Italy - Serie A1 2020/21

  • When Egonu is scoring this much with stats like this hard to believe that any team can beat her.

    She is only player in the World who can win match alone on such high level. That is it.

  • I understand wolosz has to use eguno often specially when it'll be against a strong team. But she has to give chance to other players like the middle to get involve. 8 attempts in 4 sets. Really?

    I know sylla is getting tense because we all know she is the weakest passer from the 3 and i get it why santerlli did not put adams there. To prepare sylla and maybe to hide adams comes CL. we know giovanni probably watched that match. Busto in semis and Conegliano in finals?

  • I find 56 balls to Egonu a lot and unecessary, but if the team keeps winning and if she keeps delivering, what's the matter? Volleyball is about winning the matches. This is not the American league system.

  • But guys what one coach can do with the team. :white:
    Busto was mess like Eczacibasi but this is completely different team with the same players. Just because of Marco Musso. Brava:flower:

  • When Egonu is scoring this much with stats like this hard to believe that any team can beat her.

    She is only player in the World who can win match alone on such high level. That is it.

    So why does she always lose to Team Serbia?

  • So why does she always lose to Team Serbia?

    Chill bro Egonu reached this level for the last 2club season without single NT match. Just wait.

    WCH18 was just a start.

  • 42 points by Egonu is the highest number of points scored in 4-set match in Italian leagues since a new set format was introduced, as well as the record of Conegliano, and ex aequo the third-highest number of points by any player scored in a single game.

    My takes after quaterfinals:

    - Conegliano is really playing a mediocre game judging by its standards, they're still perhaps the best team in Europe, but reception is kinda shaky lately, because of injuries, De Kruijff is playing really bad and Santarelli doesn't have an alternative without ready Fahr, what is really affecting connection with middles by Wolosz. 1st leg against Scandicci and this game was more like late Novara with Egonu than the normal Conegliano. If there's some hope for a suprise for other teams, it's based on this fact, but of course they're still heavily favorites to win a trophy.

    - Busto was just kinda unlucky to play against Egonu, there's nothing you can do against so good player playing so great. Mingardi was really on fire today, more often she plays on this level against teams like Conegliano, more probable is that she'll go to Tokyo as vice-Egonu.

    - The latest matchup between Orro and Malinov was unsuprisingly brutal for the latter, I don't want bash Ofelia anymore because I do believe she's much more talented than the level she's been showing past two years, but regarding precision and connection with the middles, there's no comparison between these two, what was on display yesterday. I just don't believe Mazzanti will play Malinov as a 1st setter no matter of his preferences and her experience in NT, unless she figures out things during NT camp. Orro on the other hand is one step away from being at the top of her position, she needs to improve precision in fast-set system to develop into the highest level setter, and first and foremost, she's just much better player at this moment.

    - I hope Squarcini finally will find a club where she'll play as a starter, she can develop into really good local player, her serve is a total blaster, I bet Courtney and Vasileva both would agree.

    - Novara was kind of rusty at the start of a match against Firenze, but since a middle of 1st set there's not that much you can talk about.

    - Trentino is out of shape lately, it's painful to watch them play recently, firstly they lost to Perugia in a bad way, then they played awful game against Chieri without Perinelli, it's a bit sad considering how interesting this Trentino team has been throughout full season.

  • yeah last game imoco was bad at receive and her mb where mediocre only 5 points apiece

    i hope they improve because from now all games are in or out


    Can someone translate Egonu interview. Ofc not the full one. Highlights? :D

    Here's pretty much what she said:

    She is happy about the winning strike of Conegliano but she doesn't really care. She is more focused on the important goals (Coppa Italia, Scudetto and in particular Champions League)

    She thinks Conegliano's strength is shown outside the court. They all live at the residence Imoco Village and they are very supportive with each other.

    She was really happy with Fener's offer and was difficut to say no but she wanted to stay in Italy because she wants to play for Conegliano with the public and fans (she really misses them). She thinks to go abroad in the future also because she wants to know how much she has grown.

    She commented the Lara Lugli case and said that is very sad that things like that still happen. She said that they are women before athletes.

    She missed playing with NT and she said she and the other NT players are prepared for VNL, Olympics and EuroVolley.

    She thinks being the flag-bearer is the highest honor an athlete can expect. (no, it's not known who will be, she was just asked what would she think if it was her)

    The thinks athletes are privileged in the pandemic because they can still do what they love.

    She keeps in contact with all her relatives around the world.

    She was very happy to be a voice actor for Disney (Sognaluna in Soul) and a model for Armani and she felt part of a team.

  • Thank you Arii so much.

    When you know that PalaVerde is almost always at 90% of capacity and many many time sold out it is very special place. Atmosphere in venue is always great :heart:

    I really hope at least at end of next season we could watch full PalaVerde again.

  • These links for Top volley NEVER work for me...||

  • Egonu is unstoppable:super:

    De Gennaro with CRAZY SAVES !!!

  • Folie is making so easy for her team players, MB are jumping all the time with her :gone: