Brazil Women's NT 2023

  • You must be blind then, because it's one of my favourite teams, in both men's and women's volleyball. :what: I didn't follow then that much in the last 5/6, because almost all their best players are gone, but they were among my favourites for many years.

    I was simply hoping Brazil would give a sense to this tournament, sending a good team. That's all. I know the schedule inside the club season is ridiculous, because it will keep the best teams from sending their best possible players.

    In the women's side, having just DR with the main team is unattractive, because they will sweep all the teams. Puerto Rico won't ask to release the players abroad for the tournament and just lost one of the 2 starters available for the tournament, who signed in Italy. Brazil sends such a weak and young team. No idea about Argentina, Colombia and Chile, but they are no challenge. Same for Mexico and Cuba.

    As what I've mentioned, its the clubs' decision if they will allow their players to join this competition. This team aint weak. You have Naiane, Maiara, Edinara, Tainara and Lorena as well as Brazil's future starters.

  • It's okay, it's your opinion.

    plus think of their travel time. EU to Chile is like a day in travel with 1-2 stops. We all saw what happened with Brazil in VNL when they travelled from Brazil to Japan then Thailand then to US. It affected their conditioning.

  • Brazil Pan American Games Team def Praia 3-1

    S: Naiana

    OP: Tainara

    OH: Maiara Basso, Helena

    MB: Lorena, Luzia

    L: Lais


    S: Claudinha

    MB: Adenizia, Milka

    OP: Monique

    OH: Kasiely, Kuznetsova

    L: Suelen

  • Final 12 Roster

    S: Naiane, Carol Leite

    OP: Tainara, Sabrina

    OH: Aline Segato, Helena Wenk, Maiara Basso, Talia

    MB: Luzia, Lorena, Larissa

    L: Lais

  • Argentina vs Brazil 0x3

    Points: Sabrina (15), Maiara (10), Lorena (10), Helena (9), Larissa (9), Naiane (3)

    Block Points: Larissa (5), Lorena (3)

  • Man, Sabrina Machado needs to play in VNL 2024 even if its only Round 1-2

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