2020 Olympic Games - Tokyo (Female)

  • https://www.cev.eu/Competition…hStatistics.aspx?ID=36920

    It's been 5 months since Egonu made 16 attack errors in 3-1 lost to Serbia in semi final of EC. Her efficiency was 0.

    Egonu is one of the best opp in the world but she is not "simply the best", not "out of this wo

    oh sorry if she plays basically every tournament champions legue final, then vnl, then vnl finals, then, olympic qualification and then european tournament. She was CLEARLY in bad conditions that match with serbia don't mean anything about egonu talent or how she will plays olympics. A lot of international players didn't play vnl and closed their season with clubs days before Egonu. You can't compare boskovic,Mihajlovic,Goncharova shape with a player who plays basically every week last summer

  • i like how there is nobody representing poland or croatia.

    Oh darling you Hurt me so much. :mirror:

    You are the first in the line who is afraid of Egonu.

  • obviously in pool A, one of KOR, DOM & JPN will not make it to QF. if OGs were held today, i'd say JPN is out, but it's not, and they'll be at home this summer...

    in pool B, i'd say the fight is on between RUS & TUR for the last spot... although, who knows which US team will show up???? sometimes i think they'll be in the top 3 in the world, and then i remember who their coach is ...

  • Hooker has chose family over her volleyball career.

    If She didn't got 2 babies at "young" age She would perform on high level for many years but that is her choice, her private life and everyone needs to respeact that.

  • USA needs hooker back

    There is always one troll in every forum:aww:

  • Japan will play their last match against Serbia🤗

    (1st seed in the pool plays the match in the hind-foremost order )

    Japan will have hard time beating Korea, they have lost almost all the matches in the major tournaments. (2016 OQ, 2016 olympic games, 2018 asian games, 2019 world cup).

    Last time I check Japan beat Korea in Korean home in Asian Championship 2019.

  • Last time I check Japan beat Korea in Korean home in Asian Championship 2019.

    Yes right. That was the only win for Japan and that is why I said almost. These days asian championship is not recognized as a important tournament as there was no ranking points. Also it was not the match between A team vs A team.

    However astonishing point is that Japan was with B team while Korea was playing with A team. Japan B beat Korea in 2019 but Japan A kept losing to Korea except for vnl 2018, and lost almost all important matches.

  • There's an argument to be made for China to bring both Wang Mengjie and Lin Li.

    If they bring both then it'll be Zeng Chunlei and Liu Yanhan not making the cut.

    I feel like Italy might bring 2 liberos, the other being Parrocchiale.