2022 Women's Volleyball Nations League

  • Win games? At vnl? Who? Even with kyk they couldn't beat rd at vnl,they always struggles with them,other teams gonna bring best players next weeks

    The team and the fans can still be hopeful. And the past doesn't have to dictate the future.

    There's a whole lot of fixing and strategizing needed on the Korean team for sure.

    Let's see what VNL week #2 brings.... sigh...

  • I doubt I'am 100% sure korea not qualify to next olympics

    The ranking is so important and they are losing all matches,and if want to qualify in world quali tournament they would need to be one of brazil,serbia,italy,etc and i doubt even with comebacks they can do

    Yes okay we get that you don't like the Asian countries in Olympics by now lol, you can calm down we get your point

    I agree and don't think they will either at this rate

    But no one expected Korea to get 4th in the Olympics either and nothing is 100%

    I'd like to see Thailand have a shot at it if not Korea though, and its not as unlikely as you'd think

  • I don't like the social justice of the ruler.

    I use sabermetrics to quantify the effectiveness of each player on an expected value basis, but in sports, such numbers are overturned by uncertainties such as a single game changer or the atmosphere of the venue. That's why I like sports.

    Insult and harsh criticism are the best spices, so let's see the results.

  • But no one expected Korea to get 4th in the Olympics either and nothing is 100%

    exactly, if you predict that Korea would get 4th in olympics before the games started and China and Japan won't make it out of their groups, people would think you're crazy and I think Korea could've done even better without the pandemic which indirectly caused the twins to get kicked.

    The teams that qualified to the olympics in 2021 deserved to be there, and let's hope the teams that qualify for the olympics in 2024 also deserve to be there.

  • German NT has a great pool of OHs, they need to find a hammer on OPP position and they are ready.

    Alsmeier is very solid, she's talented

    Lippmann quitting was kind of catastrophe for Germany, currently we have no near replacement for her.


    1by4OltvtZz7taxuQtkiP3A_24x24.png JAPAN44012:311
    28Cr5Gw-79PpIX2rIEZ7Pvg_24x24.png CHINA43111:610
    3wj9uZvn_vZrelLFGH8fnPA_24x24.png USA4319:39
    4hYrtTF982kN3GcYNdSPL9g_24x24.png TÜRKIYE43110:49
    5xyh1vmZ-xJH2iJCKjqS1Ow_24x24.png SERBIA43111:69
    6zKLzoJVYz0bb6oAnPUdwWQ_24x24.png BRAZIL4319:59
    7aEBU_ri8U6F06oTqWmKY5g_24x24.png THAILAND43111:78
    8yTS_Piy3M1wUBnqU0n5aAw_24x24.png POLAND4319:68
    9H23oIEP6qK-zNc3O8abnIA_24x24.png CANADA4227:66
    10joYpsiaYi4GDCqhSRAq5Zg_24x24.png ITALY4227:76
    11h1FhPLmDg9AHXzhygqvVPg_24x24.png GERMANY4138:95
    126SF7yEoB60bU5knw-M7R5Q_24x24.png BELGIUM4136:112
    13iGHMbfNfFYBxRwqi_v8L3w_24x24.png BULGARIA4133:112
    148GEqzfLegwFFpe6X2BODTg_24x24.png NETHERLANDS4045:122
    15O0GmGmTn0wfzVwOCa09hDA_24x24.png DOMINICAN REPUBLIC4042:120
    16Uu5pwNmMHGd5bCooKrS3Lw_24x24.png SOUTH KOREA4040:120


    #1 BRITT HERBOTS 6SF7yEoB60bU5knw-M7R5Q_24x24.png- 100

    #2 PIMPICHAYA KOKRAM aEBU_ri8U6F06oTqWmKY5g_24x24.png - 97

    #3 SARINA KOGA by4OltvtZz7taxuQtkiP3A_24x24.png - 93

    #4 YINGYING LI 8Cr5Gw-79PpIX2rIEZ7Pvg_24x24.png - 91

    #5 CHATCHU-ON MOKSRI aEBU_ri8U6F06oTqWmKY5g_24x24.png - 84


    #1 CAROL zKLzoJVYz0bb6oAnPUdwWQ_24x24.png - 24

    #2 MAJA ALEKSIC xyh1vmZ-xJH2iJCKjqS1Ow_24x24.png - 18

    #3 ELINE TIMMERMAN 8GEqzfLegwFFpe6X2BODTg_24x24.png - 13

    #4 XINYUE YUAN 8Cr5Gw-79PpIX2rIEZ7Pvg_24x24.png - 12

    #5 CHATCHU-ON MOKSRI aEBU_ri8U6F06oTqWmKY5g_24x24.png - 11

    ZEHRA GUNES hYrtTF982kN3GcYNdSPL9g_24x24.png - 11


    #1 SEONWOO LEE Uu5pwNmMHGd5bCooKrS3Lw_24x24.png - 7

    #2 PIMPICHAYA KOKRAM aEBU_ri8U6F06oTqWmKY5g_24x24.png - 6

    #3 AGNIESZKA KAKOLEWSKA yTS_Piy3M1wUBnqU0n5aAw_24x24.png - 5

    #4 ERINA OGAWA by4OltvtZz7taxuQtkiP3A_24x24.png - 5

    #5 YINGYING LI 8Cr5Gw-79PpIX2rIEZ7Pvg_24x24.png - 5


    #1 MANAMI KOJIMA by4OltvtZz7taxuQtkiP3A_24x24.png - 78

    #2 ANNA POGANY h1FhPLmDg9AHXzhygqvVPg_24x24.png - 77

    #3 NYEME zKLzoJVYz0bb6oAnPUdwWQ_24x24.png - 60

    #4 LAUREN CARLINI wj9uZvn_vZrelLFGH8fnPA_24x24.png - 54

    #5 MARIA STENZEL yTS_Piy3M1wUBnqU0n5aAw_24x24.png - 53


    #1 ANNA POGANY h1FhPLmDg9AHXzhygqvVPg_24x24.png - 96

    #2 ALEXA GRAY H23oIEP6qK-zNc3O8abnIA_24x24.png - 82

    #3 JULIA BERGMANN zKLzoJVYz0bb6oAnPUdwWQ_24x24.png - 77

    #4 SARINA KOGA by4OltvtZz7taxuQtkiP3A_24x24.png - 58

    #5 MARIA STENZEL yTS_Piy3M1wUBnqU0n5aAw_24x24.png - 56

  • I would like to see KYK still play a part in the team....she’s such an inspiring person. Maybe an advisor, assistant coach etc. When she was playing she was always clapping her hands and encouraging her team.

    <3 KimYK

    I'd love to see her take over the Korea Volleyball Federation and change that organization inside out. And ultimately, become the next Lang Ping to be the head coach for the Korean national team in the future!

  • I usually think these stats for digging and receiving don't really reflect what we see on court, but damn if most of these aren't accurate so far. Kojima and Pogany were by far the best liberos this first week for me; in fact, Pogany should get more credit because she's really good. Also despite one bad game, Julia definitely deserved to be among the best receivers too.

    Gold - European Championship 2013 (M) Prediction Game
    Bronze - World Championship 2014 (W) Prediction Game

    Bronze - Volleyball Nations League 2019 (W) Prediction Game

  • woah I just noticed that Japan won 3-0 against USA :what:

    Can someone who watched the full match give a breakdown of what happened there ???

    It wasn't full USA A-Team and they chose not to block. Japan served a lot of lollipops which gave USA a little trouble in finding offensive rhythm. Japan played their defensive game well

  • woah I just noticed that Japan won 3-0 against USA :what:

    Can someone who watched the full match give a breakdown of what happened there ???

    japan's serve cut the USA's reception to pieces, also their setter wasn't that great either

    plus japan was jumping high with good block and picking up everything in defence.