Olympic Games - 2016 | 8 | 6

  • They will all probably travel to Rio.
    Camila Brait traveled to London in 2012, but didn't make the final cut.

  • Mihajlovic was shown in some other pics, so she must have been there too. I guess all the players were there actually including those two who will be cut soon. First off I was asking myself "Oh, It's Nikolic as she's not in the photo." but then I noticed that there's no Maja who's basically the heart of the team.

    My guess is Cebic and Malagurski. Obviously I want Sanja to make the cut but from what I have felt, Terzic likes Busa and she will be there as Malesevic's alternative.

  • Im sorry, but Im just gonna give my humble opinion, leaving aside my passion for volley.

    Russia should have been banned from this Olympics!

    Again, aside from my passion for volley, we have to see the big picture of whats going on here. Its was ( and Im using the word "was', because Im assuming they have eliminated such a disgusting program already) DOPING PROGRAM ran by the RUSSIAN GOUVERMENT... For god's sake!!! could it be anything worse than that??? A Program paid and sponsored by its government!!!

    Whats next now ? Whats the lesson and message the IOC ( which for me are a bunch of cowards by taking this pathetic decision) towards the world of sports in regards to doping/??? Well, obviously theres a clear message , and that message is that: if you're a re- known nation in the world who have had quite significant impact in the sport history , It' will be ok if we catch you doing something wrong, you know. Just make sure you do those "improper" things well, and nothing will happen to you. . IOC and a lot sports entities definitely need a tough hand toward the wrong doing , like the Russian case is>

    I guess Im gonna be watching within 12 days the olympics from living-room this summer , and of course, every time I see a Russian athlete win a medal ( whichever one) , Doubts are gonna be crossing my mind just thinking whether that athlete is doped , or not.

    Very sad all this.

  • so we have there 14 players:
    S: Ognjenovic, Zivkovic
    OP: Brakocevic, Boskovic
    OH: Mihajlovic, Malesevic, Busa, Nikolic, Malagurski
    MB: Rasic, Veljkovic, Stevanovic
    L: Popovic, Cebic

    Malagurski and Cebic are contenders to be out, but everything can happen

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  • 2008 : Ognjenovic, Simanic, Djerisilo, Brakocevic, Citakovic, Krsmanovic, Veljkovic, Vesovic, Malagurski, Molnar, Nikolic, Cebic
    2012 : Ognjenovic, Zivkovic, Djerisilo, Starovic, Brakocevic, Krsmanovic, Rasic, Veljkovic, Mihajlovic, Vesovic, Blagojevic, Cebic

    3rd Olympic games for Ognjenovic, Brakocevic, Veljkovic and Cebic unless they don't make the cut and Stefana is only 26 :white:

  • That picture was from a meeting with the president of Serbia today, everyone was there. We still don't know who is out, but I guess we'll find out tomorrow, because from what I understand, Terzić is taking 12 players to Rio on Tuesday.

  • what happened to her? It's been a while since I don't hear any news from her

    she'll play in Chemik in upcoming season ^^ it seems that after episode in NT she won't be back here because Terzic didn't call her many times :wavy:

    Gold medal - World League 2013 Prediction Game
    Bronze medal - World League 2012 Prediction Game

  • I think she's a better passer than Malesevic and Busa and hits smart. She kinda reminds me of Gennari. I haven't seen her since a while ago as well, thus I don't know if she's still solid.

  • Also the whole course of events looks suspicious to me, why does this mysterious report come out just two weeks before the start of the games? It makes everything very confusing.
    If Russia will be completely banned eventually, I believe this will be the beginning of the end of the Olympic Games as a whole. Russia will not let this happen without reaction.

    Although one would say that WADA and McLaren simply had no time to complete the study and that's why the whole business started just now, one doesn't need to be a great consiporologist to see that the idea was to quickly bruteforce the decision through the IOC exploiting the suitable moment in terms of public opinion, which would waive the need to present the respectable proofs. The thing is that on one hand, we all know that the host countries perform exceptionally well at the Olympics: Canada had a landslide win in Vancouver, China was by far the best in Beijing, Britain was damn good in London. Russia was less impressive in Sochi (think ice hockey) and won the medals table thanks to six golds by naturalised citizens and very sympathetic figure skating juries. At the same time, let us be honest, several people did punch above their weight by winning golds where they were winning silvers all their lives. The weak side of the McLaren report - lack of proof, credible witnesses, difficult links with reality, questionable independence of the investigator - was played down via a smart use of media and by stressing the lack of time. The lawsuits may have followed but they would have taken a month or two. The way the report is written, McLaren bears practically no responsibility as he essentially just interviewed Rodchenkov. The only difficult moment of the blood/urine container. The IOC imo was in a lose-lose-lose situation: they minimised the damage but decreased their own subjectivity by delegating the decision. Bizarrely, it is a win for Mutko whose long-term strategy was best relationships with federations. And yes, the only way to avoid the complications like these is to make sure the Olympics doesn't overlap with the Elections of the new Administration. One may think that this year is particularly tough but then recall 2008 when Dr Rice organised a real war during the Olympics.

    Rodchenkov is an interesting guy. Apparently a well recognised professional, he had his sister involved in selling steroids to athletes three years ago. Mutko helped her out as she received 18 months but was released on probation. Rodchenkov himself was openly boasting insider information about the relationships of various celebrity athletes and WADA. In particular, he suggested that Sebastian Coe, Carl Lewis and Paula Radcliffe were doped on a regular basis but found some protection among the antidoping officials. Remarkably, in case of Radcliffe it was Sir Craig Reeddie himself, not less than that. Rodchenkov also accused Olivier Rabin (WADA Science Senior Director) in losing the urine samples from the Moscow lab.

    By the way, Tatiana Kosheleva complained today about "so much hatred against Russia and Russian sports". This is at least partly a correct perception, because nearly all NATO country governments are behaving inadequatly offensive against Russia the last years (mainly because of Ukraine/Krim, but it's not all).

    Umm, the reigning Russian monarch became the enemy of the world's democratic community in 2003 (Iraq), you can read Tony Blair's surprisingly honest account on that in his autobiography. Overall, the irreversible change was achieved in 1999 (NATO expansion and immediate involvement in Serbia).

  • It's possible, he did it in Beijing. But I really hope not, it's pointless and cruel for those who will be cut. He must already made his mind pretty much, so just do it.

    If the 2 extra players can train with the team, then I guess is a good help for the team.

  • Yeah, I don't know what's going on. They're usually much more up to date. Perhaps the person in charge of their website is on a vacation. :rolleyes:
    Anyway, the roster mentioned yesterday was confirmed, Malagurski and Ćebić are out.

    Bon voyage, girls, and good luck. :)