2021 Women Volleyball Nations League

  • It's a grunt, indeed a mix of throwing of the opponent and pumping up herself.

    Can't say it doesn't work...

    It works! Her serves turned the set around for Turkey. Zehra could use some. I think she hasn't made a single serve over the net.

  • Smirnova should go to Tokyo especially if Parubets is not healthy enough. She can do the OH/Opp on a decent level

  • Smirnova pulling an Ebrar from the previous set

  • Oh my god Voronkova can't jump :wall::wall:

  • Sets to Ebrar are like Russian tower sets but it indeed works:white:

  • Tuğba is being very useful throughout whole tournament and to be honest she justified so far her presence in the roster

  • Smirnova's head was a great serve target practice for Goncharova :lol:

  • Historical moment here. Serve from Zehra went actually above the net!

  • Who is missing from this A-team Turkish roster? Malova could solve most of the issues with the Russian defense, too bad she is not here this VNL.

  • Turkey-Russia match will be exciting. Both teams will gauge each other who will emerge as 4th ranked team in Pool B in Tokyo.

    RUS vs TUR -- playing main line-ups or so -- a prelim match of the Pool B

    A would-be fierce encounter in near future to secure a spot! Just imagine that in advance!

    Pool B: China (1), United States (2), Russia (5), Italy (8), Argentina (11), Turkey (12)

    “There are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks where decades happen.”

  • Did Koroleva just slide?????