2024/2025 Transfers News, Rumors & Discussion (Male)

  • Accoring to rumors:
    Opp Łukasz Kaczmarek - Zaksa > Jastrzebski Wegiel

    S Benjamin Toniutti renewed with Jastrzebski Wegiel

    MB Yurii Hladir Jastrzebski Wegiel > Zawiercie

    MB Mateusz Poreba returns from loan to Zaksa

    OH Tomasz Fornal renewed with Jastrzebski Wegiel

    MB Karol Urbanowicz - Trefl > Zaksa

    OH Bartosz Bednorz - Zaksa > Resovia

    OH Mikołaj Sawicki - Trefl > Lublin

    Opp Kewin Sasak - Trefl > Lublin

    OH Rafał Szymura - Jastrzebski Wegiel > Zaksa

  • Polish player Jan Król (OP/OH) who played in last season in Indykpol AZS Olsztyn and right now on Polish 4th level KPS Płock will play in Kochi Blue Spikers in Prime Volleyball League in India in 2024 league season.

    Source: siatka.org

    Gold medal - World League 2013 Prediction Game
    Bronze medal - World League 2012 Prediction Game

  • Finally some spicy news:

    Leon OUT of Perugia

    Leal in China

    Zaytsev and De Cecco in Japan

    Porro to Lube

    Sliwka to Perugia

    De Falco to Piacenza

    All seems rumors except for De Falco that must have signed.

  • De Cecco in Japan is a quite unexpected move imo

  • Will Kazan stick with their dream team next season?

    Even I also doubt it.

    It is said that RVA hoped Chinese male players could choose Russian League instead of Japanese League...

    As a Chinese man, it is good.

    However, except Zhang Jing-yin, I don't think that other Chinese players could be the best overseas players in Russian League.

    My favourite roster of Chinese (in 2022)
    male NT:
    S - Yu Yao-chen, Chen Lei-yang
    OP - Jiang Chuan, Dai Qing-yao
    OH - Zhang Jing-yin, Yu Yuan-tai, Liu Li-bin, Fu Hou-wen
    MB - Zhang Zhe-jia, Peng Shi-kun, Li Yong-zhen, Jiang Zhen-yang
    L - Yang Yi-ming, Yang Tian-yuan

    female NT:
    S - Yao Di, Diao Lin-yu
    OP - Gong Xiang-yu, Sun Xiao-xuan
    OH - Li Ying-ying, Wang Yi-fan, Wu Meng-jie, Zhuang Yu-shan
    MB - Yuan Xin-yue, Wang Yuan-yuan, Zheng Yi-xin, Liu Yu
    L - Ni Fei-fan, Xu Jia-nan

  • Sliwka also receive quotation from Japan.

    Sliwka, De Falco and Lucarelli are surely going to Japan. Probably Zaytsev, I can see De Cecco remain in Italy next year

  • Hi,

    Paperoga - you said once that you heard about Milano getting some young Frenchmen - any new insight about this? It sounded really curious as 03-06 (07 as well, but they're babies, lol) generation of French volleyball looks fantastic, 2nd-best in 03/04 gen, the best in 05/06 and 2nd-best in 07/08 based on results and my eye-tests in Europe.


    Jastrzębski Węgiel: Toniutti-Kaczmarek, Fornal - X, Huber - Jakubiszak??? (AZS OLSZTYN), Popiwczak + some early rumors about solid OHs (El Graoui, Carle???) to fill in OH2 spot

    Zaksa Kędzierzyn-Koźle: Janusz-Muzaj????/Dulski????, Szymura/Szymański - ?? / Chitigoi, Poręba (Skra)/Urbanowicz (Gdańsk)- Takvam/Smith???, Shoji??? -- OPP and OH1 missing (Chitigoi looks like a fantastic prospect, but Zaksa has to look for a reinforcement of OH lineup).

    Asseco Resovia Rzeszów: Ropret-Boyer, Bednorz-Cebulj/X, Niemiec (Gdańsk)/Sapiński (Olsztyn) - Kłos, Zatorski -- there's a rumor that they'd like to see Cebulj leaving, but he has a valid contract and Slovenian press assumes he'll stay (Cebulj is a big flop and disastrous contract for Resovia); Drzyzga and Kochanowski are leaving for sure.

    Projekt Warszawa: Firlej - Weber (Bołądź hasn't renewed yet???), Kochanowski???/Lisinac???, Szalpuk - Tillie????, Wojtaszek -- no information about Bołądź (has offers from Japan according to his agent), there are strong rumors that Kochanowski will join Warszawa (it's 95% sure in my eyes as the best Polish source, Arteem_05 on twitter, announced it, but yesterday in Polish press there was an info it's not a done deal and he has offers from Italy, but I doubt it), and it's possible for Lisinac to stay if his medical tests turn out fine

    Aluron Warta Zawiercie: Tavares - Butryn, Bieniek - Gladyr, Kwolek - Clevenot???, Perry??? -- some rumors about Clevenot leaving, but no information about Zawiercie from legit sources besides Gladyr (40yo MB from Jastrzębski) joining the team next season.

    LUK Lublin: Komenda - Sasak, Jan Nowakowski - X, Sawicki - X, Thales - LUK Lublin has made strong moves so far by getting Kewin Sasak and Mikołaj Sawicki from Trefl Gdańsk, potential 6th power of Plusliga next year with all the moves they've done, pretty strong core of local players (Komenda, Sawicki, Sasak and Nowakowski, as his agent's website announces him staying, with Thales already renewing his contract.


    Marlon Yant to Zenit Saint Petersburg which plans to overhaul its roster according to the Russian press, including potential departure of Grebennikov. Christenson renewed contract with Zenit Kazan. Don't follow the news as much tbh.


    It's messy here, lol.


    Lavia plans to renew contract; Michieletto is in a process of renewal negotiations; Sbertoli, Rychlicki, Laurenzano have valid contracts; LGDS wrote that they're interested in Chinenyeze, Loser or Galassi as a replacement for Podrascanin, Chinenyeze or Loser would be huge. Weird rumors about Potke leaving, but who knows.


    According to LGDS, they're interested in Ishikawa as a replacement of Leon / 'Italian' MB duo of Sole-Russo, with dream case scenario of Grebennikov joining Perugia on libero position (although Colaci's renewal isn't excluded); Ben Tara - Herrera probably stay.


    Pasini said they're close to get Galassi as a MB2 alongside Simon; there are strong rumors about Maar from Monza joining them; I've heard from legit Polish source about Lopez from Sada Cruzeiro being close to come to Italy, more specifically Piacenza, but nothing confirmed; Romano is about to renew his contract, the same with Scanferla and Recine, while Brizard and Simon have valid contracts. The OH lineup will be crucial, Maar-Lopez looks fine, but not scudetto-level fine.


    Once in a local press I've read about Ishikawa as a potential replacement of Zaytsev, but he has for sure offers from Japan and LGDS said he has an option in his contract up until March to leave Milano; due to limits problems, they're heavily interested in replacing De Cecco with Paolo Porro (who has valid contract with Milano); Piazza is the first name to replace Blengini as a coach (new Bulgarian NT coach almost for sure); Nikolov, Anzani, Balaso, Lagumdzija have contracts for the next season, De Cecco as well, but he may get dumped due to limits, lol; Pasini said they're interested in 'new' Italian, Francesco Sani from Verona due to limits as well (it's a reach though, he ain't good enough to play as a starter on such team).


    Mozic has valid contract for the next season, on November there were information about good progress in negotiations with Keita, don't know about other guys.


    Sapozhkov (a bit of a flop this season) will probably leave and come back to Russia; Bruno has his contract expiring; if he leaves and comes back to Brazil, Cachopa (option to leave Monza on January)/Boninfante (the best 03/04 gen Italian setter, back-up of Bruno)/De Cecco are candidates for a potential replacement.


    It's a mess, lol - there are rumors about Ishikawa in Perugia/Japan (and Civitanova, although it was one-sentence info on local press), Porro in Civitanova and Piazza in Civitanova as well; there was an info about Milano being interested in Lucarelli and president of Allianz meeting with RL's agent, but it looks like he'll sign in Japan; Kaziyski has valid contract, but it looks like age finally caught him to some degree, he's nowhere near as good as he was past two years in Trentino; Reggers has 3-year contract from what I recall, Loser has his contract expiring.


    Rumors about Cachopa leaving (had offers from Skra Bełchatów, but it seems it didn't realize), Maar in Piacenza and Takahashi coming back to Japan; fortunately, they have Fin Marttila who's been pretty decent in France on loan as a potential replacement.


    - Muserski and Kurek will probably stay,

    - strong rumors about DeFalco, Śliwka, Takahashi, Lucarelli, Zaytsev

    - Leon with offers from Japan/Turkey/Poland (I find it unlikely).


    It looks like today in local press rumors about Civitanova being interested in Ishikawa (and Mozic) were repeated.

  • Piazza stays in Milano until 2027.

    Lucio Fusaro (president of Milano) said it's a bullshit that Porro may join Civitanova and it's possible only if they pay '500 milions of bilions of dollars'.

    Ishikawa has offer from other teams (implying Perugia).

    Lavia stays in Trentino to 2026, Michieletto and Sbertoli - to 2027.

    Galassi in Piacenza, probably, with Bovolenta as a back-up of Romano and Maar.

    Ishikawa-Colaci-Loser as an option for Perugia.

  • Now Polish media writes about Sliwka in Italy? Do you have better sources?

  • Kovacevic, Maar and Galassi to Piacenza

    Clevenot to Lube (rumor)

    Boninfante and Orduna to Lube (😂)

    No news yet about Milano and Ishikawa, I asked Lini but he didn’t say much, probably they have something big coming soon.