Italy - Serie A1 2018/19

  • Yeah and Mejiners is not playing yet. She can help for sure.

    Many teams are not will their full roster. Monza is missing Bujis, Firenza Santana, Scandicci Vasileva but She is coming back, Busto Meijners and Conegliano Folie. (Sorry If I forgot someone)

  • No. Last year she had it on the left foot and this year on the right one, which I find rather unusual, I would have found it more "logical" if the previously damaged one had torn again

    I hadn't realized that! I thought it was the same! Oh fly... It's hard to believe she hasn't a basic condition that makes her injury-prone...

  • Noooo.. She doesnt deserve this, no! She was doing so fine. Why, gods of volley, why? :'(

  • That is just a shame. Sorry for her. After those injuries, I am not even sure if I want to wish her to come back. Hope she will get healty first and decide herself.

    It is said that when your right leg is injuried, you put extra pressure on your left leg in order to protect the injuried one. So it is highly possible to hurt your other leg. Maybe that what happened with Megan.

    I think Thaisa was injured on her leg right leg last year and she hurt her left leg because she was playing with an injuried leg.

    That is not a joke, that is just mean.

  • i guess it's very EASY for her to get injured xd

    If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all. Joking about a player's injury is not cool. If you have ever played volleyball, even as an amateur, you know how it hurts when you get injured.

  • I couldn't believe when I read about what happened to her, that someone can be soo unlucky. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for this girl and I do feel very sorry for her, that's obvious... but I still think it was funny (what I wrote, not her injury), sorry if anyone got offended (welcome to 2018)

    good luck Megan #4 ! ;*

  • Scandicci will probably be a bit tired after the exhausting game they played in CL during the weekend, so I believe a more Monza perhaps might pull an upset even without Bujis. Will be an interesting game nonetheless.

  • Feel a bit sad for Lippmann btw. She performs splendid week in and week out, still her team keeps on losing, yesterday without even managing a set although Lippmann scored on 18/35 attempts. She needs a better team straight away or I guess she either becomes worn ut physically and gets injured or tired mentally of receiving no reward from all the exertion.

  • Yeah Lippmann Had very good performance. Even against strong team as Novara.

    Scandicci vs Monza will be very interesting Match. Even though Scandicci is performing better with Vasileva now. To bad Bujis is not ready yet...

  • I really hoped Firenze vs Novara would be more exciting, but unfortunately it was another blowout, even though Egonu didn't play. But what about her replacement Erblira Bici! She had a rather nervous and shaky start, but once she settled down, there was no stopping her! She has a lot of power for her (relatively short) stature.

    Yeah, Lippmann played very well, except that she got inexplicably ignored by Dijkema for most of the 3rd set. And in general Dijkema had a lousy performance throughout. At one point in the beginning she kept feeding Popović with awful, low sets that were completely unusable and Popović never really managed to get into the match, resulting in what was probably her worst performance in Seria A by far. She didn't even bother with Alberti and then she alternated between overusing her wing spikers and not using them at all.

    Firenze has a very solid squad on paper but something is just not clicking yet.

  • Has Sorokaite played as OH before? I only knew her as OPP....she is actually receiving OK but she is dot doing well offensively...and I think that is their problem....I don`t think Sokokaite as OH works.

    So I wonder is she can 100% play as OH and has done in the past? Or is simply Caprara afraid to bench Sorokaite since Lippman is playing better?