Logan Tom retires!!!

  • Sad day for volleyball... :(

    But I wish her a successful career as a coach..

  • I still dont believe...until I see some interview with Logan

  • She is helping Germany trainings for Euro League...Guidetti invited her.


  • There is nothing about it on Stanford site and Logan is nor listed as member of Stanford coaching stuff for 2014. When will she start her coaching job?

  • There is nothing about it on Stanford site and Logan is nor listed as member of Stanford coaching stuff for 2014. When will she start her coaching job?

    I don't know about that part. I mean retiring might me true, although as we all know Logan she is not saying stuff like that ever out loud.. she always is like 'we'll see, I can not talk about future, who know..' and etc And coaching is a thing she was asked before in an interview 2 years ago I think and she said currently she did not have the patience needed, if she developed that she maybe would.
    The last 2 club seasons were not good for Logan so I would like her to see at LEAST for one more season is some club finishing her career with a trophy. And not to talk about RIO 2016

  • So sad to hear this, Logan was a fantastic player and one of my favourites. She will be missed greatly by all her fans and by the entire sport of volleyball.

    Good luck in whatever you do in the future, Logan.

  • Calm down everyone. Isn't anyone surprised that the site that broke the news about Logan is Russian sport-express? The same site that was annoucing Logan playing in Russia a few times in the last two seasons? How the he.ll would they know anything about her?
    Also Logan mentioned that she doesn't have the patience for coaching anybody and that's unlikely path for her (course things might have changed since then). Thirdly - hiring HoF Stanford inductee, 4 time Olympian, 2 time silver medalist at one of the greatest university volleyball programs would, I think, be kind of big news. Even given Logan's "escaping" the spotlight any way she can I think there should be some rumors, any rumors before.

    I'm not saying all of this is false. While I believe thatLogan probably has retired (at least there were quite a lot of rumors about that), I find it strange to see her accepting coaching position.
    Of course anything (and I mean anything) is possible with Logan, but I'll wait for some official news (from Stanford for example) before slicing my wrists ;)

  • Logan probably has retired. These past two years with the injuries probably gave her time to think about what she wanted to do.

    She had been so focused on the sport, it would be very difficult to see her not in the sport in some capacity as a coach. With her not being on the USA National Team roster for the World Grand Prix, it was a sign to her to say that she probably would not be picked in the future unless she was healthy. With the two years of injury problems, many teams would not be interested in paying an injured star player a salary. Plus throw in her age (not really old, but on the other side of 30) and it probably was a perfect storm.

  • So apparently she strongly denied these rumours and she has no intention to retire...Don't really know what the truth is and whether she will play next year or not.

  • All i can say is "Finally!". Tom was an outstanding player but it's so sad to hear the same rumors every year for a player and ask yourself, is she retiring this time? Same was for Glinka.

    On the other hand, I really loved the way Ravva retired.
    I frankly don't see a reason for a volleyball player to retire if they are not facing a serious injury.