2012 Olympic Games

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    Great victory by Poland. Now it'll take a miracle for they not to be 1st in the group. I think they're locked for semis, already. It's true that they'll probably meet a tough 4th, but I don't think it'll be a stronger team than Italy. Good match, well played until the 3rd set by both teams. Too bad Italy fell apart in the end.

  • Destruction! I see no one who can beat this Poland in the OG. Maybe only Poland itself...

    Continuing with the haircuts' analysis:
    Winiarski is the black sheep of the team of communist schoolboys. How couldn't he cut that bristle of his. Even Anasthasi went through the process :lol:
    Savani's hairdresser also tried to be creative. But his work(Savani's hairstyle) turned out to be quite a mess. Something between a type of dinosaur and a character from Avatar :lol:

  • How can this Zygadlo agreed to be a bench player in Trento? He is the MVP of the match so far.

    It is a big mistery according to me. I don't like Raphael, but Zygadlo is far away better then the brazilian! :white:

    MVP: Zygadlo/Bartman

    I'm in love with them: I like the way Zygadlo keeps calm and concentration and plays amazing; I like the way Bartman emotionally plays, trying always to be a leader for his team.

    Poland really deserved to win this match. I hope we will play better from the next. :box:

  • poland 8o they are really such a great team right now and i really belive that they can beat any rivals in this tournament :cup:
    Congrats for both teams but i hope italians try to change their annoying style :drink:

    And for me the best player in that game was definetely winiarski :thumbup:

  • It was good. It was actually insane sometimes...

    Darn, it tastes so great to beat these Italian foxes. Now let's :drink: Cheers!
    And you- my Polish guys...you just keep it up.

    I'm calm as never, don't wanna say that I've expected our guys to trash Italians really bad, but for some reasons I really feel like we can seriously rock this tournament. No, that's not being cocky, our guys just give me pretty solid fundaments to think so. Keep up the good work, chłopcy!

  • Congratulations, Poland! :win:

  • Cause of stucking net the only thing I could watch normally from the match was the last set on Eurosport...mamma mia! Italians were tragic, Poland just destroyed them, no humilated them! :white: I hadn't imagined that I would say that, but Gosh...Italy's turdy jerseys were their smaller problem :P
    Great start of the OGs for Poland! :obey:

    Joro, Savani's trying to be a competition to the blond Zayac :rolll: Absolutely tragic outlook for Italy! Fasion disaster! :aww:

    Wild Wild West!


    " There is nothing better than this"


  • Destruction! I see no one who can beat this Poland in the OG. Maybe only Poland itself...

    Hush, Georgi, hush :D Knock on wood, don't jinx it :D Remember, it's still Poland :D
    I don't want to underestimate other teams, but the only team I'm personally afraid of the most is...Russia, obviously. They are a huge mistery to me, besides...it's still Russia, you never know with them, but no matter what we cannot underestimate them. I'm dying to play against them, hopefully we'll get this chance to play another epic game against Sborna.

  • I'm sorry for Italy but Poland played really well...better than us! I really liked Winiarski and Zygadlo! after the first set their reception worked perfectly and everyone attacked perfectly...
    What I didn't like and that scares me is our fourth set...it looked that our game and concentration can last only 3 sets! c'mon boys :box:

  • And for me the best player in that game was definetely winiarski :thumbup:

    Ahah, yes! Same here :D All of our guys deserve to be admired, but Winiarski caught my heart the most :D It's soooo good to have this nutty guy in our team :D

  • Ahah, yes! Same here :D All of our guys deserve to be admired, but Winiarski caught my heart the most :D It's soooo good to have this nutty guy in our team :D

    I agree with you too...even if I'd prefer that the MVP would have been an italian!

  • Destruction! I see no one who can beat this Poland in the OG. Maybe only Poland itself...

    Dont' forget about Russia.

    Poland won't have physical advantage against them, and that's not something they are used to.

  • Currently watching Brazil vs Tunisia.

    I don't know if they are just playing decent because of the opposition but Brazil doesn't look good.

    Ricardo should be setting over Bruno. He is still the best Brazilian setter for me. Ricardo setting Dante in the back row reminds me a lot of Athens 2004.

    Vissotto is playing well!

    "[size=8]It's years and years of work and sacrifice and dedication. Along with a lot of these girls, we've sweat and we've bled and we've cried together in past Olympics. It just brought tears to my eyes, & I'm more than thrilled. This will be forever." -LOGAN MAILE LEI TOM (Silver Medallist - 2008 Beijing & 2012 London Olympic Games, 2011 World Cup runner up, 2003 & 2007 World Cup 3rd place, 2002 World Champs runner up, 4-time World GrandPrix Champs)

  • Poland is very strong! I think they can win the gold with very few problems

    It's possible, you just have to believe in yourself and really not care what other people say, because I've heard it all.
    If you let someone else dictate what you're going to do in life, then you won't get there.

    Non so neanche come onestamente: in due mesi ero di nuovo in campo.

  • Brazil vs Tunisia: meh. Can't even comment on the match.

    As for Poland, I believe they weren't truly tested yet. Maybe people are gonna come after me for saying that. Yes, they look very good at the moment. But I still believe the very tough challenges are to come. And I struggle to believe they'll win this thing easy. If they win - I'm not very sure about that right now -, I think it'll be really really hard. And now they have to handle the pressure of "being favorites". I think they'll move to semis quite smoothly cause they'll avoid meeting Brazil, Russia or USA in quarters. After that, it's gonna take a lot for them to prevail. They can do it, but it'll be less than a walk in the park.

  • I strongly believe that if Poland plays in full of their potential, neither Russia, nor the USA nor any other country has a chance. Saying that, I also have doubts that Polish players will have a lot of pressure from the semis onwards. The question is if this pressure lasts for a single set or for an entire match that will cost them everything. And how other teams would take advantage of this. But without pressure, Poland plays the best volleyball. Russia, although always looking impressive, is also very shaky and has some hidden holes in it's game. And this Russia can be beaten, this Russia has been beaten not once. USA can also shock Poland but they played against each other in the WL Finals and you know the score. Yes, OGs are different but it can't be far from the truth this 3:0 score. And of course every team can play a super match and make a sensation eliminating a favourite so all this trash talk is useless. I'm realising I'm talking bullshit after bullshit, so goodnight :lol:


  • Poland is definatly the favourite.They're playing sooo good. Their libero is awesome,their middle blockers,and other attackers are also phenomenal. They are a BIG force. Russia,Usa and Brazil may beat them if they play their best volleyball,which they're not right now. Serbia has 0% chances for medal without Miljkovic!

  • I saw match a few seconds but I think Poland's have uniforms the same as these polish Players who won first Olympic Gold Medal.

  • Awesome uniforms, guys :thumbup:

    But why without Polish marks in the names? "MOZDZONEK"?, "ZYGADLO"? I do not like it. Really. And it is not for the first time. :tzz:
    As for the game... It was great, for sure, also it didn't look so well in the first set. Now the game against Bulgaria, which I hope will be won as well and than we should have easier opponents.
    I'm very happy with the way of play and the result, but I still know, that there will be one single game in 1/4, which will decide about everything. We may win all 5 matches in the group, we may be great and powerful. But one worse day in the quarterfinal and we can say goodbye to London. It was like that 4 years ago: we were playing really good volleyball in the group, lost only to Brazil and than this game against Italians... :aww: I hope this time we won't be stopped in the quarterfinal...

    The most important 3:

    5th place - Prediction Game - World League 2011 :D