Transfer news and rumors season 2010/2011

  • Nice!!I like Mazzanti, I think he fits Foppa perfecly, everyone already knows him..and he seems a great guy....dont know as coach, but I think he is well prepared! ^^

    Now waitting to see who will be middle in place of Furst, hardly going to replace her with someone at her level....but I'm happy already with someone that have Foppa's spirit!!that is extremily important for me, and always helps when the team is needing group! A strong mark from Bergamo! :)
    After all I think deep inside each volleyball lover, what makes us really in love for it, it is not victories, titles (we would be big frustrated people in that case, cause each year winner can change for many different facts).....but the human side, the people involved, the values and examples passed, that is why I support, that is what makes people fall in love for volleyball or any other sport for me, at least the real lovers.... :)

  • Fenerbahçe Acıbadem than another star

    By connecting the past week to three-star power to color Acibadem Fenerbahce Women's Volleyball Team, a new star is preparing to add more staff.Acibadem Fenerbahce Women's Volleyball Team to the new athletes, today at 12:00 (local time), Fenerbahce Sukru Saracoglu Stadium in the signing ceremony will be held at the Press Room will be introduced to the public.


    "Lo sbaglio più grande e quello di credere di aver vinto prima ancora di giocare la partita"

  • Isn't this year the World Club Championship? Is Fenerbahce already qualified? I think Fenerbahce will win not only the IECL but the World Club Championship as well.

    The World club Championship is this year indeed, in december in DOha...but Fenerbahçe is not quali, Foppapedretti Bergamo is, cause they won Champions League. Anywa, even if Fenerbahçe has quali I dont know if they would had won already...I think that any Brazilian club that quali to the tournament could beat them....I really do. But I guess we wont be able to know this season.... :whistle:

  • Where can I watch press conf. of Fenerbatche??? Some link please. :obey:

  • So Fofao will be next?

  • Nobody wants to loose a great club like Novara. It's very difficult for them to keep money and
    to find good players with the departures of their big players.

    Turkish fans, you are really lucky ! So many high level players and stars in your teams.
    I don't want to give my opinion about FBA Istanbul, it's an option to win the ICL.
    Maybe the international volley can quickly organize the Final 4 with FBA, Baku, Zentiva and..?
    Not funny but untrue ?

    How many foreign players could play in the turkish championship ? First, it really depends about
    the level of the national team. Turquie, Italia, Polska, Netherlands are great in Europe.
    First answer in the last european championship.
    So, can Naz play in this "dream team" FBA ? Is-it a problem about her qualities or to find
    a very very good setter, but another foreign ?
    When you compare with Cannes, there's really No french player !! Vicka Ravva is so great and nice
    but not french
    So, Cannes "must" have only foreign players in the roster to reach the second round.

    And how many N.T France's players could play in Europe ? I think only one :
    Christina Bauer left Mulhouse and I think she's still free.
    She's tall (1,97m with a large wangspan), young (22), clever (speaking 4 languages)
    and really wants to improve (progress). And a little pretty ;-)
    Anyone else ? Maybe Jelena Lozancic but she will play in Cannes.
    As I leave near of Mulhouse, I just hope Not to play vs FBA, Baku or D. Moscow. It's cool
    to watch so great (and cute) players, but to see my team to score less than 50 points
    during a game, no, thank you. We have big crowg : more than 3000 average, but how many
    will come to see this type of game ? Less and less. What a pitty :-(
    I still thinking that Mulhouse has really not his place in IECL as I tell before.

    You can compare to the games between turkish and french N.T. Beating each time 3-0, so
    you realize the low (nearly bad ?) level of my national team (France).

    I finish with those opinion : let play young and nice turkish players (oh Nesli) in big teams -
    you have minimum 6 in Europe (?). Cannes, Voléro Zürich have only foreign players
    to get a chance to make a good european season. That is the difference and
    no way about the problem to manage big turkish teams. Good luck for their coachs ;-)

    You can wait the IECL with the world basketball championship in Turquia. Even if some stars
    won't be there (Kobe, LeBron, Pau and...) it will give a big pleasure. It starts at the end
    of august Lucky guys :-)

    F4 2011: Fener-Vakif GSTT 4-13 at the end of tie break 1/2 final. Vakif' winner C'L. 2013 and 44 victories Just amazing :rose:
    "Léo" flag bearer at the Olympics 2012

  • Fenerbache was quite unfair with De Brandt probably...Still, Zè is one the best coaches so I can't blame them.

    However wasn't Zè allowed to coach just the national team?

    And is there going to be any other surprise at 12.00?

  • However wasn't Zè allowed to coach just the national team?

    I don't think there is such a rule in Brasil, so he can coach both national team and club. But I would prefer him to coach a team in Brasil especially since he talks all the time about lack of good receivers among young brasilian players, maybe he could do something about it instead of going to Turkey.
    Turkish journalists obviously wanted to hear him say that Fb will win CL next season but he kept saying that they have a team with a potential to reach the finals of all competitions that they are playing.
    Interesting that he thinks that Dinamo Kazan will be one of the main rivals of Fb in CL.

  • According to a Brazilian volleyball blog, Zé Roberto and Fofão will be together in Fenerbahce next season.

    Now the teams I admire in Europe are Fenerbahce and Pesaro! I think it will be funny to see him working with Sokolova, LOL! They have always been in different sides of the net, trying to defeat one another, now they will work together.

    I also think it will be good for Brazil's NT to have Zé Roberto coaching Fenerbahce, he will be able to see the best players of Europe in action and that means he will be well informed about the main weapons of the best NTs of the world. Such piece of information will be very useful in Brazil's NT preparation for the upcoming competitions of the NT's season.