Polish NT 2022

  • Santarelli in Germany would be fun... especially in OQT

    That won't be fun.

    I know that might sounds stereotypical, but IMHO he doesn't fit german NT regarding the working culture and people mentality.

  • Such good news for Polish volleyball! Im sure he will do good things there

    From a Dutch and German POV; we're fucked. Poland with such a top level coach has an advantage in the road to Paris

    Competition for Paris will be fierce! Russia with all those youngsters stepping up, Italy is only getting better, Serbia's level might drop but still there will be a huge competition among top 8 teams

  • It's going to be a riot in Europe. Congrats, Poland! With many teams getting a good coach, it might just boil down to good coaching. I'm looking at you, Russia. :gone:

  • Santarelli in Germany would be fun... especially in OQT

    Did Germany not want them to coach a club... or just not a german club?

    They don't want a coach who coaches a German club at the same time. Apparently the new coach shall be announced within the next two weeks, then we'll know better.

  • Congratulations Poland and fans :!: Great news :!:

  • Lavarini knows already more polish words than Anastasi who works in Poland 10 years:what:

  • Skorupa said she is ready to be back to NT :obey: (during volleyball talkshow 7 strefa on Polsat)

    Wołosz - Skorupa duo OMFG :rose:

    Do you really think that she would come back to NT after 10 years to be a back up?:roll: I think she would only come back if wolosz doesn't show up

  • Wolosz-Skorupa as setters duo :drink:

    but I hope there will be no Zaroslinska and Maj...Maj is completely weak this season, there is plenty of better liberos

  • There is absolutely no reason for Skorupa to be back. She's a great player but also injury-prone one + Kowalewska is having a better season than her.

    Right. Let's see who will be the best during summer.

    In 2014, there were similar situation when coach called all the most experienced players like Dziękiewicz, Gałgał, Mroczkowska, Bełcik, not the best-ones. And they weren't a team on a court, just bunch of experienced players.

    And regarding Skorupa, she 'makes' the pressures on her teammates to score the points (like Bałucka last year in Radom). I don't see her playing well together with introverts like Martyna Łukasik.

  • IMO if Skorupa will be better than Kowalewska during friendly matches etc. I don’t see the reason why she shouldn’t be a part of a roster.

    We have WCH in Poland, don’t you remember when Zagumny, Wlazły or Winiarski joined our men’s team during WCH because they where simply the best players on their positions? After WCH she may leave but during this tournament she would be helpful for sure ;)