Netherlands NT 2023

  • Sad for Nova she has to "leave" early (the curse of left-handed OHs during tournament) but good to see they got to use the "medical sub" with Hester! Basically we can start all matches with the firepower and height of Jolien and Nika now. Then put Hester in as backrow sub somewhere halfway, and after that Marrit for the other OH to score some aces in the big points again :super: also if necessary she would be able to stay at the net.

    Gonna miss those pipe attacks from Nova though ;( hopefully we'll see them again at OQT!

  • Semi final day! This is the first "big" match in a long time for us. Serbia is a favorite for gold to me so it is gonna be a though match but it would be very well deserved if they move on to the final. I don't want to have another 4th place haha. It's such a pity that Nova got injured because she could have been the perfect subsiture this match.. but I am glad the other 3 OH's are performing well. I am also happy that Plak is getting better and better each match.

    The match result depends also a lot on Boskoqueen and Oqueenovic' performances. If Tijana indeed isn't 100% fit it would be in our advantage for sure. But, blocking is Netherlands' strenght so even in de case of boskoball we're not completely doomed. I remember very well the VNL 2018 match against Serbia in Rotterdam. To me it is the Lohuis breaktrough match where she and Belien single handedly made the comeback from 0-2 behind to win the match 3-2 with amazing blocking skills.

    I think there's a chance that we take this one 3-2 again, but let's see tonight. Above all I hope it won't be a clear 3-0 for Serbia because that would be a bummer as it is the first world class opponent we face this tournament. It would ruin all self confidence

  • I think key is to serve tough, so Serbia can't involve their middles easily. Also the block is Netherlands strength, but as Robin de Kruijf said in their Podcast, Ognjenovic is one of the most difficult setter to read... Let's hope for a good match:)

  • So the team travelled to Japan today. Nova Marring took the place of Hester Jasper back and Britte Stuut is with the team for the training internship in Japan. She'll go home when the rest of the team heads to China. I am unsure if she was already training with Rote Raben and got called away, or that she didn't join the team there yet

  • So the team travelled to Japan today. Nova Marring took the place of Hester Jasper back and Britte Stuut is with the team for the training internship in Japan. She'll go home when the rest of the team heads to China. I am unsure if she was already training with Rote Raben and got called away, or that she didn't join the team there yet

    I don't think so, because she was with the Dutch team at WCH U21.

  • Few more random thoughts after NT summer ends.

    -Libero position is up for grabs for anyone that wants it. I would like to see Hester Jasper tried in this role, she won't make the squad as OH due to her height. A libero that can take on additional responsibilities and cover more court, and poach some balls would greatly upgrade this team.

    -Plak proved me wrong showing that she can still play some good volleyball. Especially on block, serve, and out of system. But I stick to above point that she doesn't fit the quick system with Van Aalen. She was better killing high bumpsets from libero. I would keep her as bench player/ for double sub.

    -This brings me to biggest missed opportunity. Not playing Marring at OPP. On paper she would do great on quick sets as lefty. In Potsdam Van Aalen has arguably the best connection with Nemeth, finding her from everywhere on court. If Sarah establishes similar connection with Caratasu in Vakifbank, it would be no brainer to play Marring at OPP with Sarah.

    -Van Aalen showed her great potential and had great connection with middles and especially in match vs Italy and China showed good connection to OHs. I would strongly considering fielding a OPP that she can run a quick varied offense with.

    -Really enjoyed Baijens shining and Knollema showing her potential after 2 wasted years in Firenze. She could take Simone Lee role in Stuttgart.

  • Well national team season is over for the Dutch team. It's a pity they didn't qualify directly for the Olympics, so that means they have to play the whole VNL with their best squad. That's not good news for the players (mental) health, since the schedule is already too crazy:( Overall I think Dutch team can be happy with the season, some good development for some players and they played the most enjoyable volleyball since years! The result was a beautiful bronze medal at ECH^^


    I'm really happy Koslowski gave a chance to van Aalen this season! She still is a bit unstable at times, but when she is able to play her own game, it's a pleasure to watch! Great speed and creativity. I especially love her connection with the middles:heart: I hope playing in Vakifbank will gain her experience how to keep her head cool in the important moments. I hoped Bongaerts would return to her Schwerin shape, but unfortunately that wasn't the case. Her sets were too unstable a lot of the times. On the other hand she played some good matches, like the 3-0 win over Poland in VNL! Dijkema her experience is important for the young team, but her setting isn't good enough anymore. I think it's better to fill this third setter spot with an extra outside hitter or middle blocker.


    We finally saw some of the old Plak:super:She carried the team in some matches and her attitude on court is real important for the team! Despite that, she isn't as reliable in attack as she was in the past, so she needs a better back-up than Dambrink. Dambrink is just awful to watch and she shouldn't be with the team if she doesn't develop into a better player:down:

    Outside hitters

    I think overall Daalderop did a good job this summer! She can be a bit unstable at times, but especially her defense and serve improved much:) Marrit Jasper is the biggest suprise to me this summer! Great to see she took her chance when she got it. Her reception and defense is rock solid, but her attack has improved much! Still her attack is a weakness against the top teams, so I hope Knollema will start in Stuttgart this year and can challenge Marrit Japser for the starting position next summer. Marring also is a big suprise! Great attacking, but her reception isn't that bad either for someone who mostly played opposite in her career. I think next summer she should be used as opposite, so Plak has a better substitute. Especially since Savelkoel will probably be a extra option on the outside hitter position when she returns from her injury. Next to that, I hope Buijs will return to the team next season! She can be used as outside hitter, but also as opposite as she did in Praia.

    Middle blockers

    Baijens finally gained the confidence and she took it! Her attacking power is real threat:box: In my eyes she makes to many unforgettable mistakes at times and she should improve on that! Pity she stays in Schwerin, because she has a lot more potential. Lohuis is the perfect example it's important to play in a good competition, because she grew a lot in Italy! Especially her blocking and serve is important to the team. Timmerman lost her starting spot this summer and I think it's justified. Her attacking is better than Lohuis, but her block isn't good enough. Hope she will also go to a better competition next year.


    Reesink showed she can be a solid libero, but also made too many mistakes in reception at important moments. Unfortunately playing in Swiss league won't help her to develop furter... Knip played bad during VNL, but never got a real chance after that. She should have been used more IMO at the moments Reesink was struggeling. She still doesn't have a team for next season, so also that's bad news?( I agree Hester Jasper could be a possibility on the libero position!


    It has been a great move to hire Koslowski! He implemented a fast playing style again, which is necessary to have some success in modern volleyball. He makes all players feel important, which creates a good atmosphere within the team and everyone wants to work for each other! The only thing I have to complain about is that he can change earlier every now and then.


    Knip returns to the Dutch league and will play for Dynamo in her hometown.

    Considering the only goal she has is making it to the Olympics I don't understand this move at all. She was back-up libero this summer so it would be beneficial for her to play somewhere on a high level. On the other hand I get the impression she didn't receive many offers... Only "good" thing for her is that direct opponent Reesink will play for some mid-level team from Switzerland

  • I can't read the article, but the title says Buijs is willing to return to Dutch NT! Good news, especially based on her current shape^^…lsters-steentje-bijdragen

  • I can't read the article, but the title says Buijs is willing to return to Dutch NT! Good news, especially based on her current shape^^…lsters-steentje-bijdragen

    If you read reaaaal fast before the 'premium'-thingie pops up, you can read "(...) van een oververmoeide topsporter naar een Bambi die over de heide springt" :rolll: love the analogy. Her return would be very helpful towards VNL! It will just be a bloodbath on OH position if they could still make Paris :box:

    Let's hope Volleybalkrant, Nevobo or NOS pick up this article or interview her as well so she can tell everyone the good news :heart: (and I'm kinda interested in hearing more about her experience in Italy so far. Does she feel at home at Novara? Does she live together with Carol? Did she meet up with the other Dutchies already?)

  • Dutch NT Should use Buijs as an OPP but not as an OH, her reception is terrible and the fast play with MB brought them succes. No reason to go back to OOS high balls. Plak/Buijs and leave Dambrink home

    Unless Dambrink gets playing time in Schwerin and improves I agree (at least for in the big matches). However, both Plak and Buijs are doing great so far in Italy as OH. Hopefully they will improve their passing so they can at least play both OPP/OH if necessary! And for VNL it would be good to get some different rotations, enough talent to have a decent team each week (for most positions).

    In general most Dutchies have starting spots at their club or, like Sarah at Vakif, get sufficient playing time. Hopefully Milano will keep rotating OHs as well so that Nika finds rythm. I think only Dambrink risks her NT spot by being benched and the libero's by playing in lower leagues. For potential additions, I'm curious if Polder can fight her way back into NT by playing well at Pinerolo, and how Savelkoel returns from her injury!

  • I already wondered if she was maybe down with the flu as the latest episode of TeamNL podcast wasn't online yet (last Wednesday of the month)... but this is unexpected and very sad ;( hopefully the treatment will work and she can recover, she's a warrior! :flower: