Turkish NT 2019

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    Wide roster of the Turkish NT in 2019 summer season

    Setters Naz Aydemir Akyol, Cansu Özbay (VakıfBank), Ezgi Dilik (Eczacıbaşı VitrA), Buse Ünal (Nilüfer Bld.), Elif Şahin (Karayolları)

    Spikers :Hande Baladın (Galatasaray), Meryem Boz (Galatasaray), Meliha İsmailoğlu (Eczacıbaşı VitrA), Fatma Yıldırım (Fenerbahçe Opet), Ebrar Karakurt (VakıfBank), Neriman Özsoy (Toyota Queensesis), Şeyma Ercan (THY), Melis Durul (Çanakkale Bld.), Gözde Yılmaz (Eczacıbaşı VitrA), Hümay Topaloğlu (Beşiktaş), Cansu Çetin (Galatasaray)

    Blockers: Eda Erdem Dündar (Fenerbahçe Opet), Beyza Arıcı (Eczacıbaşı VitrA), Zehra Güneş (VakıfBank), Kübra Akman (VakıfBank), Yasemin Güveli (Karayolları), Aslı Kalaç (Galatasaray), Ayçin Akyol (Karayolları)

    Liberos: Hatice Gizem Örge Güner (VakıfBank), Şebnem Simge Aköz (Eczacıbaşı VitrA), Aylin Sarıoğlu (Nilüfer Bld.)

  • OMG Neriman! :dance4: I guess whatever was going on there got folded up.

  • My starting line-up would be:

    Hande-Cansu Özbay



    Simge Akoz

    Ebrar Karakurt as Hande's sub and Meliha as Fatma's sub. I agree completely with the line-up but why bring injured Beyza Arici to the training when Dicle Nur Babat could have been there, she was one of the best MBs this season imo. Other than that I agree with everything though. Bringing Neriman in was a must especially since Meliha was benched most of the season and Şeyma underperformed. She is the best kind of attacking OH and experienced. I don't think she will not play, last year was a whole different case when specifically it was said that the 'older' players were not likely to make an appearance. Definitely seems like Gio and Neri made up if there was any beef at all.

  • I am really happy to see Neriman back. She had played a great season in Japan and definetely needed for this team. She is just 30 years old and still has something to give this team for the road to Olympics.

    The wide roster looks okey but I would like to see Sahila Sahin instead of forexample Cansu Cetin or Humay Topaloglu. Saliha had some chances to play last year and she had quite a good season in a mediocre team like Karayollari. She has bigger potential than Cansu(who is 26) and Humay.

    Overall I dont think the team will have big changes compared to last years roster. My ideal 14 is like:

    S: Cansu, Naz

    OPP: Meryem, Neriman, Ebrar

    OH: Hande, Meliha, Fatma

    MB: Eda, Zehra, Kübra, Yasemin

    L: Gizem, Simge

    VNL starts so early this season and the players from the semifinalists teams(the majority of the group) wont have time to rest so the players have played less in their clubs should play the first 2 weeks I think. VNL doesnt mean anything to me actually. It would be nice to be in the finals but if we dont, I wont care. No need to play all summer with the same team like last year. The team cant play with its maximum level all summer long and the peack level should be reached at Olympics qualifications and ECH. So my ideal starting 7 for VNL's first 2 weeks is like : Ezgi/Ebrar, Meliha/Fatma, Kübra/Yasemin, Aylin.

  • Only promising detail in this roster is Neriman, and we don't even know if she will play...

    Setter choices are weird, unless Naz will play in Eurovolley, which would mean she has to play several matches in VNL. That seems unlikely..

    I can't see Cansu-Ezgi as a duo, both are decidedly unathletic, first is a poor blocker, the latter is worse, and Buse Ünal is too green...

    I don't know what Guidetti is thinking.

    I don't share people's enthusiasm with Yasemin, she's hardly better than Aslı, she won't make any difference, Fatma is no better than Şeyma...

    Melis, Gözde, Hümay, Cansu Çetin and Ayçin are there to fill the list I would be surprised if they play a set in VNL...Guidetti might try them in Volleymasters though...

    The problem with this squad is no player has improved much compared to last year...I have no expectations to be honest and an early exit at Eurovolley seems inevitable...And I won't even speak about our chances in Olympic qualification.

  • Is nice that Neriman is back...but that could mean less playing time for Hande-Ebrar as one of them could be on the bench. After playing 2 seasons as OPP I`m afraid Neriman will have a hard time receiving for a while until she gets back to normal.

    Cansu does not use Kubra-Zhera much at all...and u would think Guidetti would have made that happen as they play together. But of course Eda will be starting.

    Too bad in they are in a group with China....They will have to play perfect volleyball in order to beat China at home.

  • I think Neriman played an amazing season and Hande as Opposite showed great potential!. Also Ebrar and Fatma have had a good season.

    Though I agree some choices are weird or pointless, Saliha and Babat should have been there imo.

    I don't agree that the setters are terrible, Cansu Özbay's potential we have all seen and Ezgi was in general probably still one of the most reliable setters this season, not to mention her defense is amazing. The other two are simply picked because they are young and tall (to help block) I think Gio hopes they'll show something maybe until Naz can come back.

    Overall I agree with you on some points though like it seems the level of a lot of players went down this season. But Hande Baladin imo showed really something special with a very mediocre team when she switched to playing as opposite. I will like to stay optimistic but it will indeed be hard for us this time.

    pope she used middles A LOT in NT season so I hope she does it again, though in club it was just kinda Novara style almost.

  • Neriman as OPP and Hande/Meliha OHs duo is the best now. Neriman had played as OPP in her team but as far as I watched her some matches, she switched to position 4 when her team served. This system can be used in NT too. Hande feels more comfortable at position 2 and Neriman at 4. And I believe Hande's receiving is better than Neriman.

  • My opinion on the wide roster:

    Setter: Gamze's absence is not a surprise after such a disappointing season. It turned out that leaving GS was not a good move. I expected her to be our starter setter in the absence of Naz but she couldn't use her chance unfortunately. I am curious about the shape of Naz. I hope she will make a great come back after her pregnancy. I expect her to play some weeks of VNL to get in the rhythm with the new youngsters. I've never been a fan of Ezgi Dilik but so far she deserves to be in the roster more than Cağla Akın and Gamze Alikaya does. It seems like Guidetti likes Buse Unal a lot (he even invited her last year while she was playing in a mediocre team.) I like her technique and blocking skills. I would count on her more than Elif Şahin who seems to have a lot to improve. Depending on Naz's shape, this position won't be a problematic one for us.

    OHs&Opps: Seeing Neriman in the roster is great news. I really hope that they will sort the personal problems out and she can play during ECh and qualifications. She is still in a young age to retire from NT. Our current team lacks experience since we only had Eda as an experienced player last year. Having both Naz and Neriman back to the team will upgrade the level of youngsters as well. I am curious about what Guidetti thinks about opposite position. Meryem had a terrible season so she should finally be out of picture. I wonder if Gui wiil keep experimenting with Ebrar as OH or he will just stick with her as main Opp and alternate Hande&Neriman as offensive OHs. I agree with popular idea of playing with Hande as Opp if Neriman will be back to the team. Although Ebrar has a huge potential, Hande as Opp is more reliable than Ebrar currently. In the case of Ebrar&Hande being Opps, Neriman-Meliha should be the OH duo since Meliha had a very solid season, she played pretty good at both reception and attack in addition to her tricky serves. Fatma is very inconsistent to rely on as a defensive OH, except a few matches this season she was a liability for the team at not only attacking but also at reception. I prefer Seyma Ercan as a back up although her performance throughout the season was erratic, at least she is a better blocker&server. Saliha Şahin didn't play much in Karayolları and whenever she played she didn't show anything special. It is sad that neither she nor Tuğba Şenoğlu made the steps to the next level. It seems like Guidetti also gave up on Derya Cebecioğlu, which is fair considering she barely played this season. On the other hand, I would rather see these 3 young and promising players in the roster instead of lost cases like Melis Durul and Gözde Yılmaz. Both Hümay Topaloğlu and Cansu Çetin had OK performances so far but I would have invested on Ada Germen insted of these two since she seems to be very solid at receiving although she played in the worse team of the league.

    MBs: This position is our strongest position considering Eda is one of the best MB in the world. Zehra's level dropped a lot in the second half of season. Good that Kubra's level increased meanwhile. I expect both of these to play during VNL and the best one will be starter with Eda. Aslı Kalaç might be the player who improved most this season. She was very consistent at both blocking and attacking. She is becoming a very solid MB considering she lacks of height. Based on stats, she is the best local attacker after Eda Erdem and 3rd best blocker after Yasemin Güveli and Zehra Güneş. I hope she will get a lot of playing time during VNL. Yasemin Güveli will be fighting for the 4th spot with Aslı Kalaç. Yasemin is one of these pure blocker MBs such as Fetisova. She had many matches that she made 8-9 killing blocks. However, she lacks attacking, if Guidetti could help her to improve her offense, she would be a great MB considering she is already a blocking machine. I hope she will finally be back to Eczacıbaşı next season and get chance to work with Motta. On the other hand, I have no clue why Beyza Arıcı is invited. She had an operation on her shoulder so I really doubt that she will be fully recovered this summer. Meanwhile Dicle has been pretty good so far. She was very good last season as well. For some reason, Guidetti doesn't like her:aww:

    Libero: Simge is a top libero and her season was very solid except maybe two matches this season. Gizem Örge also played better than last season so I expect her to help Simge more this summer. I am not big fan of Aylin as a defensive specialist. I hope Guidetti will use her as a normal libero this summer.

    All in all, I am happy with the names in the wide roster (except Dicle vs Beyza). With the addition of Neriman, this team could make a lot of surprises if Naz will come back as strong as before pregnancy. :super:

  • I have so much respect for Gio but what is Gozde Yilmaz doing in this team? Just because you transferred her to your club team, you invited that player who didn’t even get to play much and when get a chance, didn’t show anything and you invite her to NT just because you will have her playing for your club next season. You did the same thing with Melis Durul as well. Gozde didn’t play last year as well and she wasn’t invited. Why is she invited now?

    Everybody keep saying how good person Gozde is and I am asking her, if you are that good of a person, please leave. You didn’t deserve to be there. You don’t deserve anything about volleyball. Just get lost girl, GET LOST.

    You guys remember how Gio transferred an Ukranian girl to Vakifbank years ago in the middle of the season and nobody understood why she was even transferred? That was the year they lost to RC Cannes in golden set. And later, it was said he was with that girl and that was why he had her transferred. Disgusting.

    He did it with Dutch players, he did it with Derya, he even brought her to WCH last year and she didn’t even get a chance in Vakif this year. If she was so special, why didn’t even get a chance? This is not your clubs training camp.

  • So what? I shouldn’t talk when I disagree with a coach or player. Is this what you are telling? And it is not my fault that she is useless. If an useless player gets a call from NT, I get to talk about it. That’s it.

  • You're wrong. Nt roster had 3 opposites last year, Meryem, Ebrar and Ceren...

    Ceren is injured and Gözde is replacing her. She's the best option available.

    That's it.

    No, she is not the best option available. They should have found another option, it is easy to say in interviews that you will call players only if they play regularly in their club teams, you should keep your promise when NT season comes. Gozde was called just because she will be playing for Gio next season. THAT IS IT. what is next? Is he going to call Melis Gurkaynak as well?