2017 CEV Challenge Cup

  • I think, that Schwerin was once more vulnerable especially in the head: the statistics of Schwerin were not that bad, but they started bad in first and fourth set and couldn't get managed the crunch time. Of course Bursa has the advantage to play in a much stronger league than Schwerin, who has only one truely (nearly) equal opponent in Germany (Stuttgart), while Bursa plays lots of matches in the season against powerhorses like VakifBank, Fenerbahce, Escacibasi or at least nearly equally strong opponents like Canakkale. Anyway, to win with three points in Bursa is kind of mission impossible for Schwerin, the chances are heavily on Bursas part at home...

    Studying statistics confirmed my view: main issue was, that Schwerin made way too many errors (34 compared to 25 of Bursa), so despite serving better (6 aces more) and receiving better didn't help them. Attack efficiency was also in favor of Bursa (44% to 40%), partly due to making more errors in attack too (see above). This is quite unusual, because in German league Schwerin is very constant and making few errors usually - hints to a not sufficient mindset of them today.

  • German national Saskia Hippe (opposite) was once again like a scoring machine, Olympiacos is certainly glad, that they hired her (despite Germans are not that popular in Greece currently for reasons, but this is a friendly sport and it seems not to be an issue there luckily).

    I agree. Saskia played really good according to stats. I'd like to see her back in German NT.

  • Before you worry too much, I remind some facts regarding the return match in Eastern Siberia today:

    air temperature around -1 degrees of centigrade, while raining. Time zone difference 4 hours to Greece. Very long flight to the venue for Olympiacos, probably with relay over Moscow. So the first two sets the Greek team was not really there, before they began to play in third set, but Krasnoyarsk won also that one, causing the decision to be made in Golden set. After 13:13 only two points would decide, who proceeds to the finals, and than Olympiacos PIRAEUS made it with these two next points. Saskia Hippe was the only scorer for the Greek team with good values, but this is the sum also of the three first sets.

  • And Schwerin is out, as expected: while they put a good fight in first set of return match after Bursa winning that 25:23 anyway, resistance was broken and Bursa won the next set clearly, sufficing for getting to finals.

    So final is Bursa vs. Olympiacos Piraeus.

  • Astonishing comeback by Olympiacos PIRAEUS: after BURSA BBSK too the first two sets with relative ease, including serving very well, the Greek home team was able to strengthen reception by substitution considerably in the second set already, and that paid of in the following sets: they won the last three, i.e. the match in the tie-break and have a chance to win the trophy in Bursa, despite it will be much harder there of course. Again Saskia Hippe was top scorer (20 points) for Olympiacos ahead of Joyce da Silva for Bursa (19 points).

  • Obviously they will win the first set, but in Piraeus they won even the first two and lost in the end...

    i know I watched that match as well from beginning to end, Not trying to bring Olympiacos down but IMHO Bursa saved the victory for Bursa crowd. I only like Saskia Hippe (a lot) and a little bit Lazarevic in Oly the rest are quite mediocre imo. I mean just watch Ivana Milos attacks after 2-0 or Joycinha in Piraeus