2021 Women Volleyball Nations League

  • Too bad Janiska got an injury yesterday. Looks like Felix cannot find a good replacement for her. Today none of the wing players did well in Germany, except Orthmann time to time.

    I liked Hande today on Turkish side. Ebrar was also good. I also liked that players sub each other very well. When Asli played horrible, Kubra came in and did fine job. More importantly, when Cansu became predictable, Naz came in and delivered a very good ending.

  • I dont know if it was their connection with Poulter or MBH and Hill just didnt play well. Or maybe the lineup just did not work. Hill played well defensively but was struggling to score. Same goes to MBH.

    Poulter’s sets to OH yesterday were not so good to be honest, some were too short and some were too wide. MBH and Hill still managed to score to some bad sets but connection seemed off. I am sure she will be fine.

  • That was like a repeat of the CEV Olympic qualifying tournament final... we all had high expectations of a good match that could go either way that ended up just being frustrating to watch. All pins from both sides (minus Ebrar, of course) very inconsistent. Substitutions and timeouts at the wrong times. Endless service errors (and errors in general) by both teams. Shaky service reception. Overall, kind of a mess.

    Turkey's blocking was good, as well as Schölzel and Ebrar's performances, and Weitzel's serve. That was it.

  • Very boring and uneventful match but apparently it's the first time Turkey won 5 matches in a row in a FIVB tournament :drink: so cheers to that I guess

    Are you sure for that, maybe 5 matches in a row from the start, but in 2019 VNL i'm pretty sure that they had at least the same win streak.

  • Are you sure for that, maybe 5 matches in a row from the start, but in 2019 VNL i'm pretty sure that they had at least the same win streak.

    You are correct. It seems they started with 3 wins, lost vs Japan and then had a 6 win streak.

    I was copying what the TRT announcer said but apparently he is just drunk (not rare for TRT)

  • Why does Sobolska get to start EVERY match?

  • Belgium playing good now

    If they could have win from.russia,they would be higher

    And korea is the new germany,fight but can't close the matches

  • Is Herbots playing as Opp?

    I think that she is Opp to the setter but with Guiilians sharing receiving duties in some rotations with Gestel as Pure OH.

    But Herbots hits from 6 and Guillians from 1 when they are on back row.

  • nawrocki asking for time out loosing 18:23 telling the girls that the score is good


    where is Rozanski and what needs to happen in order for her to enter the court?

  • Belgium playing pretty good besides their limitations. The MB from Belgium seems good prospects and With Grobelna they can be better on attack.

  • BELGIUM needs a better setter and a OH who can both receive and score. Van Gestel seems to be abble to to just receive/defense.