2012 Olympic Games

  • I hope this is a sweet consolation for our russian friends who felt so sad about the girl's participation on the olympic tournament.

    I know I bet all along that our guys would grab the gold, instead of our girls. This was an interesting olympic tournament, lots of surprises.

    The finals were similar in a way, I think. Yesterday, USA crushed Brazil in the 1st set, and Brazil was kinda doing the same today, in the first two sets, against Russia. The other team came from behind, moving pieces in the chessboard and became just too strong for their opponent.

  • this match put a smine on my face.. :drink: :drink: :drink: :cup: :cup: :dance4:
    after a hearbreaker loss by my team......

    Bruna ..i also felt what you felt about Giba Serginho Ricardinho like i felt for Gamova,Sokolova, especially for Artamonova.....

    i'm happy for Tethyukin..the last player of the Platonov era in the NT

  • master of tactic??? his team is about to lose 3-0..how can he be a master of tactic??

    He already did. :lol:

  • My God, why I always have to be disappointed ;( ;(
    I thought my brazilian heros like Giba, Sergio, Ricardo will end their representative careers with gold medal, I just can't believe somebody took it away from them again. The worst thing is that this match was in their hands, 2:0 and pretty big advantage in 3rd set, but they lost it. I don't know what happened with them, the reason may be Muserskiy and his position on court, who expected such a way of playing on Russia's side, shocking move...
    Bruno started making mess on court in some moments, he couldn't find connection with Murilo, sometimes with Lucas, subsitute with Ricardo didn't change a game at all. I'm very grateful for fighting to the end to Murilo, Wallace, Sergio and Sidao, for me these players were definitely the best by Brazilian side, unfortunately one of them won't play for Brazil anymore(I suppose). God, it was the last match in such a roster of Brazil ;( ;(

    And Russia, man... Alekno is a big fighter, he didn't want allow this match to go, that's why he decided to change Muserskiy's position which was a KEY to victory!!! He should definitely plays more as OPP in Russia NT, for me this way with Maxim as OH and Dima as OPP can be really good, of course, reception may be weak, but power of attack - so huge! I'm still in shock, really, that they've changed a story of this match, they had a silver medals on their necks...

    Thank you Brazil for everything, I will never stop supporting you :heart:

  • Brazil lost because of Giba, I'm sure of that.
    In the third set, Brazil was leading 2 points ahead of Russia, Giba substituted for Dante to receive Tetyukhin's serve, and he got an ace, right from Giba.
    What a terrible goodbye Giba said.

    Anyway, big congratulations to Russia. since the other outside hitters are always quite poor, I wonder if they will switch Mikhaylov to OH in the future. :rolll:

  • What a superb match! I just loooved how the Russians managed to came back to the game. Alekno's changes were insane and prooved to be very effective. Musersky was brilliant :obey: OMG! I'm literally speechless. Congrats to the Russian NT! Although I feel a little sorry for the Brazilians. IMO it's Rezende's changes in the 4th set that made a difference for the worse... Anyways, Russia rules! :dance6:

    “Wise words are like arrows flung at your forehead. What do you do? Why, you duck of course.” S. Erikson

  • Congratulations, Russia!!! Alekno's machines finally were perfect - TOTAL VOLLEYBALL!! What a come back! And congratulations to Italy and mainly to Savani for his serves :white: I'm really sorry for Salparov he deserved the bronze for sure, the MBs too... the others became 4th :read:

    Радо Стойчев каза: Мизия, Тракия, Македония! Западните покрайнини - завинаги български!

  • I like the jackets of Russia :rose:

  • As to whether who's leaving, who's staying.. Giba and Sérgio are definitely leaving, they already stated that. Ricardo and Rodrigão didn't state anything, but they're probably leaving as well.

    That leaves us two of the more experienced guys, Murilo and Dante. They both want to make it to 2016. I think they can do it, but, in Dante's case, I think it's gonna depend on his physical conditions. He has expressed the desire to make it, already.

    Vissoto, I think it'll depend on his own technical consistency.

    And we'll remain with the youngsters, probably: Bruno, Sidão, Lucão, Wallace and Thiago.

    Bernado is still up in the air. He said he already decided that after next season he's gonna either leave the NT or his club in Brazil. I hope he doesn't leave the NT. But I also didn't wanna see him leaving Unilever. ;(

    So, yeap, it is definitely the end of an era. I feel a bit sad about it, but I'm not as pessimistic as Yavor were on one of his posts. It's true we haven't been as successful on our youth categories, like in the past, but I definitely see some good talents coming up to feed our NT. We have a good basis already, with Bruno, Wallace, the MB's and the OH's. It's a good balance between youth and experience, and there's also room for improvement. We definitely gonna struggle with our liberos, cause simply no one can replace Sérgio. I'd like a chance for Thiago Brendle. There's also Otávio, Tiago Barth, Isac (MB's), Renan (OPP), Lucarelli, Maurício (OH's), young guys who I think we can invest and can give us good results. We're probably not gonna be as successful as we were specially from 2001 to 2007, but that's way too hard. And though it was cool for us, it was pretty boring for everyone else. However, I definitely believe we're still gonna be among the very best, and gonna come back strong to try to win again this gold at home, in 4 years. I believe we can do it.

  • arent there any individual awards in the Olympics? Who got the MVP? Muserski? :huh:

    No. In female tournament FIVB(?) chose MVP of it, we must wait for some reliable source.
    Individual awards? You must just look in statistics, but players won't get anything for it.

  • although i'm not really a brazilian fan except for sidao :woohoo: . i believe also, that brazil will forever be one of the best in the world of volleyball. without brazil is boring.

  • yes!!! thats it!!! Musersky man changed everything for Russia....otherwise they would have lost 0-3.....Musersky made Russia show some CHARACTER......now Russia has a character....Mikhailov started terrible but with Musersky he stepped up theis game....i knew Russia has better potantial than Brasil and better players than Brasil ....

  • In the last 10 years:

    World championships: 3 golds
    Olympics: 1 gold and 2 silvers. :win:

    The gold it's addictive, I know! But at the same time, brazilians volleyball fans and those players has no right to reclaim about NOTHING.

    I never expected this final, BUT THEY DID IT AGAIN! They made us believe, and that's what I like the most about them. They make me believe! It's something that I learn from them, BELIEVE UNTIL IT'S OVER! That's why they are my heroes!!! :heart:

    I watched an documentary about our NT in 2011, and Bernardinho said something that made me think about the lost for the gold in 2008:

    "It was not about winning the silver, It was about losing the gold. But at the same time, that silver medal gonna teach those champions somethinkg that they gonna take for their lifes, HUMANITY!"

    After that sentence, I started to look at Bernardinho, and to my NT in a diferent way. And facing the lost in a diferent way too.

    Congratulations to Russia fans! Winnig the gold it's an unique feeling. Enjoy it!

    Russia did an historical comeback today! :win: