2015 European Championships - Netherlands and Belgium

  • too much ego + too weak bench= Turkish NT

    :drink: I think bench players did well, including Nilay, Hande and Gözde Yilmaz. I'm sure Busra could do better than Kubra as well. I agree about the ego and starting 6 :win:

  • Russia's strong points : Kosheleva and the blocks

    i find Goncharvo's game boring honestlyt all the russian players are boring to me but Kosheleva is always fun to watch..i like how she always tries to show her best to help her team,bravo!

    I agree! Kosheleva was amazing.

    I want to see good rallies, nice actions, variety in the game. Today both teams are shaky in reception and defense, many points come from errors, setters often have only one option so for Russia's giant blockers it is easy whereas Kosheleva can score even when everyone knows she'll get the high ball.

    I missed the first set, but for the rest of the game I agree with Matthias. I didn't find the match very enjoyable, especially because of the lack of defense (and reception). I found way more addictive Holand games, passionate, with a great attitude, a great team spirit and a lot of defense.
    That doesn't mean I think Holand is stronger (even if I hope they'll win): I simply prefer the way they play.

    I agree :drink: :drink:

    The main advantage of Russia tomorrow can be the experience and mental stability of their players. They are used to playing big matches, many of them have played in the final 2 years ago, and they know how strong they can be so even if things go bad they don't panic. The Dutch team has yet to prove how they can hold their own when the going gets tough and when it really counts. They did it fairly well in 3rd set today but a final is a different story. They're in the same situation Germany was 2 years ago, playing the final at home against a seemingly stronger opponent. I think everything can happen in the final...

    Good point! :win:

    At the end of the day, I'll cheer for Holand and Guidetti, even if I know Russia has more chance to win. I hope it will be an equilibrate and intense match!
    We said 'there's not two without three' (something happened twice will happened a third time) --> I hope it's referred to Guidetti being on the third final in a row, and not to him winning the third silver :rolll:

  • i only saw a little bit of the NED x TUR match, and wondering, is plak here? didn't see her at all in that match.

    Nope, she didn't play yesterday. Hope we see her today...

  • Today full house in Rotterdam, 10000 crazy Dutchie people,cheering for their team!!! We know it will be very difficult but anything could happen with this team....
    I will be there with a lot of my friends and will enjoy the great atmoshphere in the gym, great to be there with so many people from different countries!!

    Yesterday we had a seventh player in public, Lisa Thomsen,cheering in Dutch shirt no 11, supporting her girlfriend Anne. Really nice to see, could only happen in volleybal I think!!! ( German player in orange shirt :D :D )

  • Even yesterday arena was sold out for tomorrow finals :D :thumbsup:

    Lets go Russia :win:

  • Congrats both to Netherlands and Russia. To me it will be a good final, both teams deserved it and are playing well..Netherlands is in great shape, great team play where everybody contributes in a way. The match against Turkey had such great rhythm and intensity, I liked it!
    Russia is playing good this summer, Kosheleva is on fire but Obmochaeva is going down day by day, for her it has been a long summer but of course she won't let go. I don't how muche they can suffer from their 2nd OH, both Ilchenko and Pasynkova are so so!

    Everything is open, good luck to all of them :)

  • if Dutch team can manage to play with the same intesity,team-play,ambition and if LOnneke can play that way then they can win but russia is a stable team at blocking and this is their assurance...
    the problem will be if Dutch team-Guidetti has a B plan if Russia can slow Lonneke down...that is the only point that puzzles me..however Dutch team also is very good at defending and this should be their B plan : defend/digg one more ball and send to Lonneke..just like in the match against Turkey

  • I didn't watch the whole match of the second semi-final simply because it was boring to be. I don't know why people here said 'this is real volleyball', 'look at the quality of the match' and etc.. I found the first match much more entertaining, and to be honest I didn't see anything high level in the second that could be seen in the first, except Kosheleva hitting over the block. First of all there were many serving mistakes, there were hitting mistakes, a lot by Boskovic. There were simple mistakes like overpassing a free ball, disorganized defense by Serbia, not many creative actions. However my point is that it doesn't matter if Serbia and Russia are 'stronger', 'more powerful' or whatever you call them, than Netherlands and Turkey, first match was not only more entertaining but it had a lot better rallies, defense, longer points, energy! Did you see Maret running til the end of the court and saving that ball, than saving another in the same rally.. I hope Netherlands wins today! Good luck