Poland - Liga Siatkówki Kobiet 2017/18

  • Pity that Muhlsteinova got injured yesterday. :(

    In the other semi: Radom eliminated but showed quite good resistance vs. Grot Budowlani (at least during the little while i was able to watch).

  • The stream requires flash, which is far too dangerous to use nowadays and is correctly not installed respective forbidden on many systems...

  • Remarkable, that Grot Budowlani won the Lodz derby in the Polish cup final against LKS Commercecon despite being two places behind them in the league - they seem to be ready, when it counts the most, after winning supercup at begin of season against Chemik Police :) .

  • And with Chemik dealing with so many injuries they have a shot at making it to the final. A triple crown is kind of possible for Grot Budowlani at this point, who would think that before the season lol

  • Polish cup winners Grot Budowlani Lodz lost the first two sets against the league trailing Dabrowa Gornicza, before they won in the end in tie-break. ?(

  • Polish cup winners Grot Budowlani Lodz lost the first two sets against the league trailing Dabrowa Gornicza, before they won in the end in tie-break.

    Yes, polish league is really weird this season. For example PTPS PIła lost against the weakest team MKS Dąbrowa Górnicza, and the following week they won against ŁKS Łódź (team which was in the first place back then).
    Speaking of Budowlani, libero Agata Witkowska didn't play against Dąbrowa Górnicza. In the first two sets Adrianna Muszyńska (OH, 189cm!) played as libero... then coach Krzyształowicz made a substitute and Grajber played as libero.

    In the second division, Radomka Radom (team which played in polish cup final four tournament) lost 3 quarterfinals games in a row :D

  • Developres won against Chemik in 5 sets, they are the only team who beat Chemik (3:1 and 3:2) in LSK. Chemik has only 3 wing spikers(!) + Tomsia who joined them on Saturday. Smarzek played amazing game 30 points (55%).

  • Anyway, Chemik Police still leads the league, but LKS Commerceon Lodz is now closer to them again of course. Most likely these two and Rzeszow and Grot Budowlani Lodz will play the semi finals Chemik vs. Grot and LKS vs. Rzeszow.

  • MKS Dąbrowa Górnicza is the first team that will be relagated from the league. After 23 games they have 10 points :white: and are in the last (14th place). They have few not that bad players in the roster like: Barbora Purchartova, Ana Grbac and polish NT memebers like: Patrycja Polak, Aleksandra Sikorska (who was injuried) and Ewelina Tobiasz.

    Team Budowlan Toruń (12th place) has 21 points (24 games played).

  • Now it looks very much like semis Chemik vs. Grot Budowlani Lodz and the two others seem to fight mainly for home advantage, because Rzeszow and LKS Commercecon Lodz are now extremely close in the table and last few matches can make a difference even with small point differences of both teams.

  • Rosters updated:
    - Berenika Tomsia (OP) joined Chemik as medical joker for Katarzyna Zaroślińska
    - Zuzanna Czyżnielewska (OP) loaned from Budowlani Łódź to Pałac
    - Athina Papafotiou (S) joined ŁKS as medical joker for Lucie Muhlsteinova
    - Aleksandra Wańczyk (OP) from BKS to KSZO
    - Gina Mancuso (OH) from Leonas Ponce to BKS
    - BKS is also looking for S as Marlena Pleśnierowicz has health problem, they can also loan players which play less
    - Kinga Hatala (OP) from Trefl to Budowlani Toruń
    - Małgorzata Anderson (S) joined Pałac
    - Magdalena Gryka (S) joined KSZO
    - Rebecca Pavan (OP) joined Trefl

    From coaches I see only one change - Marcelo Abbondanza replaced Jakub Głuszak in Chemik Police

    And today Result:

    ŁKS - MKS 3-0 (26-24 25-23 25-11) MVP: Krystyna Strasz stats
    Scorers: Kowalińska (OP) 19, Efimienko-Młotkowska (MB) 8, Mc Clendon (OH) 7, Sielicka (OH) 7; Polak (OH) 12, Martiniuc (OP) 10, Perlińska (MB) 8

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    Bronze medal - World League 2012 Prediction Game

  • 26th round (played today):
    Grot Budowlani Łódź - Chemik Police 1:3 Stats
    ŁKS Łódź - Poli Budowlani Toruń 3:0 Stats
    MKS Dąbrowa Górnicza - Trefl Proxima Kraków 2:3 Stats
    Impel Wrocław - Muszynianka 2:3 Stats
    Developres Rzeszów - PTPS Piła 3:0 Stats
    KSZO Ostrowiec - Pałac Bydgoszcz 0:3 Stats
    Legionovia - BKS Bielsko Biała 3:2 Stats

    Standings after regular season:
    1. Chemik Police 70 pts
    2. Developres 64
    3. ŁKS 61
    4. Budowlani Łódź 52

    5. PTPS Piła 46
    6. Proxima Kraków 39
    7. Muszynianka 38
    8. BKS Bielsko-Biała 36
    9. KSZO Ostrowiec 28
    10. Impel Wrocław 26
    11. Legionovia 26
    12. Pałac 25

    13. Poli Budowlani Toruń 24
    14. MKS Dabrowa Górnicza 11

    Toruń and Dąbrowa Górnicza are relagated. Legionovia and Pałac will play play-out games. The loser will play against the 1st league champion.

    Semifinals (best of 3):
    Chemik Police - Budowlani Łódź
    Developres Rzeszów - ŁKS Łódź

    Best scorers:
    1. Helene Rousseaux 386 pts
    2. Adela Helić 371
    3. Katarzyna Konieczna 363
    14. Agnieszka Kąkolewska 270 (best scoring MB)
    79. Marta Wójcik 91 (best scoring setter)

    Best spikers (%)
    1. Stefana Veljković 60%
    2. Ewa Kwiatkowska 56%
    3. Zuzanna Efimienko 55%
    1. Helene Rousseaux 43%
    2. Regiane Bidias 42%
    3. Malwina Smarzek 42%

  • So both better ranked teams are leading their series 1:0. Chemik Police won 3:1 against Grot Budowlani Lodz and now Rzeszow against LKS Commercecon Lodz. But both series are far from being decided, we could see, that the losers of first match are capable to pose a threat to the better set teams.

  • Today, Budowlani Łodź beat Chemik 3:0 Stats
    And it's 1-1. The final game will be played on Friday.

    On Thursday, there will be the second match beetween ŁKS and Developres. The first game (yesterday) was won by Rzeszów 3:2.