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    I do not understand it - men forum is much more concentrated on volleyball. Maybe I'm not fan of such NT or particular player but ... we're on forum where the king is ... volleyball nothing else. We need to support Your team/player but it doesn't mean to hate opposite team/rivals. Real fan means support own team and ... appreciate others.

    Btw, Turkish volleyball did not start yesterday, it started in 2003 women's european championship which Turkey hosted and came 2nd. After that, women's volleyball has always been popular in Turkey which explains why new girls keep coming with potential and Turkish league became so popular in world.

    Still remember this tournament, semifinals, final and totally unexpected results. :win: semifinals and final were similar to this qualification Tur-Ned 3:0, Pol-Ger 3:2 and finally Pol-Tur 3:0

    i agree turkey was clear favourite against to polansd. that also makes the result predictable. isn't it?

    the reason for this equal match is about very poor meliha's attack performance. and at the same time lack of middle blockers attack. during whole tournament turkish middle blocker did not show such miserable attacking performance. and that cause such result which makes you proud..

    Result could be predictible as I wrote BEFORE tournament but not before this game. Equal match was because Poland played better and Turkey below their level. That's all. In Your way of thinking I could say match was equal because of lower performance of Smarzek and Polish MB.

    Its an observation, not an opinion but Yes..I saw all of that. And you know what else I saw? Hesitations, break down of communication and lack of iniative at a very crucial point of the game. Poland is a good team with a chance and/or maybe on the verge of being a great one. But that aspect needs to be addressed for them to breakthrough.

    I saw some hesitation at Turkish team too but It doesn't change my opinion and observation both teams left heart on court. I'm proud of Polish team and their fight because as player I noticed huge progress in last year. Mistakes, lack of communication etc etc - nobody's perfect especially for such young players as Stysiak or libero. Turkey was clear favourite before tounament and nobody expected such equal match.

    attacks of smarzek and stysiak could be stopped well by blocking. especially by turkish blocks. as mentally these two attackers are not solid. and smarzek could not conceal her attack choice. so todays result is predictable in many ways. and if turkish middle blockers could attack we would not watch 5 set game.

    Result was unpredictable. One killing point and your comments should be opposite. Block was good from both sides.

    The problem with Poland is that their best offensive weapon didnt show up. That didnt happen in a vacuum of course and Turkey has a lot to do with that. The difference between the two is that Turkey fights for every ball while Poland gets cought standing around a bonfire a lot of the times. Congrats to Turkey and I hope for another exciting match in less than 24 hours.

    I do not agree!

    Poland played with fighting spirit see 4th set 12-17 and finally first match ball 24-23. So many defences like "football" Stasiak etc. Have you watched the same match ?

    Congrats to Turkey. Fighting game with so many mistakes. Smarzek lack of scoring in the end of 4th sets was crucial. As I expected that was totally different match on neutral field and Turkey did not played anything special. I think fresh Germany has more chances to win !


    I feel this moment as right time to support crovolley in his a wholehearted fight for rights of european volleyball.

    Maybe Fivb will see this.

    I remember I sent even letter to FIVB in 2004 and nothing changed. I can say present qualification system is less fair for strong volleyball Europe in comparison to 8-12 years ago.

    V. old system was the best :

    automatic qualification Host, OG Winner, WCH Winner + 5 continental winners /championships/ + 4 spots for International tournaments.

    Tomorrow Poland will be able to choose semifinal opponent. Match Belgium-Turkey will be played before Poland’s match, so if Turkey will win, Poland to avoid them in semi will have to loose 0:3 as having worse set ratio than Netherlands.
    But I doubt it will happen as history taught us that choosing opponent won’t be profitable - in 2004 Poland lost for purpose semi match against... Azerbaijan to play semi with Turkey...

    So tomorrow matches will be very interesting.

    As per coach Nawrocki TV interview :

    First of all he will discuss with players and Medical staff to choose opimal starting six for tomorrow so I think there will be mix on players and it also depends on result of each set.

    So serpentine system for OG may looks like :

    Pool A Pool B

    Japan Brazil

    Poland USA

    Italy Russia

    Canada* Argentina

    Iran* France/Serbia*

    * non qualified teams

    BRA 3:1 POL

    Now they secured WC 2019 champion. Poland actually played well in set #1 and #2. The turning point was set #2. Drzyzga passed ball to Kubiak twice when Kubiak's on the weak side, and he got blocked twice. At the end of the set #2, Drzyzga insisted to set up the ball to Sliwka at pos 4. Sliwka missed one open-net shot, and got blocked later. So Brazil took the set #2, and the momentum was shifted to Brazil. Bruno outplayed Drzyzga in every way, from serve, pass to defense. Muzaj missed a lot of chances. On other other side, Alan was on fire from beginning to end.

    Final result was BRA-POL 3:2 and game was close. As you wrote end of set two 23-23 was the most important.

    Poland played without Kurek who left Japan already. Both teams played good but Poland made more mistakes.

    Germany is candidate to be the 4th host.

    But CEV is ready to give this spot to Poland (is Polish Federation would like to) and then two 1/8, two 1/4 matches, semis and finals will be played in Poland.

    This week Poland should decide and there is huge financial issue as Poland is hosting 2022 Women's WCH and budget is still not closed.


    Poland sent all documents / guarantee to CEV to be host of ECH 2021.…iatkarzy-2021,nId,3268899