2018 FIVB Volleyball Women's Nations League

  • Nah, it's 25-19 Korea and then 10-3 - imagine that.

    KOR is playing home, so there. I wanted to switch as soon as the game starts. But POL is playing good volleyball and SRB is still benching Boskovic

  • POL fans should be proud the way these girls are playing. High quality volleyball I must say. And a little swag from that small setter who won the joust :-)

  • Once again Poles had setball and lost a set, It could be 3:0 now. :S

  • This is SRB’s set and game. Poles just couldn’t sustain their momentum. The game could have different complexion had Boskovic played starter in all sets. But hats off to Poles for the 3 sets. Quite promising and I hope they grow stronger...

  • it was so nice to see the explosion of happines after beating China yesterday, Polish girls don't get to do that so often these days - when we win, it was usually with a medicore team... such a shame they couldn't have another one today, but they just missed a bit of luck in this game... also Mihaljovic made the difference with her serves, that's the way I see it

    but I hope every Polish fan considers both results and the style our girls play very satysfying and definitely above the expectations

  • I'm watching the JPN v BEL game now. Belgium looks pretty good, but Japan looks better. I can't believe it. Japan's identity is showing. Yeah, because Risa Shinnabe and Uchiseto are back and therefore reception is stabilized BUT

    Anybody notice that FurryHat What's-his-name didn't mansplain to the girls at timeout? At least in the first set. This is a big step in the right direction. You can see the happiness on the girls' faces. The bonding, the love, and consequently the DEFENSE.

    Japan must be reading my posts here :dance6:

    :dance4: :olympia: :dance4: :olympia: :dance4:

  • i watched Turkey vs. DR match.
    Afer first set Turkish girls loosened up.DR showed they werent an opponent to loosen up against and won that second set deservedly with better serve,attack and defence.after that Turkey served and blocked better and won the third , fourth set and the match.all the players had a share in the win but Hande Baladın played well after being involved in the game.OPP Ceren could have played better.the team should have been better at defending at some parts of thee match against DR's spike-tips,block touches etc..i thought Turkey was focused better at the week 1.
    Gamze is doing her job.Şeyma is important for passing and defence she also was good at attacking today.i like Zehra's game.She keeps playing well.Eda Erdem is very important as the captain of this team.i liked libero Simge more than Gizem.when Gizem shows her best she can play well but generally Simge is more agile than her.thats why Simge looked better at digging than her

    Baladın is doing well offensively she just needs to keep her focus on her game and to be stable..Guidetti should use her more.Şeyma-Hande could be OH duo.or Şeyma-Meliha as OHs and Hande as OPP at times
    Gamze-Ceren connection was not perfect.Cansu-Ceren too.

    DR is a talented team.Brayelin is the leading player of her team.She is improved and can kill the balls.Pena can help her.She does her job,passes and attacks.she sometimes serves jump serve well.Eve is also a strong girl.she looks like Tandara physically.MB Jineiry has a good serve and can defend too. she should be given more balls to improve her spike.Marte does her job as setter.Libero is pretty quick at defence.i dont get why Vargas is still playing in this team? dont they have another MB to play ?
    btw.. i like Jineiry's hairdo..it rocks! on the other hand,Pena's hairdo :gone: she looks like a housewife :P

  • There is not any chance for DR can have good results. Their block and attack is okey but what the hell their defence and reception? Immediatly they have to find good spiker at back of Court. They are like Cuban team without any stars.

  • There is not any chance for DR can have good results. Their block and attack is okey but what the hell their defence and reception? Immediatly they have to find good spiker at back of Court. They are like Cuban team without any stars.

    I do agree with your words especially last ones. They are similar to Cuban team in attack without stars :thumbup:

  • there were some interesting results

    i expected Dutch team to get set and sets from the Usa.Usa doenst have spectacular wings but had a solid working block-defence system.this enables them to have second or third chance at attacking and concluding one of those chances not that hard for solid American Wings like Hill,Larson,Bartsch..

    i never expected Italy beat Germany in 3 sets.Congrats to them.they got their first win in VNL.starting the tournament with beating Brazil didnt subserve Germany much.i thought the opposite and expected better matches from them after that win.they cant get contribution from its MBs and depend on mainly Lipmann and Fromm's sttacks.Gerties should step up her offensive game..she shouldnt play like a second libero.

    first three sets of Pol - Ser match were good.Smarzek and Kakolewska keep coming forward for Polish team.Milenkovic,Stevanovic and Raşiç played well.

    i didnt think Russia would surrender that easily to Korean team.KYK keeps carrying her team on her back.Can somebody tell me if this Korea has made any progress..it doenst come that way to me.they are a dangerous team for mid-level teams bcz they make less errors than some european teams

    Jap - Bel..Japan is not an easy opponent for the new european teams which dont know much about them.Good game by Shinnabe and Koga.Herbots keeps carrying Belgium team.OPP Grobelna left her alone this time.they will learn how to play Japan in time.btw, sitenoise must be vey happy :thumbsup:

    Chi-Tha..i expect Thailand to win :( they struggle a lot but cant turn it into a win.good game by Mingyuan Hu .she was good yesterday too.our beloved Thinkaow couldnt show her best.Tomkom :heart: