,3% - 95,4%
    Molfetta - 2200 - 93,5% - 65,7%
    +Monza (men) – 4000 - 66,1% - 53,1%
    Piacenza - 3800 - 74,5% - 46,7%
    Vibo - 2050 - 46% - 48,5%
    Sora - 2000 - 95,8% - 58,2%
    Lube - 4000 - 82,3% - 100%

    I would love to know Piacenza (women) numbers from last year to compare with the men.

  • Thanks for posting. Really interesting. But looking at these numbers, especially the women is really sad. Damm but I just wonder, how these clubs can keep going? There`s no fans, only a few clubs with more than 50% ;( . And this is not only in ITALY, it is around the world, volleyball arenas are not only sad, but it is very concerning.

    Rexona played 3 games in the Olympic Arena in the regular season, the arena has capacity for over 10k, but only around 1k to 1.5k showed up for each game, and the semi final against Minas only 4k people. It was mentioned the problem is that the arena is not downtown and there`s no transportation to get there...but still it is really sad. I wonder how many people will show up tomorrow for the final.

    I really wonder how are the clubs in Turkey able to pay so much, if when u look at the arenas they are semi-empty. Are these sponsors making any money back? ! How and why will they keep going?!.

    Like I said on the other Topic, I was really socked when even in the Conegliano vs Moscow the arena was not full, and the upper area was basically empty.

    And all this includes International/FIVB games also. ;( ;( .....

  • There has to be also a general consideration: is a hall adequate for the current situation of a club? You can't choose smoothly halls of 1.000, 2.000, 3.000, 4.000, 5.000 and so on in steps of 1.000 seats. There are typically halls clustering around 2.000, 5.000 or 10.000 seats, and those may be too small or too big. If you have one to small, you risk lose spectators in the long run, because for more strongly requested matches not few will not succeed to get a ticket (issue often seen in Dresdens Margon hall). If you have a really big hall, you will have a hard time to fill it with every match you have to play... this phenomenon is also seen in Poland, where mostly large halls are used, but it is difficult to fill those 10.000 seat arenas... another topic is availability, especially in playoffs: not all, often the minority of halls is exclusive to a volleyball team, so it is pure luck, if they are available in the short run. To create a national record like Stuttgart did last season in German league, when they had the chance to change from 2.250 people fitting SCHARRena to 6.100 seats Porsche-Arena in playoff final series and got 5.392 tickets sold, they had luck, that the hall was available. This year in finals it was not possible, the smaller hall was sold out, but many interested were disappointed to get no ticket.

  • Very good game from Pomi, they are fighting with Novara very well, only Klara and Tirozzi don't have good connection for now, everyone else are doing good job.

    Edit: Bosetti is not in startin six.

    E2: Middle of set and already 4 aces for Novara. Not good for Pomi.3

    E3: Katarina Barun in first set(25:22), already 10 points :super: Still everything is open.