Turkey - Vestel Venüs Sultanlar Ligi - 2018/2019

  • Do you think Fenerbahçe is weaker than last year ?

    let me make a comparion btw the rosters

    In the Current Roster
    In the Last year's Roster
    Ana Antonijevic - Sıla Çalışkan
    <Setter> Nootsara Tomkom - Çağla Akın
    Melissa Vargas - Polen Ünver
    < OPP>
    Polina Rahimova - Polen Ünver
    Samantha Bricio - Fatma Yıldırım
    <OH> Natalia Perreira - Mia Jerkov
    Eda Erdem - Bahar Toksoy - Dicle Nur Babat
    <MB> Eda Erdem - Bahar Toksoy - Dicle Nur Babat
    Melis Yılmaz - Merve Dalbeler
    <L> Melis Yılmaz - Merve Dalbeler

    Perreira was injuried and couldnt show the performance she had shown in her first year in the league..So Bricio is better than a injuried Natalia..i would prefer a healthy Natalia but i like Bricio too..she is an explosive and talented spiker.

    Rahimova could be a monster ,also make easy mistakes..i believe Vargas could fill in her absence ..i would prefer Tomkom but Fener's second setter is better now (Sıla>Çağla). also Ana has the block advantage to Tomkom..Fatma is a better defensive player than Mia Jerkov

    so you can see Fener doesnt look weaker than last year, imo

  • i dont expect much from Fener- Nilüfer match but Beylikdüzü - Galatasaray could be better..both are going to be broadcast tomorrow

    in Nilüfer, Bystenko has played better in the recent matches..also,Lazic made stats first time against Aydın...i hope she keeps getting involved in the game bcz they need her..

    Fener's soccer team must be showing its worst performance ever in the history..they are the second worst team in the rankings :white: and this kinda makes me worried about the future of the volleyball next season

  • Ebrar should leave and play as starter in a team like maybe Karayollari/Nilufer imho but I have the feeling she will stay in Vakifbank next season. Probably Melis Durul moves to another club.

    Maybe also time for Vb's 'legendary' MB Melis Gürkaynak to leave? :rolll:

    I think Ebrar would like to stay with Vakif. She's not a bench player like Tugba. When Sloetjes needs rest or she's off, Ebrar will get a chance to play. And Ebrar also prove herself in WCWC semi. She changed the game and shut down Praia's momentum in set 4. She already earned the trust from Guidetti.

    IMHO, Tugba is the one who should find a way to play for other teams. She has no chance to be a starter in Vakif.

  • Fencer 2019 is a younger team than last season. But team 2018 had more experiences.

    Setter: I will pick up 2018.

    OPP: almost equal. Vargas and Rahimova are different types.

    OH: almost equal. But I will pick up 2019. Natalia is not stable any more after her injury. But Fatma could be a loophole at reception.

    MB and L: same