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    If they switch the 3rd Round to 8 teams instead of 6, then I can see the reasoning for second city. You play 2 matches a day in 2 venues.

    But with 6 teams, you only play 2 matches a day.

    The thing about helping a bid for an Olympics in 2036, is just ridiculous. Hell cities are not wanting to bid for them now, especially the Winter Games. So you are saying that you are trying to help a bid 14 years out? I have a purchased a house in space as well at this time.:rolll:

    But it doesn't matter the number of matches per day in the same venue, what they want is to engage as many fans and european countries as possible. That's also the reason that each team will residue in one of the cities nearby Arnhem and the inhibitants will serve as a supporters of this team in order to avoid situation of empty venues when the host team isn't playing.

    I don't think it is about helping with the bid. 2036 is so far away even in 2022 ;) I believe that this is only excuse and they think that if they want to organize OG then maybe they will be interested in helping with the volleyball WCH. I don't know. For me there is no need for another countries to participate in this. Let's wait how it will end. For now Netherlands and Poland are the only one organizers.

    Let's wait for the final decisions. At this point there is a project and they say that it something unique whatever it means. I think that it has to be something good if the FIVB decided to not give it to China. For sure Netherlands and Poland were not able to pay as much as them ;)

    I read somewhere that it was the Netherlands that made a bid so the most of the tournament will be there. However they wanted a help from other european country and that is why Poland is a co-host. I think it is because of the fans and also know-how how to do a big volleyball events (WCH 2014). At this point only Netherlands and Poland are for sure the hosts, however they will try to engage Dusseldorf which is candidate to organize OG 2036 and by doing so they want to promote volleyball in Europe giving the chance to more nations to see some big volleyball event.

    It is also said that the formula should be the same as in 2018. So I don't know how they want to do second round in 3 countries... Maybe they are talking about 2nd and 3rd round. For instance one 3rd round pool and only 3 matches in Dusseldorf (closer than Poland and the reason why they are not the "hosts"), the other pool in Netherlands and then semifinals in Apeldoorn and finals in Arnhem.

    This is how I see it:

    1st round: 4 groups: opening matches of all 4 groups in Arnhem (I believe 3 pools in the stadium and 1 pool in the hall) and after that polish group will proceed in Poland. The rest will stay in Arnhem or another dutch city.

    2nd round: Rotterdam and Poland

    3rd round: Apeldoorn and Dusseldorf (?)

    Semifinals: Apeldoorn

    Finals: Arnhem

    I think that they should keep it like in the previous editions when the number of places for each confederation was practically the same. It varied only because of the organizer and previous World Champion. So it should be like this:

    Africa 2

    Asia 4

    Europe 7 + 2 (hosts) + 1 (Serbia, don't you forget that Serbia as WCH 2018 is already qualified to WCH 2022 ;)


    South America 2

    Really?! That would be amazing! :dance6:I hope some players of the Dutch team will decide to keep playing a few years longer, so they can play the WCH in their own country.

    Yes, on behalf of FIVB president it was announced by FIVB General Director Fabio Azevedo. It was some kind of gift to Poland which celebrate 90 years of volleyball and right now there is some special event.

    Serbian volleyball federation announced today that Serbia will play against Thailand, Puerto Rico and Cuba. They did say that the group will "most likely" look like that, which would mean that things can still change, but I'd be very surprised if they were completely unaware of Cuba's withdrawal and the replacement by Poland. :/

    So it's just more confusion still.

    :rolll: We have to wait for official announcment of FIVB, which should be soon I guess... The news that Cuba withdrew isn't official. I think that FIVB still didn't say the federations the final pool composition. They only asked about confirmation if they want to compete or not.

    The weird thing then is that... they didn't sign her for the whole season? With her being their main OPP? What's up with that? That doesn't sound right.

    They singed contract with her parents until the end of season 2019/2020, however according to law when she turned 18 on December 3rd she can decide for herself now therefore the contract signed by her parents was no longer valid. So they were negotiating the new conditions but it looks that either Chemik didn't want to give her as much as she and her manager wanted or there was some other weird things going on.

    It was confirmed today by Przedpelski that Cuba withdrew from the competition and Poland will play in the same group with Serbia, Puerto Rico and Thailand. I wonder why Thailand is not interested in hosting the tournament.

    So there shouldn't be more changes in group composition. Cuba was 24th in the ranking excluding Japan, so it will have not affect the other groups.

    Because Poland would have to pay $500,000...

    I'm curious what they will decode.

    I don't think so. I suppose that FIVB wants to "convert" the bidding offer and put the "WO" in front of "MEN" in polish bid. They know that they have another candidate to organize men's tournament (France) so they will give it to them and then women's to Poland. Poland has to have anything to gain on that :P Because if we say yes then we make a favor to FIVB and not the other way around!

    So the bidding process for the qualification tournaments is over. Poland wants to organize men's tournament, however FIVB offered PZPS women's :lol:

    But they still didn't say who are in the same group with Poland and it is unknown which team decided to withdraw (they say that is is probably Cuba).

    I imagine that none of the teams which are in the same group with Poland were interested in organization of the tournament. Probably there will be more situations like this. PZPS still didn't decide if they will take women's qualifiaction or not.

    Once again Czarnecki has spoken and he said that beside Holland and Poland there are offers from China, Thailand and Japan to organize WCH 2022. Chinese comittee will visit FIVB to speak about it. I am afraid that they will once again give it to Asia and not Europe.

    Apparently some team decided to not take part in intercontinental OG qualification tournament and Poland will take part instead. This was told today by Polish federation. They didn't say in which group they will be yet.