Brazil - Women's Superliga 2021/2022

  • Anna with 0/15:gone:

    I just saw that, wow! I thought she had not scored, but didn't realise she had that many swings.

    Then I shouldn’t be mad. 😂 But was Roberta deserving of that award?

    Roberta was pretty good that year (it was the last year before the Robia connection...). But Macris was still the better setter. I'm not sure if it was the case that year, but I think in some years they chose the setter based on statistics, so it's almost a "happy coincidence" that Macris was awarded best setter that many times. She was always deserving, but we know how this goes sometimes with the statistics for setters.

  • Anna is one of the few players who play MUCH better at the NT. At least in comparison to her seasons in Brazil.

  • can't wait for Anna to perform well in the regular season and then just disappear in the playoffs once again next season :super: at least she's doing Brazilian volleyball good; first she made Drussyla shine, and now Tainara

  • Neri is doing a live streaming with voleybolmagazin in Turkish. I wonder if she is saying something bad about Brazil=O

  • She explained the stuff about countdown. She didn't have covid in the last 2 years and she is vaccinated. But she had covid this year and had been hospitalized. Club asked her where should we send your money if you die and she said "to the hell" lol. She said she missed her family a lot, newborn nephew, and she was in bad mood. 10 days in Ankara for WCCH made her realize she really is missing her family. Then, before the game against Sesi, she worked 1 week for the down the line attack. She did it nicely in the game but referee made 3 big mistakes that might change the result of the game and she was so furious. She thought it's a disrespect to herself. She thinks it's not good that all halls don't have challange system in Brazil. She also knows that she has been criticized for this post but she said she loves Brazil a lot.

    She lives in a part of city is very vivid. She enjoyed going to Sao Paulo, it reminded her Istanbul. She didn't feel safe in Rio even she was very hyped for that.

    In the beginning of the season, Bernardinho welcomed her and said that it's so nice to have herself in Brazilian League. In the game against his team, she had a calf problem and she was on the bench. Bernardinho was about to ask for a challenge and then asked Neri that is it in or out. Neri said out and he didn't ask challange. She felt honored. She thinks he is the best coach ever and would like to work with him. Her friends told her that his decisions always are fair.

    She also praised Ze Roberto a lot.

    About Macris, she said that it's a bit sad she found her rhythm with her late. In the beginning, Neri wasn't ready for these fast balls. Compared to WCCH, they played much faster now cause Neri is finally comfortable with fast balls. Her feet or arm is not late anymore. She said Macris taught her to hit these balls. Also she mentioned she is very humble person out of the court and she knows to get performance from everyone on the court. According to her, she the second best setter in the world after Wolosz. She said she played with many amazing setters such as Lo Bianco, Naz, Glass, Ferretti but Macris is the one plays most unorthodox with many fakes.

    She won't stay in Minas next year but she will play abroad. (Probably Asia)

    She also mentioned that it was so cool to have bus tour and all celebrations were amazing. They will play one more tournament.

    She praised Fenerbahce a lot. Said they make long term plans and put a good fight against Vakifbank who has only volleyball sport and lots of money. She also praised Vakifbank and said there re clubs who has millions but destroy those money( throwing shade to eczacibasi lol)

    Her dream team is : Wolosz-Egonu/Gabi or Kelsey-Arina/Zehra-Washington/De Gennaro

    She won't be in NT anymore cause she has been retired. Federation honored her in Ankara for all of her previous efforts.

  • Controversies aside, she's gonna be missed a lot. Wish she could go to Fener and continue playing with Macris, they're fantastic together. Thank you so much for compiling everything from her live!

  • Brazil and Minas love Neri. I hope she is aware of that when she leaves.<3

  • Thanks for the summary!

    She just finally get comfortable with playing fast balls, it would be a pity if she goes to Asia. I would love to see her in Novara with Poulter who has a similar style of setting like Macris, or GS if Gamze is staying

  • Also, the tweet is kinda denying these rumors

  • Karina tried what she could, but SESI didn't show up today... Praia vs Regatas Lima was more entertaining, Praia even lost one set against them :lol:

  • Karina tried what she could, but SESI didn't show up today... Praia vs Regatas Lima was more entertaining, Praia even lost one set against them :lol:

    so she did well? I'm terrified Bauru is gonna ruin her lmao