Brazilian Women's Super League 2018/2019

  • Zé was very unfortunate while building this team. I'd be shocked if they go past the quarterfinals too.

    At least Maira did well tonight? At first I thought she would be the player Zé would bench most often this season, but if things don't change, I can't see Barueri winning without her on court. Amanda is just... yikes.

    Tooo unfortunate to be honest. This team is VERY weak in OH and OPP positions. Many unexperienced players on bench. People are saying that Elina Rodriguez has just arrived, but I don't think she will aggregate much.

    I was happy with Maira's performance tonight. She did well. I think she's talented, but definitely she won't be the player Barueri need.

  • beri,

    palacios is a strong spiker, but her reception is iffy, like many cubans...

    i think the first time i saw palacios was in the 2012 GP, the CUB team had as starters: palacios, salas, gyselle silva, giel, sillie and cleger. imagine such a team today...

    cubans also seem to have trouble keeping their shirt names consistent, there's always a variation: palacio, palacios, carcases, carcaces, melgarejo, mergarejo, etc. (not to mention they sometimes use mother's name instead of father's).

  • Superliga is very exciting this year. The teams are way better than in the previous editons and there's a lot of room for improvement from what we've watched yesterday. :box:

  • Why is Dayse playing as a MB? I remember her being an OH, sometimes OPP.. I didn't know she can play in the middle as well

    Yep, she's universal. I think she played as MB for a bit in either Bauru or SESI as well, but not much.

    is it the same injury that she suffered in World Champion? if i am not mistaken she suffered some injury towards the end of the competition.

    I don't remember her suffering an injury during the WCH. She did have one during the VNL, which as a bone fracture, but I don't know what's up with her now.

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  • Well, Dayse is really universal. She surely can be awful in any position you want.

  • ROUND 2

    SESC/Rio de Janeiro 3x2 BRB/Brasília Vôlei

    Rio de Janeiro:


    MVP: Yonkaira Peña Isabel (OH)

    DENTIL/Praia Clube 3x2 Curitiba Vôlei stats

    Praia Clube: Nicole Fawcett (OPP) 22, Fernanda Garay (OH) 16, Michelle Pavão (OH) 12;

    Curitiba: Sabrina Machado (OPP) 27 -5 blocks-, Priscila Souza (OH) 22, Julieta Lazcano (MB) 8;

    MVP: Nicole Fawcett (OPP)

    Hinode/Barueri 3x1 E.C. Pinheiros stats

    Barueri: Skowronska (OPP) 28 -55%-, Milka (MB) 10, Amanda (OH) 9;

    Pinheiros: Herrera (OH) 20, Clarisse (OH) 12, Camila Paracatu (MB) 9;

    MVP: Skowronska (OPP)

    Fluminense F.C. 3x1 Vôlei Balneário Camboriú stats

    Fluminense: Pri Daroit (OH) 20, Joycinha (OPP) 18, Lara (MB) 10;

    Bal. Camboriú: Ariane (OPP) 12, Ariele (OH) & Ivna (OH) 10;

    MVP: Sassá (L)

    AUDAX/Osasco 3x1 SESI/Vôlei Bauru stats video

    Osasco: Angela Leyva (OH) 22, Mari Paraíba (OH) 18, Hooker (OPP) 15;

    Bauru: Valentina Diouf (OPP) 20, Andressa Picussa (MB) 12, Yoana Palacios (OH) 6;

    MVP: Angela Leyva (OH)

    Minas Tênis Clube 3x0 São Cristóvão Saúde/São Caetano stats

    Minas: Bruna Honório (OPP) 16, Natália Zílio (OH) 14, Carol Gattaz (MB) 11;

    São Caetano: Dayana Segovia (OPP) 8, Fernanda Tomé (OH) 7, Dayse (MB) 4;

    MVP: Macris (S)

  • Apparently Sesc won't be releasing any stats this year because they don't follow the Brazilian Federation's system.

    This is shitty.

  • Apparently none of the teams follow rules. Sesc doesnt release stats, Praia plays in crap court, SESI doesnt respect home-away Jersey, osasco uses same color for line players and libero... Tough season

  • Apparently none of the teams follow rules. Sesc doesnt release stats, Praia plays in crap court, SESI doesnt respect home-away Jersey, osasco uses same color for line players and libero... Tough season

    I can't even describe how crazy those things are. CBV's official Instagram account has replied to a fan saying that Sesc has the right to not post the stats because they are using a different system. Superliga is a competition organized by CBV and they are not even able to have a standard on this matter. The shirt thing was amateur, and Praia's decision to play in a bad floor it is shameful, as it demonstrates lack of respect against Curitiba and that they don't give a crap about previously established rules.

  • Not to mention that it was Fabiola who forget to bring her black jersey. Worse than a amateur player.

  • i do not know this player herrera, i guess because she almost never played in the 2008 CUB team in beijing? she's listed as part of the team, but i think she was mainly a bench player? that team had many famous players, but not herrera, i guess.