Japan Women's NT 2022

  • Where did he say that? Or are you saying that is what you think he is "really" saying when he gave her #3?

    Below is from the JVA website (


    From Google translate:

    “Sarina Koga has been appointed as the captain of the newborn Firebird NIPPON. Director Manabe revealed, "I thought that the captain was only her," and said that he proposed to Koga to carry the number "3" that Saori Kimura, who was the ace and captain at the time of the previous director, had on his back. .. She said, "In response to the results of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, my number was" 2 "until now, but I want you to change your mind to" 3 "and do your best as a Japanese ace and captain for the Paris Olympics."

    I am not sure if it’s a wise decision to put such pressure on Koga to becoming the next Saori…:white:

  • didnt takeshita say that mikoto girl from pfu plays op

    She played OP for years before Melissa showed up

    Fuyumi Hawi Okumu Oba


    Miyu Nakagawa

    Yuki Nishikawa [edit] although it's a new thing for her, so scratch her off the list)

    all play OP

  • I don't mind blowing a little warm air up Koga's butt to get things going. She's a mature player now, and a capable one. I think she's 100% worthy of the position she is in

    I'm not reading as much into this Koga is Saori now thing as the rest of you. I wish she would have kept #2, though

    I get that it's a little creepy the way google translates things but there's also the angle where Koga said she looked up Saori and would be honored to wear the number Saori wore once upon a time

  • I guess manabe wasnt joking around when he said that he will make a new saori, but i didnt expect that even saori's jersey number they have to put on koga.

  • I'm not paying much attention to the new qualification system for Paris 2024 because I'm kind of dumb and don't understand it, but more because I don't really care. How the deck gets stacked doesn't matter. Bottom line is you either win matches or you stay home

    Hochi News blurbage from new JVA Top Dog says he wants Japan to host one of three(?) Olympic Qualifying Tournaments (to stack the deck in Japan's favor with some Home Court Love?) to bring some excitement to Japan's volleyball world

    He says he'd also like to stage an "Asian four country" rivalry tournament for shits and giggles with China, Korea, and ... Australia? That must be a translation error. Australia = Thailand?

    " ... and a rivalry like the former Japan-Soviet Union and Japan-US" ... hmm

    As for the V.League "... he said that the men's league will remain as it is, while the women's league needs Professional management, and that Professionalization may be in the works."

    That P-word again :rolll:

    I'm starting to like this guy

  • IOQT's will still happen (Japan will be a host)

    So why is this guy negotiating for Japan to host one of the QTs if it's already decided

  • that was me making a joke about japan lol

    if japan wants to host, they will host.

    I'm so naive :white:

  • Just dawned on me that 187cm MB Mai Irisawa didn't get called. I guess she's yesterday's news

    There's BCMB, the Aya Watanabe trade, Japan's seeming inattention to developing tall players, and etc