EuroVolley 2021-Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria & Croatia

  • Good service pressure by Belgium team and they are back in the game:box:

    Belgium wins third set 25-13!

  • Pietrini even at Olympics played on such a good level. She reminds a lot on KYK with her arm swing.

  • How many aces for Arina so far????

  • I'm amazed Arina's body has not given up yet and she is still showing good level. Ahh the wonders of youth!

  • Russia is really winning the rallies w/o a middle attack :gone:

  • Yesss Belgium taking Russia to a tie-break:woohoo: Love their fighting spirit and defensive work!

  • Smirnova is really a clutch server :box:

  • Great job Belgium!!!:cheesy: And Grobelna isn't even there:(

  • belgium love you

    Imo if grobelna was there belgium could aim a semi if they didn't cross with big 3