The 2011 Girls' Youth World Championship

  • I'm currently watching the 5th place final. Germany is leading 2-1, and in the 3rd set the Brazilian reception was something worth the penal code!
    Considering that their trainer called his 1st t-o when Germany was already 19-12 ahead, it seems to me like if - after they didn't make it to the semifinals - they don't care that much anymore...

  • Turkey won first set :super: ^^

    This Turkish team has some great talents...I especially like MB Kubra Akman and the captain, Hocaoglu :teach:

    edit: Chinese left-handed oppsite, no 9, is a great talent as well :teach:

  • @ Kadir

    Kubra Akman will play for VGSTT in next season, right ?? :win:

  • We are the champions (World & Europe) :super: :super: :super: :super: Turkey 3-0 China Kubra Akman GO FOR MVP :super:

    2010/2011 Eczacıbaşı VitrA - Turkish Cup Winner :cup:
    2011/2012 Eczacıbaşı VitrA - Super Cup Winner :cup:

  • vvvvvvvvvuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu turkeyyyyyyyyyyy kübra akman very very very nice ece kübra damla dilara AWSOME ı think mvp KÜBRA AKMAN and DİLARA BAGCI

  • yes
    we are the best :=)
    kubra akman was amazing, 20 points 11 attack, 8 blocks and a serve point only 3 sets.
    also we have amazing libero .
    and the other herous :)
    ı am proud of my team.... :flower: :flower: :flower: :flower: :flower: :flower: :flower:

  • Final
    Turkey - China 3:0 (25:19, 25:17, 25:22) stats

    Final Standings
    1. Turkey
    2. China
    3. Serbia
    4. Poland
    5. Germany
    6. Brazil
    7. Japan
    8. Argentina
    9. USA
    10. Slovakia
    11. Italy
    12. Mexico
    13. Thailand
    14. Egypt
    15. Puerto Rico
    16. Algeria

  • MVP : Cakiroglu (TUR) :super:
    BEST SCORER : Guimares (BRA)
    BEST SPIKER : Horie (JPN)
    BEST BLOCKER : Popovic (SRB)
    BEST SERVER : Cakiroglu (TUR)
    BEST RECIEVER : Bagci (TUR) :super:
    BEST LIBERO : Bagci (TUR)
    BEST SETTER : Maruta (JPN)

    2010/2011 Eczacıbaşı VitrA - Turkish Cup Winner :cup:
    2011/2012 Eczacıbaşı VitrA - Super Cup Winner :cup:

  • Congratulations to Turkey and Turkish users at our forum :flower: :flower: :flower:

  • Wow :white:

    Our forum-member Damla Cakiroglu is MVP of the tournament :drink: :drink: :super: :super:

    Congratulations, Damla :flower: :flower:

  • yeah congratulations Damla!!!! THANK YOU GIRLS THANK YOU! I'M SO PROUD :flower: :flower:
    the only negative thing is Dilara's individual awards :D That means Ebru Ceylan will stay in bench this season ;( ;(