CEV Cup 2020

  • The following teams in the CEV Cup+Challenge Cup order are eligible to participate in the competition:

    1. Galatasaray ISTANBUL (TUR)

    2. Dynamo KAZAN (RUS)

    3. SSC Palmberg SCHWERIN (GER)


    5. Viteos NEUCHATEL * (SUI, Neuenburg)

    6. Sm'Aesch PFEFFINGEN (SUI)



    9. Asterix AVO BEVEREN * (BEL, Kieldrecht)

    10. Hermes OOSTENDE (BEL)

    11. St. RAPHAEL (FRA)

    12. Vasas Obuda BUDAPEST * (HUN)

    13. OLOMOUC * (CZE)

    14. Olympiacos PIRAEUS * (GRE)

    15. Saugella MONZA (ITA)

    16. LP Viesti SALO * (FIN)

    17. Zeleznicar LAJKOVAC * (SRB)

    18. Lokomotiv PRIBUZHE ? (BLR)

    19. Khimik YUZHNY * (UKR)

    20. Gen-I NOVA GORICA (SLO)

    21. HAIFA * (ISR)

    22. Chemik POLICE (POL)

    23. Lokomotiv BAKU * (AZE)

    24. Jedinstvo BRCKO * (BIH)


    An * means, that the team could apply for CL qualification instead, what seems unlikely though, because the last time those champions didn't (in their respective leagues). Potsdam may decide against participation, because they never did despite being eligible for European Cups several times already, but I read, this time they will be with it. I Belorus either the decisive duel for CL vs. CEV cup berth wasn't played yet or I didn't recognize, anyway, Minsk (playing Russian superleague) should win and go to CL, so the national champions are listed here. I have now also added some national champions, which could actively apply for CL qualification of these...

  • Olympiakos can apply for Champions League but so far no info

    Yes, there are some more teams, which could apply for CL qualification too. This is generally possible for every national champion, which is not blocked by fixed berths for that league. Especially Olympiacos was never doing more as Challenge Cup in the last years anyway, despite they could have played CEV Cup or even CL (qualification), so it seems unlikely to me, it is also a financial issue...

  • The greek federation send an email to Porfyras (6th team in greek league) in which they said that because the 2nd team (Pannaxiakos) is banned from cev and the 4th team (Thetis) dont want to play in challenge cup, Porfyras can play in challenge cup and they are waiting for a reply untill Friday.

    Porfyras had one of the 2 smallest bugdets in greek league (maybe lower than 50.000).

    The greek team who has the right to play in cev cup is AO Thiras and they are also the last team from greece who played in this competition during the season 2016-2017.

    Olympiakos is waiting to see if their football team can play in champions league, because they earn many money from this competition. i dont know what happened but espeacially in womens volleyball i think they dont care about playing in a better competition.